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  2. ShadyPerson

    Trouble finishing The Tome of Divinity quest

    A strange thing happened today. I decided to try the quest one more time and this time got Henze resurrected. I have no idea what I did differently, if anything. But now I have another problem. I have understood that I'm supposed to complete the quest by talking to Henze, but he wont talk to me, and there isn't a yellow questionmark above his head. So I stood there and soon he died again. I decided to try again in case it was just a stupid glitch or something and the same thing happened again. Then I deleted my WDB and WTF folders, because I have heard it can help with problems with quests. I tried yet again, but it didn't work. So although I got Henze resurrected, I still can't complete the quest.
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  4. Lukie

    Light's hope export data

    Thank you!
  5. Totokadoba

    TBC - BM Hunter pet question

    Don't know about other specs, but BM Hunter should get a Ravager with bite, gore, dash, and growl. Gore has 50% chance to do dub damage and is an energy dump ability. so with a steady shot macro with kill command in it, and all the nice energy regen talents, your ravager does really good damage. The highest ranks of Bite & Gore (rank 9) are learnable from the spiders in bone wastes & one of the ravagers in blades edge. If you're a lvling hunter there are lvl 62-63 ravagers just outside of Falcon Watch (the green ones) that have Bite & Gore rank 8 already trained. I think the serpents are more a situational pet for when you need ranged damage?
  6. Totokadoba

    Mail still not fixed?

    I thought this was solved as it hasn't happened to me for a while, lost a primal might sending between 2 of my chars. Same problem as others have had where you get the mail but with no attachment. It's becoming somewhat game breaking.
  7. Is it possible to flag my character for renaming as well so we can see whether this fixes the issue?
  8. Totokadoba

    Item Disappeared Mid-Fight

    So I was helping some guys in the Nagrand Arena 'out-of-party' And my leggings just vanished off my char mid-fight. They were the "Leggings of unending Assault" from the long chain quest in Nagrand with all the debt collecting etc. I opened a ticket but no word so far, can these be restored?
  9. Thanks to all who responded! Bunnydragon - wise words, I'll give it a try!
  10. AkamaiOkole

    Current patch timeline

    Thanks. Is there a link to the patch notes for our version of TBC?
  11. Zancon

    Cant return reputation items in zangarmarsh

    Are you honored? I believe the quest is only repeatable until honored.
  12. Zancon

    Current patch timeline

    We turned a few things on earlier - this was done on purpose.
  13. Zancon

    Light's hope export data

    If they really export data, we will accept it. We have inquired with them but so far they have not given any information.
  14. Zancon

    I can't log-in

    It's a user name, not an email.
  15. To gain reputation for Cenarion Expedition there should be quest Identify Plant Parts (i got the one that gave xp) Lauranna Thar'well i have visited Lauranna several times and he dont have quests or anything.
  16. haxo

    TBC - BM Hunter pet question

    Hello, I currently have the The Rake from Mulgore, but he no longer has 1.20 attack speed, it's 2.0 in TBC apparently (idk if that goes for all pets now in TBC?). So I've been doing research through old reddit posts from TBC and I can't really get a straight answer in terms of what pet to get. I had the following questions: 1. Do all pets have 2.0 attack speed now? 2. I read that Wind Serpents have the best DPS because of their lightning breath ranged attack that ignores armor, is this true? 3. I also read that Ravager is the preferred end-game pet Any input would be much appreciated.
  17. AkamaiOkole

    Current patch timeline

    We should be on patch 2.0.3 which is the release of TBC and the software we're using is 2.4.3. However, I'm seeing a lot of items that weren't released until 2.3 in game now and other items that were released in 2.3 not in game. Are we following some alternate timeline? Examples of patch 2.3 items in game now: Guild banks, All primary profession trainers go up to 300 (you don't have to go to Uldaman to train enchanting from 225 to 300), most class talents/spells. Examples of patch 2.3 items not in game now: Most tradeskill recipes like Leatherworking Ammo pouches/quivers, Drums, Engineering mounts, old world dungeon loot revamped, heroic dungeon keys reduced to honored, etc. https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Patch_2.3.0
  18. bunnydragon

    Normal realm in TBC?

    I will offer up a slightly different opinion from others in this thread- from the perspective of someone who also has no interest in PVP. In my experience so far on playing on private servers, and also on retail WoW PVP servers, although there is always the possibility of being killed, *for the vast majority of the time you spend playing*, if you are not seeking out PvP experiences, the questing/dungeoning experience is the same. You get the occasional random kill, very occasional annoying guy who keeps finding and killing you, but honestly... especially since it's not like the server is OVER populated.... it's not that different. It isn't as if there is constant attacks on you and constant corpse camping. Just thought you should know that you shouldn't get the wrong idea. When I finally started giving PvP servers a try, I was really pleasantly surprised at the experience. I basically think of enemy-faction players as another kind of hostile mob that might show up or something. In my experience, I stay relatively unbothered.
  19. Zancon

    Leggings of Unending Assault?

    Were aware of the issue and will be fixing it.
  20. Zancon

    Disconnected From Server

    Something in the realmlist is still incorrect. That's all that message is. If you have a working vanilla client, just copy the realmlist over from that into your TBC install folder.
  21. Zancon

    Questing bugged

    We have a team of developers working on the bugs. The largest of which and the highest priority is the crash bugs. The rest will be fixed in time. It's really disingenuous to belittle the work put into the project in our spare time as "little effort".
  22. Zancon

    how do i remove my account?

    You cannot delete an account. Simply abandon it if you wish to not play here.
  23. Zancon

    Normal realm in TBC?

    You cannot unflag from PVP on a PVP server. That function is for PVE servers.
  24. I have reported all to the devs, thank you for the information.
  25. Zancon

    Received incorrect amount from AH

    You have to wait 1 hour on auctions - it will send you a "pending sale" message. This is a bug we are working to correct.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Lukie

    Light's hope export data

    Hi, I never truly found out what had happened between elysium and light's hope until recently. I apologize for playing on the bad guy's server! Anyway, I played my characters from Anathema there for a while now and I am sad that they will close their servers tomorrow. They have promised us export data in a few weeks. I was wondering if you guys will have a server after classic release which I could import my characters to? Thank you
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