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    Will be TBC a success?

    With all the staff problems that seem to have happened last year, are you still able to deliver a bug-free TBC experience ? I'm asking without ill intend, on the contrary I'm very happy to be here. :)
  2. Fantomette

    Arena Seasons & Sets

    Hello, Which Arena PvP sets will be available at launch ? What will be the duration of the seasons, if season there is ? Thanks !
  3. Fantomette levelling in STV currently ! Streaming from time to time. :) www.twitch.tv/kirikomori Enjoy ~ (or not :p )
  4. Fantomette

    Money donation problem

    Hello, I donated some money but still hasn't recieved any gold. I think I probably forgot to write my name account. Can you help ? Name account is "??????". 4 January 2019, transaction number begin with "???????" Thanks !