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  1. Mirta

    Lost items on the mail

    I guess i will have to change the server where things doesn't get lost in the mail.
  2. Mirta

    Lost items on the mail

    I opened the ticket in-game, by recomendation from the message that apears when you open the ticket, I post it in this section in the forum. Also i was recomended by other players to post it on discord. Nothing hapened.
  3. Mirta

    Lost items on the mail

    Hi, I sent 2 items to one of my chars, Mirta from another char , Tifon. They both got lost. -Top Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume III (item=18784) -700G. I mean, 700g is very serious. Please, help.
  4. Mirta

    Tank / Heal for hire

    I can see many of you are having troubles trying to finish that quest that involves a dungeon or a strong boss. Mirta can help you. With quite experience in dungeons around Azeroth. All 5man dungeons have been visit by Mirta. Rates and conditions: -Very cheap rates! 0.1 x lowest level of the dungeon. -Rights to greed blues and greens. -Levels 1 to 50. If you are not looking for a tank, but what you need is a heal, we do have a great heal. Tifon of Thunderbluff. She has been in all dungeons, from wailing caverns till Zul'Gurub. On the path of restoration since level 1. Same rates and conditions, including raids. Don't stop your progress. Let a profesional help you.