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    Just Started

    hello and welcome // you can join my guild if you want
  2. moltoviaxx

    70 Warlock partially T2

    hello Im interested can you contact me ? snaptube vidmate
  3. moltoviaxx

    New to pally's (and WoW in general)

    Thanks dude Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
  4. moltoviaxx

    Low level instances

    it is active yes Kodi nox
  5. moltoviaxx

    70 Resto druid - Horde

    I sent u a PM check ur Inbox Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
  6. moltoviaxx

    LF Turkish Guild

    Burdayiim ben turkum Kodi nox
  7. moltoviaxx

    TBC - BM Hunter pet question

    i needed those answers thank u Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
  8. moltoviaxx

    Problem with starting Tribal LW quest

    Ihave the same prob did u fix it ?? if yes please tell us how Kodi nox
  9. moltoviaxx

    RP Channel

    Same thing here Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
  10. moltoviaxx

    Caught a Speed Hacker Live on Stream

    There is a really crazy hacker and he hes been going around trying to break records with thr hacks and stuff Kodi nox
  11. moltoviaxx

    Rank 14 Arms PvP

    that was fun to watch keep going Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
  12. moltoviaxx

    WTT UD mage for Warrior (H)

    how cool is that Kodi nox
  13. moltoviaxx

    LF Gilda italiana per iniziare

    Purtroppo non ce n'è, ovvero, italiani ce ne sono sicuramente, che ogni tanto leggono il forum, lo si deduce dal numero dei view, ma che giochino ancora mi sorprenderebbe se ce ne fossero più di un paio, io stesso ho smesso da prima che aprissero naxx. Kodi nox Al momento lato orda ci sono solo 3 gilde che raidano (tutte di stranieri) se non sbaglio, lato ally non ne ho idea. Comunque se ti riesce di mettere su un gruppo di italiani magari a avanza tempo mi aggrego anche io. Io al momento gioco un po' sul server ufficiale e un po' su turtle wow, Kronos era veramente una kikka, se Flash e compagnia lo facessero ripartire... ma probabilmente finchè c'è il classic della blizzard non succederà e anche dopo, quando la blizzard riproporrà burning crusade, l'afflusso di gente sui server privati non penso riesca a soddisfare le aspettative. Io comunque un salto su questo forum lo faccio ogni giorno, la speranza non muore mai, se si formasse una community per vanilla tornerei senz'altro, spero ci siano molti altri come me, ma non fiata nessuno.
  14. moltoviaxx

    active german Guild at Nighthaven?

    the German Guild: the German blacksmith looks for active players the German guild: the German blacksmith is looking for new players Our GP: 44.9M Members / Members 20 Leader: Bingolax Allycode / Alliance Code: 233-493-137 we also have Discord we also have Discord Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
  15. moltoviaxx

    Faction swap

    Be cautious of gear you have that has things like "Horde/ally only" you wont be able to use them if you swap factions Sarkari Result Pnr Status
  16. moltoviaxx

    WTS.Custom Leather accessory

    When posting an item for sale, please make note of these guidelines. You must include a sales price, either in the title or in a comment. While not strictly required by the rules, it is strongly encouraged that you add a comment with some description and details about the item in question. Our rules do not allow linking to a general store page, but you are permitted to link directly to an item for sale on your own domain. In other words, if you're selling an item and you just link to, that breaks the rule. But if you link to , this is allowed and encouraged. If you have multiple items to sell, please consolidate them into one post instead of spamming the board with many different sales posts. Reposts are okay as long as the original listing is no longer on the main page. Remember to flair your po snaptube telegram web st so people can easily parse the listings. Be sure to change the flair to mark sold items. Thank you for taking the time to read and comply with our rules! Happy selling.
  17. moltoviaxx

    Joueur Fr sur Nighthaven

    im looking for the most accurate representation of vanilla servers right now, and im wondering what is the difference between those 3 is ... anything that makes it easier to lvl or anything like that would kill it for me, also i dont want the server to be under or overly populated. but beggars cant be choosers i guess lol Tutuapp 9apps Showbox