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  1. Basic Information Greetings, i have taken notice that people are asking for updates regarding the Light's Hope transfers, so i decided to make this update so you as the players can get more informed about the situation. As you may have noticed for a while now we have disabled the option to transfer from Light's Hope to our server, this got disabled because there was some complications with the transfers, these complications were severe enough that we had to close them for the time being. Will we bring back Light's Hope Transfers? Yes, our development team is working on the issues and hopefully we have to working again as soon as possible. sadly we do not have a ETA yet for when they will open. any further questions regarding the transfers can be asked in the comments here
  2. Aduvar

    Help please, my character is bug

    Greetings Blux, I've checked and most of your characters have enabled the Hardcore Mode then ended up dying, To avoid this in the future you will have to make sure you don't accept and do the Hardcore Quest in a starting zone. If you keep having issues or any more questions feel free to reply or make a new thread if needed!
  3. Aduvar

    Gold trade for coin

    Greetings Morgunova, You will be able to cancel the gold on the website by the same way you would buy coins, Once you find your auction in the buy section there should then be a option to cancel the auction rather than being able to buy it, just click cancel and confirm then the gold should be returned to your character.
  4. Aduvar


    You have to go to a weapon master in game and train for your respective weapon type
  5. Aduvar

    Lights Hope toons

    Greetings Dunart, It's great to see that you have decided to come to Elysium. Sadly we have currently disabled Light's Hope Transfers because some people were abusing it when it was open.
  6. Aduvar

    Black screen issues not in fullscreen

    Greetings TheParvizaIAI please go into the game directory and go into the WTF folder and edit config.wtf and add a new line with (SET gxWindow "1")
  7. Greetings zeno, at the moment of this reply 3x is disabled but it might come back soon. So stay tuned
  8. Aduvar

    Changelog 9/12/2020

    Greetings, these are some changes that are being pushed to fix some bugs, if you find any major bugs please report them to Rain directly preferably on discord. Note: These changes are applied after server restarts. Class Changes Rogue > Increased Garrote DOT damage as per patch notes 1.12.0 (august 22, 2006). Should now scale with AP. Raid Changes Majordomo(Molten Core) > Implemented fix for resetting his adds. There will no longer be multiple adds in place upon reset. C'thun (Temple of Ahn'Qiraj/AQ40) > C'thun Digestive Acid will be cast by C'Thun, rather than by the player. Battleground Changes Arathi Basin > Added a unique ''near victory'' audio queue for each faction. Item Changes Noggenfogger > Chances now reflect real values (60% skele / 20% mini / 20% slow fall) Quest Changes The Missing Diplomat > Quest should function correctly now. Miscellaneous Changes Darkmoon Faire > Buffs will now apply at correct percentages. Thorium Nodes > Nodes added to various parts of the world that were missing.
  9. Aduvar

    Issues with GEM Addon

    Greetings Tifon, have you made sure your addon is up to date and that you have no other interfering addons?
  10. Aduvar

    some spells effects does not disappear

    Greetings mazaza24, I've yet to see this issue myself after I did some testing about it, could you tell me how you did it or did it just appear out of nowhere someday? PS: do you have updated models?
  11. Aduvar

    Desperate Prayer disappeared

    Greetings Arnica, can you make a ticket in-game so our Game-Master team can assist you with your problems.
  12. Aduvar

    problem with my web account

    Greetings both of you, so regarding shop issues you should message rain on our discord to get help as fast as possible. his discord is Rain#7702 or you can find him on our official discord
  13. Greetings Verdena985! Our realm population can be found if you click the realm on https://elysium-project.org/main/stat. hope this helped!
  14. Aduvar

    Multiple Accounts - Same IP

    Greetings @retrogamingdev we allow multiple people from different households however to make sure players are not multiboxing you might get asked by a Game Master to verify this by doing a series of things in-game at the same time hope this answered your question. sorry for the long reply time.
  15. Aduvar


    the server is not empty it just has spikes at the current time, you can watch the population on our home page
  16. Aduvar

    TBC realms not working

    The TBC realm is currently offline for a unknown amount of time
  17. Aduvar

    A bug with character images

    try deleting your WDB folder
  18. Aduvar

    help me please

    you just have to check the other pages for gold, and make sure you click the right page to find it.
  19. Aduvar

    my lvl 60 hunter disappeard, cant find it

    Greetings Aresann, have you checked if you deleted the character? i can only find a level 1 Tauren Warrior with the name ''Qianglu'' on nighthaven
  20. Aduvar

    tbc server

    well its unknown if the realm will even get back up at this point we're still looking into it
  21. Aduvar

    tbc server

    our TBC realm is currently closed
  22. Aduvar

    Help game wont work???

    no it will most likely stay offline for a while, i suggest checking out or vanilla realm meanwhile 🙂
  23. Aduvar

    Light's Hope Transferes Update

    hey there thecat, so sadly there is not any updates yet we still hope to have this sorted soon but we are experiancing a lack of manpower aka (developers) hope this helped to give you some insight into the situation Best Regards Elysium Game Master Elysium Community Manager Valkorion
  24. Aduvar

    Help game wont work???

    so our TBC realms are down right now. nighthaven is our Vanilla realm
  25. the honor gained per kill are based off what rank they are and how many people are around you during the kill as the honor from a kill is split between group members nearby. also you gain more honor from winning than loosing battlegrounds as you win more battlegrounds you get more honor than you would if you lost them