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  1. Greetings Blux, I've checked and most of your characters have enabled the Hardcore Mode then ended up dying, To avoid this in the future you will have to make sure you don't accept and do the Hardcore Quest in a starting zone.
    If you keep having issues or any more questions feel free to reply or make a new thread if needed!

  2. Greetings Morgunova, You will be able to cancel the gold on the website by the same way you would buy coins, Once you find your auction in the buy section there should then be a option to cancel the auction rather than being able to buy it, just click cancel and confirm then the gold should be returned to your character.

  3. devBlogHeader.png.9f1a8fe7efe1d8e8bfb91db58ffdfd34.png

    Greetings, these are some changes that are being pushed to fix some bugs, if you find any major bugs please report them to Rain directly preferably on discord.

    Note: These changes are applied after server restarts.

    Class Changes
    > Increased Garrote DOT damage as per patch notes 1.12.0 (august 22, 2006). Should now scale with AP.

    Raid Changes
    Majordomo(Molten Core)
    > Implemented fix for resetting his adds. There will no longer be multiple adds in place upon reset.

    C'thun (Temple of Ahn'Qiraj/AQ40)
    > C'thun Digestive Acid will be cast by C'Thun, rather than by the player.

    Battleground Changes
    Arathi Basin
    > Added a unique ''near victory'' audio queue for each faction.

    Item Changes
    > Chances now reflect real values (60% skele / 20% mini / 20% slow fall)

    Quest Changes
    The Missing Diplomat
    > Quest should function correctly now.

    Miscellaneous Changes
    Darkmoon Faire
    > Buffs will now apply at correct percentages.

    Thorium Nodes
    > Nodes added to various parts of the world that were missing.

  4. On 9/27/2020 at 3:33 PM, erendir said:

    i always wanted to play wow... now because of quarantine i got the chance so i installed it for the first time... but there is nobody in the game. i saw like 20 players... all level 60... im level 18 after 3 days of playing and didnt find a single person to team up .... is this normal??? i mean server is empty or im doing something wrong??

    the server is not empty it just has spikes at the current time, you can watch the population on our home page

  5. 1 minute ago, thecat said:

    @Valkorion Hey Valk 🙂  Can you inform us how development team is advancing and their progress with this problem? 🙂

    hey there thecat, so sadly there is not any updates yet
    we still hope to have this sorted soon but we are experiancing a lack of manpower aka (developers)
    hope this helped to give you some insight into the situation

    Best Regards
    Elysium Game Master
    Elysium Community Manager