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  1. Basic Information Greetings, i have taken notice that people are asking for updates regarding the Light's Hope transfers, so i decided to make this update so you as the players can get more informed about the situation. As you may have noticed for a while now we have disabled the option to transfer from Light's Hope to our server, this got disabled because there was some complications with the transfers, these complications were severe enough that we had to close them for the time being. Will we bring back Light's Hope Transfers? Yes, our development team is working on the issues and hopefully we have to working again as soon as possible. sadly we do not have a ETA yet for when they will open. any further questions regarding the transfers can be asked in the comments here
  2. Valkorion

    call of water (part 3)

    Hey, we have looked into this and it should now be fixed. if it still does not work feel free to reply again
  3. Valkorion

    Hell from Nighthaven.

    could you provide some screenshots of what these red errors are like? or atleast give me the error messege if there is one?
  4. in the link to said items there should be a numberic value if you copy paste that it should most like be the ID to selective quest/item For example https://classic.wowhead.com/item=13964 would give the ID:13964
  5. to open a ticket ingame you would click the small red questionmark on your UI, then click the red buttion saying ''issues a GM can help with'' then click item and insert the information of the item you want restored, including what quest you completed to get it, including quest id and what item you want restored including item id
  6. if it was a quest item, like if it was rewarded from a quest it can be restored, you have to make a ticket with information like: what quest you got it from etc
  7. Valkorion

    Aggressive Guild

    Greetings jonny_Jonny, sadly we do not involve ourselves in who leads guilds, one person can not just overthrow a guild master for him insulting/kicking you, you can use the ingame ignore feature. i'd also recommend you create your own guild if you wish to make one.
  8. If your item does not meet the requirements for a restoration then maybe, but if its a quest item that you accidentally deleted you can get it restored
  9. Greetings ras2erio, if you wish to have a item restored please follow the flowchart that i attatched to this comment,
  10. Valkorion

    Hell from Nighthaven.

    To Install a addon you have to download the addon for the correct version 1.12.1 and then put it into the inferface->Addons Folder regarding the erros you should check that you are using the correct version of the addon
  11. Valkorion

    Shaman Water Totem questline part 3 bug

    Hmm i am sorry to hear about this, if you could please post a Bug Tracker regarding this quest explaining in detail what happened, then make a ticket ingame and a Game Master will help you complete the quest if its bugged
  12. Valkorion

    Lost auction

    Hey, if you wish to cancel the auction and can't find it within some days of posting it i suggest sending a Direct Messege to Rain on our discord. be sure to tell him what happened
  13. Valkorion

    Shaman Water Totem questline part 3 bug

    Hey, Have you made sure you are on the right well? also for some of these quests they need you to be near a quest trigger which in this case is ''spring well'' meaning a small spot in the well most likely has this ''spring well'' trigger so if you could try to clear your WDB and then just make sure you hit the right spot for the well.
  14. Valkorion

    Can't dive when swimming

    Greetings Pimpernel, asfar as i know you can't swim downwards using sit/stand toggle aka ''X'' i suggest using your mouse to swim for easier directed swimming paths downwards and upwards
  15. Valkorion

    Lost auction

    Hey have you tried to find the auction and clicking buy instead of sell for the gold? that should cancel the auction for the gold
  16. Valkorion

    Can't rename character

    Hey i'd suggest trying to contact a Game Master through a ticket to look into this. if you still have the issue post a topic in the support part of the forums ๐Ÿ™‚
  17. Valkorion

    Transfer From Lightshope

    Hey neckbeardead, i came across your topic when i was looking over the forums. i recently made a updated post regarding information of the transferes, if you take some time and look at that it should explain our current situation.
  18. This is most likely just the website being a litte slow to update all aspects sometimes. it happens from time to time, but should mostly be sorted after it updates the playercount again
  19. Valkorion

    What about cheaters? Report

    Reporting Cheaters should happen through the game ticket system or discord. please go there and report there or you can procced to the Report Player part of the forums ๐Ÿ™‚
  20. This is where your character has been flagged for a rename because of a name, i suggest against using the same name if you got flagged for a rename because of that name.
  21. Valkorion

    chat not working

    Regarding the chat, i suggest you look into your chat settings that can be found if you rightclick the small bar over your chat (like in picture)
  22. Valkorion

    experience rate x1?

    Yeah, so just to clearify to anyone else reading this, the server is still blizzlike when it comes to XP rate however we had a period of time where we gave a 3x XP option for those who wanted, so those that were in quarantine had something to do. have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚
  23. Valkorion


    We made a Vote for a fresh realm, and there was not enough people in favor for a fresh realm, we will most likely do a new vote once the time comes
  24. Valkorion

    Some doubts about the Server

    Greetings Draekul, regarind your questions. the mining system where you mine a single vein multiple times was a feature in classic-wow so it is quite simelar to any offical realm you find. however one vein can maximum just give 1 mining skill per node. hope this helped
  25. Valkorion

    Can't enter Nighthaven

    Hey this was most likely a restart done automatically, once they happen it will take 2-10 minutes (most of the times) for the server to get back up if you still have issues regarding connecting feel free to reply to us here or on discord