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  1. EmilyWood23

    Cyrillic letters

    I often have to work with text. And this kind of thing happens a lot. Various services https://wowgrade.net/ help a lot to check the quality of the text. And to solve other kinds of problems, I usually use different tutorials and articles.
  2. EmilyWood23

    I started reading

    It's so interesting. In principle, I like to read. Perhaps this is also due to the style in which I often write myself, sometimes I use this service https://supremedissertations.com/ but more often I am simply inspired by reading other books or watching TV shows and movies.
  3. EmilyWood23

    [GUIDE] How to learn new pet skills

    Thanks for this tutorial. It helps a lot. I love different manuals. In my research I often use them https://www.trustmypaper.com/, it saves a lot of time. I do not see a problem in looking at the tutorial or reading the manual before completing the task and remember how to perform it correctly.
  4. EmilyWood23

    Oily Blackmouth School

    If in real life it would be as easy to learn as in games. That is why I used to use this service https://wowgrade.net/ to write my works. I just couldn't handle the load. But now I am trying to develop my skills. It seems to me that this is important for development.
  5. EmilyWood23

    Dire maul book trinket

    Reading books is very important. They help develop and improve vocabulary. I used to use the https://www.trustmypaper.com/ writing service a lot to write my papers and I was very inspired to improve my writing skills. Now I try to read a lot and write a lot of different works. Someday I will be able to reach a high level in this.
  6. EmilyWood23

    Classes/Role Statistics?

    In games, everything is simpler than in real life. And training as well.
  7. EmilyWood23

    Addons not ingame

    This is very informative.
  8. EmilyWood23

    I always lose my pet

    Oh, that sounds very sad. I understand that this is a game, but still
  9. EmilyWood23

    How to play wow on android?

    thanks for this
  10. EmilyWood23

    Whats your favorite game!!

    Game Days Gone made an incredible impression on me