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    Lost Ark Cooking Guide

    Finding all of the cooking collectibles in Lost Ark North Vern will take some patience, some exploration, and some luck. The Lost Ark's Adventurer's Book is one of the many collection systems that gets in-depth once you start digging into it. One of the main features of the book is the cooking ingredients, the complexity of which is spread across (and contained within) several of the game's continents. Some of these recipes will also make you wonder how healthy these people were eating. While the North Vern cookery collection isn't necessarily the most difficult in the game, some of them are certainly annoying. And by checking these tasks off your collection list, you can spend some time on the first tier of scrappy content while you work your way up to the second tier. That's okay, because you don't have to take the Vern Anniversary Spirits to the chef at Vern Castle; just click on them to drink them and get credit. The recipe is also relatively simple as it only requires a single ingredient: wine. The name is a little misleading as this ingredient is not found in the Barranca Mountains but in the Pana Forest, in the exact location mentioned above, just three stops east of the Vine Forest. However, there are a few small monsters nearby that you should kill carefully so you can plunder the vines undisturbed. Then just take it to the cook in Vern Caste (Stelia) and ask her to make you a salad from the Balankar Range. This recipe requires three different parts and is one of two lost ark items in this list controlled by the RNG. The first two parts, Proxima Lettuce and Proxima Root Nugget, are easy to craft: just go to Luigia, the merchant in Rania Village, and buy Proxima Stem and Proxima Root from her for 18,000 silver coins each, and leave You then make the lettuce or root nugget from the chef. The RNG bits come from the third part of this recipe: Natural Proxima Skin. This item can be dropped by the World Chief - or the Field Chief in game - Proxima. You can only kill him once a day in the Forest of Verne and you need a minimum item level of 540 to get the loot. Once you have the skin, you mix it up with the Proxima Salad and Proxima Root Nugget at the Chef's, and you have the Proxima course meal. harmony Image of the Lost Ark split character standing in front of supplier Joo Hye, her ingredients for sale and map location This is the second recipe controlled by RNG. For this you have to combine three different cocktails: a dubious cocktail, a spicy cocktail and a tasty cocktail. To get these very appetizing drinks you have to go to Joo Hye, the food vendor in Castle Vern and if you are lucky buy a truckload of fresh cocktails (15 cheap lost ark gold each) because if you drink them you will have the chance to get one of the three cocktails mentioned above. If you got all three, you can create harmony at the chef. Leprechaun Fish Soup Lost Ark split image: player stands next to the cauldron hanging over the cooking stove, next to the goblins standing next to the table, and the map location of both This recipe is easy to follow as it only requires two different ingredients, both of which can be found near Pana Forest. The location of the first Unknown Soup is in the left half of the image (it's the hanging cauldron), while the location of the second goblin fish is in the right half (right next to the bag of apples or tomatoes or whatever). With these two items, the chef of Castle Vern can prepare a very unappetizing goblin fish soup.
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    Lost Ark Wayward Wolf Quest Guide

    In this Lost Ark quest guide for the capricious wolf we will show you the most important details of the quest "The capricious wolf", including where it is located and how to complete it. We are going to explain you step by step the whole process that you have to follow, so let's get started with the guide right away. The Lost Ark Renegade Wolf quest location First, we will guide you to the place where you can accept the Rogue Wolf quest. You can do this by going to Escape Island. This is the exact location marked on the map below that you need to reach once you enter Escape Island. How to complete the Capricious Wolf adventure Once you get to this location you will have to talk to Rembrandt, a knight who is looking for Nova. Nova is a womanizer who has seduced some nobles, and the villagers didn't help Rembrant find him; that is your task. Accept the task and go to the Refugee Island in search of Nova. Then you can own a lot of cheap lost ark gold here. Players must travel to the east side of the map to find Nova and some other women. This is a map showing the exact location of Nova. The small red circle on the east side of the map shows Nova's exact location. So you have to go to the east side of the place where you accepted the quest. Speak to Nova and she will tell you that the Count of France should spend more time with his wife instead of wasting it on him. Next, you need to go to the Nobles' Kidney. Talk to her and she will ask you a question about Nova: "Is he alright?". You have two options for answering this question (see below). He's fine. He is surrounded by women To solve the task you need to select the option "He is surrounded by women". So, that's all you need to know about the quest for the capricious wolf.