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    Ret pvp

    Hello everyone. I'm leveling my pure ret pally and wanted to put together a guide on who I am and what my plans are for PVP. I am a fresh level 80 with 92 oakes and 80 fishers, hoping to jump into solo pvp. Also you can get essay help uk to write quality assignment easily. In my opinion, the most effective build is Rekoning with 31 in Ret, with Seal of Righteousness being a close second. What do you guys think?
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    I created this video for the Server that I love so very much! The past 9 months have been so wonderful...and being a part of this has been more than a blessing. I have met some of the most amazing people and I believe, like many, that being here goes beyond the game. Also from here, you can get help with maths assignment to submit your thesis task on time. It's an experience that I thank the GMs for! This is my thank you! If we can look beyond our Guilds and see ourselves as a community this Server becomes much much more rewarding.