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    Engineering 1 - 300 Guide

    So I have been going through some websites and gathering some nice profession guides to post here on the forums since they are still virtually empty. None of them were writen by me but of course I checked them for clear mistakes or to simply clear out some nonsense. I hope it Helps Engineering Guide 1 - 300 Materials Needed: Rough Stone x 60 Copper Bars x 131 Linen Cloth x 50 Weak Flux x 30 Bronze Bars x 90 Wool Cloth x 50 Medium Leather x 20 Heavy Stone x 75 Iron Bars x 59 Silk Cloth x 10 Silver Bars x 20 Steel Bar x 4 Solid Stone x 80 Mithril Bars x 80 Mageweave Cloth x 10 Dense Stone x 40 Thorium Bars x 70 Rune Cloth x 10 Crafting Process: Rough Blsting Powder x 60 [41] Handful of Copper Bolts x 70 [55] (you will need 70 all up) [make a Arclight Spanner x 1] Rough Copper Bomb x 20 [75] Copper Tube x 10 [91] Copper Modulator x 15 [111] Practise Lock x 10 [121] Bronze Tube x 10 [135] Whirring Bronze Gizmo x 10 [151] Bronze Framework x 20 [171] Heavy Blasting Power x 75 Explosive Sheep x 10 [185] Silver Contact x 20 Iron Grenades x 10 [195] Big Iron Bomb x 15 [211] (Keep for Goblin Engineering) [make Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor x 1] Solid Blasting Powder x 40 Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs x 10 [235] Unstable Trigger x 10 [241] Mithril Casing x 20 [255] Dense Blasting Powder x 20 [261] Hi-Explosive Bomb x 10 [271] Thorium Widget x 10 [289] Thorium Shells x 10 [300] Trainers: Apprentice 1 - 75: Any Major City Journeyman 50 - 150: Any Major City Expert 125 - 225: Alliance = Springspindle Fizzlegear (Ironforge) Horde = Roxxik (Orgrimmar) Artisan 225 - 300: Buzzek Bracketswing (Tanaris)
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    Tailoring 1-300 Guide

    Hey Everybody, So I have been going through some websites and gathering some nice profession guides to post here on the forums since they are still virtually empty. None of them were writen by me but of course I checked them for clear mistakes or to simply clear out some nonsense. Make sure you read through the whole guide before you start. Now, first of all.. lets see how much cloth you need. Let me remind you, there is a few sites that gives you some information, some different than others. But I used these numbers, and got to 300 just fine: You'll need: 8 stacks of Linen Cloth 10 stacks of Wool Cloth 38 stacks of Silk Cloth 26 stacks of Mageweave Cloth 45 stacks of Runecloth 12 stacks of Rugged Leather *and of course money to buy the coarse thread, rune thread, dye etc. But thats less than 50gold. Now, how do you get all of those clothes, you may ask? simple: First of, because you will need a sh*t-ton of Runecloth, you should have a 'WTB all your Runecloth' in trade and world channel up. That way, you spend less time in the end. // If you don't feel like buying all the Runecloth, then you can farm it easily of any humanoid mob above level 50. WPL and EPL are nice places, but also Silithus at the Twilight camps, so you can raise your Cenarion Hold Reputation at the same time. // Meanwhile i'd suggest you go Scarlet Monestary with a friend (I was a mage, and i had a hunter friend, sometimes another mage, and sometimes a priest) -- that will do just fine, regardless of gear. I suggest Library and Armory for the most Silk / Mageweave. - That way you can also get your little Tabard of Scarlet Crusade, which I think is awesome. -- It's a small bonus to the grind If you haven't got any friends to farm with (lol) then you can go Tanaris, at the Oasis Water guys, just east of Gadgetzan. They drop silk, mageweave, some greens and some food/water. Have low respawn timer aswell. Wool cloth and Silk cloth are easily farmed in Hillsbrad Foothills at the Humanoids near the castle and the farms. Respawn timers are not that bad, and there is lots of them. - remember to bring free bag space of course, since there is a 5min walk to nearest town. And as for the Rugged Leather I suggest you simply buy it off Auction House (unless you are a skinner aswell, or got some spare in bank from some other stuff you should've used them for). They aren't the most expensive leather out there, since its the 'final leather' and all skinners at level 60 skins it easily. Now, Linen Cloth is easily farmed as Horde in Ragefire Chasm (inside Orgrimmar), and Deadmines as Alliance (where you can also gain Wool Cloth). --- Both easily solo-able, with moderate pulls. **note: You can of course buy all the cloth and leather off the auction house, but in my case, it didnt have that large amounts. So I had to farm myself. ***note: Fishing will be an easy - and occasionally - faster way to get cloth, especially if you're not high level enough to farm in larger bulks. ___________________ The Skill-up of Tailoring ___________________ What to make, from skill x --> y ... and materials needed for each item crafted. And how many of them to make (estimated, remember it can turn green and you can be VERY unlucky, but this should do. -- You can also be lucky, and use less cloth/money than needed, so it goes both ways. 1 - 50 Bolt of Linen Cloth (2 x Linen Cloth) x 80 50 - 60 Heavy Linen Gloves (2 x Bolt of Linen Cloth, 1 x Coarse Thread) x 10 60-65 Red Linen Shirt (2 x Bolt of Linen Cloth, 1 x Coarse Thread, 1 x Red Dye) x 5 65 - 75 Reinforced Linen Cape (2 x Bolt of Linen Cloth, 3 x Coarse Thread) x 5 75 - 105 Bolt of Woolen Cloth (3 x Wool Cloth) x 60 105 - 110 Gray Woolen Shirt (2 x Bolt of Woolen Cloth, 1 x Fine Thread, 1 x Gray Dye) x 5 110 - 125 Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders (3 x Bolt of Woolen Cloth, 2 x Fine Thread) x 15 125 - 145 Bolt of Silk Cloth (4 x Silk Cloth) x 190 145 - 160 Azure Silk Hood (2 x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2 x Blue Dye, 1 x Fine Thread) x 15 160 - 170 Silk Headband (3 x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2 x Fine Thread) x 10 170 - 175 Formal White Shirt (3 x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2 x Bleach, 1 x Fine Thread) x 5 175 - 185 Bolt of Mageweave (5x Mageweave Cloth) x 100 185 - 205 Crimson Silk Vest (4 x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2 x Red Dye, 2 x Fine Thread) x 20 205 - 215 Crimson Silk Pantaloons (4 x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2 x Red Dye, 2 x Silken Thread) x 10 215 - 220 Black Mageweave Leggings or Black Mageweave Vest (2 x Bolt of Mageweave, 3 x Silken Thread) x 5 220 - 230 Black Mageweave Gloves (2 x Bolt of Mageweave, 2 x Heavy Silken Thread) x 10 230 - 250 Black Mageweave Headband or Black Mageweave Shoulders (3 x Bolt of Mageweave, 2 x Heavy Silken Thread) x 20 250 - 260 Bolt of Runecloth (5 x Runecloth) x 180 260 - 275 Runecloth Belt (3 x Bolt of Runecloth, 1 x Rune Thread) x 15 275 - 280 Runecloth Bag (5 x Bolt of Runecloth, 2 x Rugged Leather, 1 x Rune Thread) x 5 *280 - 300 Runecloth Gloves (4 x Bolt of Runecloth, 4 x Rugged Leather, 1 x Rune Thread) x 20 *extracted from http://www.blizzardguides.com/wow_tailoring_guide.html, and modified a bit. *You can also go from 230-250 by making Black Mageweave Boots (3 x Bolt of Mageweave, 2x Heavy Silken Thread, 2 x Thick Leather) x 20. This will cost you the extra Thick Leather, but will also be more likely to sell at the Auction House (due to the Engineering use; Gnomish Rocket Boots and Goblin Rocket Boots, which is in higher demand from Player vs. Player-action. *You can also go from 275-300 by making Brightcloth Cloak (4 x Bolt of Runecloth, 2x Gold Bar, 1x Rune Thread) x35. Depending on auction houses' price, Gold Bar can be cheaper than Rugged Leather. The pattern, however, is a drop. High chance of getting it if you're farming mobs at a regular basis. It also drops very well from chests in Aszhara. **THIS WILL REQUIRE 100x (5 stacks of runecloth) more. *You can also get from 285-300 by doing the following: Make 10x Runecloth Pants (4x Bolt of Runecloth, 2x Ironweb Spidersilk, 1x Rune Thread) (285-295), each skillup is 100% guaranteed. Make 5x Runecloth Headband (6x Bolt of Runecloth, 2x Ironweb Spider Silk, 1x Rune Thread) (295-300) each skillup is 100% guaranteed. This process (285-300) will require 14x Bolt of Runecloth, aswell as 30x Ironweb Spider Silk and 15x Rune Thread. As said, I will try to upload my video of the timelapse tailoring skill up, cut down to a minute or so. - I was unlucky with the last few levels, so i had to make some mooncloth instead. still got to 300 with no large issues. You can also see where to learn the different tailoring skills (as horde though) in the video. Except to gather all the materials needed within a few weeks, depending on how much you farm each day etc. Of course it will take less time if you don't farm, and just buy things straight off the auction house. BONUS: Since a lot of you have been asking - also ingame - where the different trainers is, I will now list the trainers for each skilllevel.: ____________________________________________________________ A L L I A N C E . . . . . T R A I N E R S ____________________________________________________________ Apprientice Trainers (1 - 75) --Any tailoring trainer in any larger city Journeyman Trainers (75 - 150) Grarnik Goodstitch - Stranglethorn Vale Jormund Stonebrow - Ironforge Sellandus - Stormwind Expert Trainers (150 - 225) Georgio Bolero - Stormwind Artisan Trainers (225 - 300) Timothy Worthington - Dustwallow Marsh ____________________________________________________________ H O R D E . . . . .T R A I N E R S _____________________________________________________________________ Apprentice Trainers (1 - 75) --Any tailoring trainer in any larger city Journeyman Trainers (75 - 150) Tepa - Thunder Bluff Mahani - The Barrens Magar – Orgrimmar Grarnik Goodstitch - Stranglethorn Vale (?) Expert Trainers (150 - 225) Josef Gregorian - Undercity Artisan Trainers (225 - 300) Daryl Stack – Hillsbrad Foothills
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    We stand and fight

    You are on a good way! Good job! I hoped more players would be like you! Fight for you right to level up, round up forces and defeat those honor less bastards from the Horde!
  4. Thank you for all your efforts, you are amazing dedicated people who push themselves to give other people entertainment and enjoyment. I just hope this project will last many years as proof that once people get together they can accomplish pretty much anything. Love you guys!
  5. shakgrot

    Thank You ELYSIUM Team!

    Elysium project I hope you guys can enjoy your lifes outside of this project because iI bet it consumes so much time and energy. Do not listen to these cave dwelling trolls that have nitty schedules to play after school and cry whenever the servers have problems. You are doing great! Keep up the good work.
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    Scammer Elysium

    Damn Mud you are in all the posts here in the Forums advertising your ban! I have a suggestion for you: Instead of bothering people with your own personal problems in random topics i advise you to bug the hell out of those GM´s. Create a new account and ticket them to death or spam the Ban Appeal Section. But please do not try to prove to other players that you are inocent no one will help you. And for 2 specific reasons: First, Nobody knows you. Second, Most do not care about people they do not know, specially over the internet. Redirect your efforts to someone that may try to help you. Most of the people in the Forums unfortunately just see you as a Poor Whining Drama Spreader. I am very sorry for the inconvenient ban. Go fight your battles on the right battlefield! Yours Truly Shakgrot
  7. Hey everyone! I just came across this ENB shader Enhancer for World of Warcraft and it makes the game look amazing! The immersion level goes way up even though it could not be viable for PVP (Due to increase in the shadows strength and color correction) but it surely changes the way one sees the game. What I really want to now is if I could get banned for using these files that I had to paste directly on the World of Warcraft home folder. For now I have deleted them to be on the safe side but i really would like to used them if it is allowed. Yours truly Shakgrot
  8. This ENB Series is a Shader Overlayer. It creates a layer over the actual image. It does not modify any existent content in the folder hence the question. Thanks for your answer, though I would like to know if someone could study the case and actually be sure of my statement above. PS: This Shader Layer AKA Visual Addon was already being used in Retail on expansions previous to MoP
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    [POLL] Need vs Greed

    Dude your explanation is the best so far... I could not have said it better. Claps to you Sir. Yours truly Shakgrot
  10. I understand all the worries related to this subject. But I have to be honest, people, I urge you to stop for a moment and think in this line of thought: A fresh server gives old veterans an opportunity to refresh their long time in an frozen server with no more progression (even though in this case, like Blizzard or a server opts to move to the next expansion). And also gives the feeling for new players to the game that everything is equal. When you decide to play in any Retail server from any kind of MMO the progression started long time ago, and other expansions are already gone. In this case you are already behind everyone. There no chance to relive or live what was already lived. But it is not a reason to not start to play a game which arouses your interest. If you play on old Nolstarius servers you will always start behind if you put yourselve in this negative egocentric perspective. If you are the best or want to be the best you will work for it no matter what (because you are "the best"). In the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, when Achievements were introduced "Feats of Strenght" were accomplishments that only people coming from Vanilla would be able to get. This created a certain mystery and legacy. Heroes arise and fall. So is the story of every society (even an MMO society). I love vanilla, but i never had the chance to live through the Gates of Ahn´Qiraj for this simple reason: I could not just give up on my character that took me hours to build for the sake of "starting fresh". Which in my opinion is a very superficial reason. If you want to be a legend and leave a legacy then advice you: Born in this world live in your time and try to be the best of your time and make old heroes acknowledge your presence. Yours Truly Shakgrot
  11. People generally understand and respond faster to negative things than positive ones therefore spend more time answering worthwhile questions and my ignore trash talk. By answering and adressing these lttle rats behind desks you are feeding them and providing momentum to their goal of pissing you of. Yours truly Shakgrot
  12. The elaborate design of such a marvelous aesthetics brings water to the mouth. That moisty sensation with Al Dent in the misture provides a sensational environment for our tast buds that thrive. My friends if a washing machine was to fall to such a desgracefull state of moisty corrosion, all the clothing in world would not be able to save it. I hereby recognize chickens as the future Dukes of our Azerothian citizens. Yours truly Shakgrot
  13. I feel the at most regret for such an insensible comment. I agree that my statement was clearly absurd and out of proportions. I truly hope your able to find in your understanding my serene apologies for such regrettable inconvenient. Yours truly Shakgrot
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    Dealing with Trolls in forums

    I am glad that I was able to feed your small hungry stomach
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    About the War Effort.

    Your answer was definitely good. Based on population factor it is understandable. But do not undermine yourself. You do not deserve such defensive talk. Yours truly Shakgrot
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    Hello I am new I need help

    I would not say the best but definitely the cutest! :-)
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    Hello I am new I need help

    Thank Elviss. Missed that one. By the way your avatar is hilarious.
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    Hello I am new I need help

    Addons are installed like you said. At character selction screen on the bottom left there is an Addon activation button. Debuff and buff cooldoens are activated in interface options Health and mana from enemies is not visible by default. You to use an interface Addon like luna andprocid the proper configuration. Have fun Vanilla is really worthwhile playing. Yoyrs trully Shakgrot
  19. My friends Stand-up and defend or lay down and die. Hate speech and harassement are used to channel aggressive behaviour that otherwise could be used outside physically. I welcome any troll but, I ignore them. Mental frustration is not handled equally by everybody. Not everyone has the same memtal disposition for healthy output of energy. Freedom of speech is that. Speech. Yours truly Shakgrot
  20. If racism is not against forum policies then, be my guest. Small talk hardly offends me. Can not say about others though.
  21. First. Freedom speech is something inherently desired by most people in the world. Second unfortunately English is the eide spread internet language. Third. Just because I speak english does not mean I am American actually I am Portuguese. Forth. Nothing gives the right to speak about anerican people in general regarding political policies implemented without the general people's regard. Yours truly Shakgrot
  22. Freedom of speech. I am very sorry but, people's personal choises or beliefs is what makes our socity what it is and unfortunately MMOs serve as a general discussion site. I understand you Frustration. Try to look beyond the newspaper talks and choose who to talk to wisely before getting all salty.
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    My god reality just struck me in the face kakaka
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    Making every quest zone from all races to always level advantage Think prot warrior is a viable first character Ninja robes of arugal because there could not be better for the next ten levels
  25. It is nice and entertaining to see that most people that complain fail to see a very obvious observation. In order to test and repair, one must at the limit at all times. The cap has to be always at the intended level so the bugs are corrected accordingly. Next week i bet it will run more smoothly. I am a super Wow nerd that thinks that training his human warrior in the cold harsh environment of Dun Morog will make him a more sturdy character. But you do not see me crying in the forums about lag wasting three hours of logging ins instead of making other life activities. yours truly Shakgrot