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    <Titans of War> is reforming.

    Oh well I'm glad you cleared that up for us.
  2. I can tell you that any premade only grudgingly brought me to AB. And then it was to sit on one of the flags. Oh so fun. But as a flag carrier you are loved.
  3. taladril

    Server Reset time.

    Having a reset at primetime during europe or us seems like a bad idea. Nosts reset was a pretty good time and had lower impact for more people.
  4. taladril

    Molten Core Swimteam is recruiting! | Alliance EU

    The real travesty is a whole group of officers actively decides to join a guild with Slipry in it. Maybe they aren't as smart as they think.
  5. taladril

    <Titans of War> is reforming.

    Lol #1 NA guild. Sure dude. How was your world boss record coming? I didn't screenshot past top 50 so I have no idea. At best that would be 1/6.
  6. My most epic thing in vanilla will be something I never forget. We are in BRD and are all around 55 working on our ony attunements. It's me as a rogue, my lock friend, a pally, a druid, and one other. We had gotten to the part where we escort windsor. Well this was back when guides were pretty rough and so we were mostly winging it. We started the escort and of course didn't know what his path was to make it easier. We had not cleared anything. We probably didn't even know that the next step was an escort. Anyway windsor starts walking and we just try to keep up. We are just barely surviving pack after pack after pack, eating, drinking, chugging potions, anything we could to survive. I think during the entire time we all died individually at least once. The pally rezzed where he could and the druid had burned his combat rez a long time ago. I think someone even did a quick corpse run to get back. Fighting every mob the whole way while escorting was something like a half hour to forty five minutes. It was a nonstop adrenaline rush and we didn't think we'd survive until the very end, but we did. It was such a rush that at the end we were all screaming in chat and hoping a gm saw our accomplishment. It makes me sad because something like this would never even organically happen in new wow nowadays. The guy who talked to windsor would have been kicked from the party and everyone would just reset and do it the "right" way.
  7. taladril

    Druid Leveling

    Anything's viable for leveling. I leveled a holy priest in vanilla. What you want to know is what's efficient for leveling. Resto is very much not efficient for leveling. Even with no resto talents you can heal in dungeons well enough so don't worry about that. The fastest leveling build is feral as it's a nice steady grind with no downtime.
  8. Group finder in wrath was the beginning of the end for wow.
  9. Warning, sounds like blizzard's legal team trickery.
  10. He did it months before shutdown.
  11. taladril

    Cheap respec

    Lowering respec cost lowers the gravity of the choice of what type of character you play. If you make it cheap then classes like hybrids can easily change roles and focus frequently and the interesting hybrid builds no longer are viable options. Vanilla had good reason to have respec at 50g. If you don't like it then you should play a class that doesn't need to respec often or at all.
  12. Docholy, are you continuing with your character then? You gave us all your stuff already!
  13. taladril

    The Birth of Legacy: Nostalrius Returns

    I'm very excited to have the chance to see and play my character again. Thanks to you guys to have the integrity for Nostalrius to have enough faith in you to give the DB to you!