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    How to save Anathema

    It's pretty rough to especially nowadays people expect to be at the end game content. In vanilla people were happy as clams to be a MC or BWL guild. But everyone who's in a raiding guild expects to be in AQ and not stuck in AQ either. So then if they don't get it or find it they throw their arms up and say screw it going somewhere where I can raid. This despite the fact that most people are far less hardcore than they think they are and wouldn't be raid eligible for AQ if we had the comp we did 6 months ago. To add to that I saw that one german specific guild recruitment spam yesterday that pretty much said "are you 60 and can speak german? You are good enough to join and get a spot as a raider." If that doesn't say how bleak our prospects are I don't know what else to say.
  2. taladril

    How to save Anathema

    In Nost's heyday we had an army of guilds that were strong and long standing. It was fun to see the rivalries and it was also very easy just from talking and seeing what the standing was and the qualities and strengths of each guild. For me for the social aspect of all of that it was incredibly fun. Now on anathema? It's a race to the bottom. I literally can't even keep up with what guilds exist or don't exist anymore. A week ago or so someone new to the server and close to 60 got to talking with me and asked what good guild options there was and I did my best to list them. I didn't know if I was listing guilds that even existed anymore they are disappearing so fast. And in a situation like this, realmplayers isn't accurate enough to reference either. It's just incredibly sad to me especially since the guild I was in for the entirety of it being nost (blacklisted) died recently and they were a day one guild. There are probably only a couple day one guilds left these days. I think mcst and dreamstate? It reminds me too of what it will be like if the progress continues. I was on the rebirth before nost. On alliance side if you wanted to raid you had two options: Dwarven Overlords and hest. DO was weird and cliquey where dwarves were automatically promoted higher than all other races (lol) and they weren't very good at raiding. And hest was the long standing guild and they also weren't good at raiding. So your choices on the server were bad and bad. With a low pop this is what happens. Yes you can limp your way along but you can't force people to magically exist to have better or worse guilds. Or more hardcore or casual. You just get a or b. You think that the rebirth guilds would have been able to raid Naxx? Unlikely. AQ opening proved very clearly that vanilla in the day to me is so very similar to what it is currently. Yes you have a select number of guilds that kill the content just like back in the day too. But many many guilds are still struggling to kill certain bosses. Many others stopped trying. And many guilds imploded because of it. All of this happened in vanilla because of the same dungeon and in the same way. That's the excitement and aura of why Naxx is such a pinnacle to people. If AQ was generally a struggle for 2/3 of the raiding guilds with a population over 1k then Naxx is going to be a whole different level with a pop of 500 or 200 or whatever it is going to be after another few months of atrophy. A lot of us are desperate to have the chance to do Naxx but we won't get it if we are stuck on a dead server. That continues to be my worry. Because everything that happened with AQ for the difficulties amongst guilds is going to be far higher with Naxx. It's a bit of a ramble but I'm trying to convey that some of us really care about our server and our characters and "just reroll" is not an answer and "just deal with it" is also not fair. We were here and we have gone through the whole thing from Nost's start to now. I don't feel abandoned specifically from the devs but our situation is causing the server to be abandoned. We don't deserve to die simply because the newer server is the one that got more popular.
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    How to save Anathema

    Umm your realm exists because our realm was a hit. And now because you are in your realm and not our realm ours is dying. So yeah we can be a little salty about how we are now the red headed step child even though we were the reason for legacy to become more mainstream and popular. And before you tell me to reroll realize that some of us don't live in our mom's basement and don't have the time to fresh level every flavor of the month server.
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    How to save Anathema

    How will a merge not solve problems? Elysium + anathema pop would equal old nost pop. Amazing how that works. Effectively the base that isn't burned out is the same a year ago as it is today. Every situation would be more than healthy and given that on anathema there's what like 5 guilds that even can kill cthun (can't keep track since it's one less every week it seems) the level of gear disparity is not that horrible. Rough numbers, anathema has 1k active to elysium's 7. Out of that 1k probably only a quarter are decently aq geared. So 250 actives at any one time. That compared to 7k active. Who cares? No one was whining and complaining that some people from original elysium had 25 agi on their 2h weapon or stuff like that. Merge us please!
  5. taladril

    How to save Anathema

    A merge, whatever it takes would really be in the best interest of everybody I would think. I'm worried for anathema's health for even a few more months given how fast people are dropping. It's rough to see guild after guild die or merge. Every guild is losing all reasonable dynamic of stability because of it. Halting aq is a small price to pay to allow us to all be able to have some stability again. At this point the population is low enough we are a fraction of the total pop. Yeah we're more geared but who cares. Continue to speed up progress on elysium and it won't be too long to have a disparity and we can all get to the finish line together.
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    What makes a feral bear a better bear?

    Got some kind of source for that? Your character screen will happily show a higher number but that doesn't mean that it's not working correctly. For example if I am doing deadmines in bear with crazy levels of armor then I should only be getting hit with 1 damage or something from the puny level 20 mobs. But mobs still hit me for a non negligible level of damage. Aka there is probably an armor cap and it's probably 75% as it is in official wow.
  7. There have been numerous times where people have needed to throw master loot on for raiding or reserve purposes and it's forgotten until the last minute. For me personally there hasn't been a single ninja griefing because of loot changes ever. I know it happens but it is so rare. And it's also easy to spot too so screenshots and corrective action are easy. Voting no on something that would be way more harm than good.
  8. taladril

    Shitty GM and Shitty guy Salvi

    This isn't the suggestions section. This isn't a gm's problem unless a change is made. For me I personally double check what I'm doing before I do any COD's cause I don't want to lose the cash. I'd suggest you do the same though we all know you'll simply complain and swear to anyone who will listen instead.
  9. Rep discounts at each level was patch 2.3.
  10. Welcome retail player! In vanilla you only get a reduction in price of 10% at honored. Increased reputation does nothing for price.
  11. taladril

    When to Ferocious Bite?

    From what I've seen the math says at 4 or 5. BUT! I think it is quite possible that the math was taken into account late in vanilla where we would have gotten the last rank of ferocious bite. If that's the case it would seem and from personal experience that only doing it at 5 is the optimal level. However if a mob is close to death I think a faster ferocious bite is better than waiting and not hitting the shred but that's a tricky thing to pull off.
  12. taladril

    How much AP is 1% crit chance worth for a kitty?

    Personally for me R2 is too low to be an effective heal. It's HPS is really low and it loses a lot of the +heal efficiency cause of its low level of spell. R3 is a quite good spammer and is extremely efficient.
  13. taladril

    How much AP is 1% crit chance worth for a kitty?

    check out this website for some info for you. http://tangedyn.pbworks.com/w/page/19362776/Old Front Page
  14. Hmm I might actually be able to do that.
  15. taladril

    What makes a feral bear a better bear?

    If you look at the stickied post you would see that I upgraded the tank list a bit.
  16. taladril

    What makes a feral bear a better bear?

    @Lorilay Have you done the math for what the "soft cap" for armor is when you factor in the benefit from an inspiration proc? I could do it but I'll be lazy if you have figured it out.
  17. taladril

    Healing in 5 man dungeons (not raids)

    As far as ferals imo for early content dps if you want to but tank actually is something that is worth looking at. It provides all the benefits of a fury type tank while providing the druid utility and group buff. To me that's a win. At the very least raiding with a feral isn't gimping the raid, as compared to a really bad hybrid dps spec or something.
  18. taladril

    Healing in 5 man dungeons (not raids)

    Read this thread: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/35827-a-terrible-resto-druid-in-need-of-help/
  19. taladril

    Ret Paladins CAN DPS!

    You are missing his point when he mentions the stuff that should be included. Debuffs are there to optimize the raid. It's not there to optimize one specific fury warrior. A bunch of debuffs specifically just to make a ret look stronger is not a fair comparison.
  20. taladril

    AQ40 server first

    Am I the only one that likes the yellows most?
  21. <Echo> is an Alliance guild and was formed by a group of friends that were interested in a semi-casual raid environment where content is pushed and cleared in a timely manner. The guild leadership has very extensive raid experience both on private servers as well as retail wow, and in other MMO’s such as WildStar, RIFT, and so on. A lot of time and effort went into making <Echo> a reality, and even more effort went into making it a success. Within the first week of our creation we had cleared all current content, with the exception of world bosses, which we are currently working with other guilds to complete. <Echo> was founded on the principle that all members, whether they are leadership, raiders, or social members have a voice within the guild, and can voice opinions or ideas freely with open consideration. That being said, we are currently looking to recruit the following types of players: - Someone who is willing to farm at least a few hours a week for raid consumables and prepare each week for raids. - Someone that has a passion for the game, love to play it, and wants to raid end game content. - A Mature attitude, nobody wants to deal with a drama queen. - Available to raid 2 nights a week (Tuesday/Wednesday 8pm - 12am EST) <Echo> is a top contender for MC and BWL clear times and currently 5/9 AQ. Current recruitment needs: All classes - Medium Any exceptional application will be considered regardless of class needs. Raid spots in <Echo> are competitive, and therefore if you are capable of outperforming a current member, then you may earn a raid spot. If you are interested, head over to our website and apply. http://www.echo-guild.com Loot is done via Loot Council, and consists of 5 members of the leadership. If someone from the Loot Council is linking on an item, a class leader is put into the role of Loot Council to keep the loot decisions fair and balanced. Guild Leadership is as follows: Bluntbabe - Officer/Loot Council Venda - Officer/Loot Council Tiraa - Officer/Loot Council Mystgunner - Officer/Loot Council Zaelix - Officer/Loot Council Ispamheals - Officer/Paladin CL Ludovich - Officer/Rogue CL Nazstrike - Officer/Hunter CL Rezwalker - Officer/Warlock CL Taladril - Officer/Druid CL Please feel free to contact anyone in this list about any questions you may have regarding the guild, or recruitment.
  22. taladril

    Spellpower coefficient fix (RIP rank 3 HT)

    Healing meters are something that you should not focus on. It's all about making sure people don't die. It's that simple. Everyone tries to outdo everyone around them but there's so much more than meters. Decursing, innervating, battlerezing, all have a huge impact to raid effectiveness. Focus more on tank healing if you want to and spam R4 and let the pallies and priests go around sniping each other for raid damage.
  23. taladril

    Enchanting + ______ ?

    I'd do herbalism. With the increased spawns you can actually get stuff and it's all selling well on the AH.
  24. taladril

    What gamebreaking thing I did?

    Nice novel? It's been repeatedly mentioned that custom textures is against the TOS. Try again.
  25. taladril

    A newcomer with questions!

    The stigma that has followed vanilla has had good reason to propagate, however much of it is inaccurate in the 1.12 version of wow. "Druid's can't tank" for instance is easy to see how that is. There was a huge armor multiplier buff in 1.3 or so. Before that? Yeah druids would do very poorly. Back then people saw the failure but then never gave them another shot while still crying to everyone how bad the class is. But to get back to it. We are running 1.12 talents and over 10 years of theorycrafting. The idea of what is optimal for playstyle and gear options and raid comp is known. There are no secrets and varying opinions can exist but some truths are irrefutable. One thing we know now is that hybrids do have a valuable role to play. It's good to have one shadow priest. It's fine to have a nightfaller. A feral or a boomkin may actually be preferable to a tank or dps. Some guilds still try to keep it simple and don't entertain those plans. But there are many that do. Play what you want but at the same time be open to learning about it and critique and no matter what I think you'll find a spot with a role you enjoy.