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  1. Called it! Where's my prize?
  2. taladril

    Idol of the Moon (Anathema)

    It shouldn't be in game until 1.10. If it is then it's a bug and hopefully they will be removed.
  3. taladril

    Torn Between two..maybe 3.

    I'm not saying that it's not legitimate. Obviously it is. You're middle of the pack dps with utility to bring. That's valuable. My biggest point is that a feral put into a tank role provides more increased dps, more utility, and more optimization than running a third prot as well as opening up an entire raiding slot! And nightfall on a prot being used sporadically in a dungeon is a shadow of the effect that you add to the raid with it. The thought that a prot is equal to that is no contest.
  4. taladril

    Torn Between two..maybe 3.

    Alright so I'm gonna do some hand waving math since I can't see your raids on legacy logs and realmplayers is down. I took some data from our legacy logs bwl run and will just apply it to your raid. For this I think it'll be close enough. Theloras DPS: 205 (gotten from a bwl run of yours) Average caster dps: 240 Average warrior and rogue dps: 390 Casters in your raid: 8? Let's say 9 so you have 4 lock, 4 mage, one shadow. Good enough composition Nightfall Buff:15% Uptime: ~25% So total nightfall effect per caster 0.15*0.25 = 3.75% Average caster dps increase from nightfall: 240*0.0375 = 9 Total dps increase from casters because of nightfall: 9*9 = 81 Total dps brought with a pally doing nightfall: 205+81 = 286 Difference from an average melee to a nightfall pally: 390-286 = 104 So the difference between a pure melee just doing their thing and the benefits of a pure nightfall pally is over a hundred dps. Now yes I am sure you are bringing utility to the raid. That is not questionable. And is the difference horrible? No it's doable. Your dps becomes competitive with the higher level casters. But a pure melee spot would be providing more benefit to a warrior or rogue doing what they do best. If we go back to: A prot warrior will have far lower uptime considering that it will go unused for any fight where the prot is actually tanking. Plus they will have lower dps and utility than you as a pally. On the flip side you can have a druid giving your 4 top melee a 3% crit buff for the entirety of the dungeon while tanking or dps, allowing for only needing 2 full prots and also then allowing for a whole additional melee slot opened up to add to that utility. Even if you run 3 prots and a feral you'll have the standard amount of melee slots but still get all that utility and effectiveness. While nightfall is a nice boost to anyone stuck doing melee who shouldn't, it isn't a substitute for a class with built in utility. PS wait do you think I'm Pottu?
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    Torn Between two..maybe 3.

    That may be true. But now we need to look at the calculation of someone doing nightfall full time vs other pure dps classes since nightfall spam all the time is indirectly tied to dps. I'd be curious about the calculations and don't forget that it's one less debuff slot being used too so that needs to get added in. Maybe it's smart, I can't be sure. My point is talking about flexi tanking. A druid who's 3rd or 4th tank isn't always tanking. They are doing dps too. But their crit aura is always functioning so that's not something fight specific.
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    Torn Between two..maybe 3.

    Benefits of feral tanking: buffs for melee, utility for the raid, and are very very easy to gear up since almost no one cares much about feral loot. One less prot means your other tanks get geared faster too. And I'm not saying druids can tank I'm saying druids DO tank and are successful at it. So you should stop posting your opinion on what can and can't be done because I am empirically telling you when you say we can't you're wrong. I'm talking about optimization and a not first or second tank doesn't require the higher level of surviability criticality and can make compromises based on a general raid improvement. A prot swinging nightfall on fights where you only need 2 tanks isn't as useful as a constant 3% crit buff for the entire dungeon for you plus 4 other melee.
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    Big problem ahead

    HOURS?! Git gud.
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    Torn Between two..maybe 3.

    15% when it's up. It's a proc weapon and lasts 5 sec when it does proc. I haven't used it (obviously) but looking at the weapon comments proc rate is 2 ppm. That is not stellar. 3% crit is dependable, constant, and comes with a battle rez and innervate along with stronger dps when not tanking.
  9. taladril

    Torn Between two..maybe 3.

    Having a dog in this fight I'll bring my side of it. Druid tanks absolutely do and completely work. I can tell you that because I've tanked all of the current content (and ptr content too). And not just once as a novelty either. Can druids survive? With reasonable consumables and the right gear, absolutely. Now it's an uphill battle trying to convince guilds that it's worth it but from my opinion it absolutely is. The key is to utilize us correctly. We are not your main tank or your off tank. Don't try to do that stuff. Warriors always will be best at that because they have more key survival skills. However multi tank fights do not need that and we can provide a ton of utility and the crit buff while simultaneously removing an extra prot warrior from the raid. The most optimal situation is to stick with 2 prots and put a feral in as your 3rd. When you need a 4th have a fury throw on a sword and board and you're good to go. If you absolutely can't get rid of that third prot then a feral is fine for a 4th tank too. The problem with that is that feral is doing a lot more dpsing than tanking now. And really a 4th spot you're comparing that feral to a fury and the utility isn't as easy to justify since a good fury can output a lot more individual dps than the feral. But the beauty is comparing a nightfalling prot vs us. It's no contest for what we bring and to me I would always try to run with one feral for true raid optimization - but they would be tanking. When naxx comes out eventually, dpsing ferals I expect will have a hard time justifying their spots compared to current content and naxx is where the real optimization has to be happening anyway.
  10. taladril

    add on timer/bar for Hots

    I like dotimer for what it tracks. it only tracks what you do though specifically so just fyi but hot timers just suck usually and it actually generally works.
  11. taladril

    <Echo> (A) US guild on Anathema

    Bump. Looking for one hunter!
  12. taladril

    Enchant formula: Shield 8 frost resistence.

    If we are basing it on how much an enchanter can make by buying that pattern then 0g. Now this is a horrible metric because most all enchanting patterns are completely worthless to buy but we still get them because reasons. But for me I have never done this enchant for anyone. When naxx comes out maybe it will be in demand. Till then it's for completionists.
  13. taladril

    Druid Tank Race

    Unbuffed tauren always will beat out night elf as a tank for stats. They have better racials and more stamina. However in a raiding environment alliance = pallies so night elf tanks will always have the upper hand because of it. Oh and @Tr1n1ty I'm tanking just fine in my pre AQ gear. Over 12k health fully buffed so not missing the tauren health pool that much.
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    <Echo> (A) US guild on Anathema

    Bump. Looking for a good mage!
  15. taladril

    Hellground oficially closed

    If you guys think that the blizzard legal team moved in within less than a month of a private server opening up I've got some very valuable real estate to sell you. No really it's not desert wasteland, I swear. Blizzard is a cover story to either: A) They wanted to shut it down because of some problems or whatever or B) They got a nice big fat stack of accounts and we're about to or have gotten a nice wave of new gold hacked from idiots who signed up using their same user name and password and they're processing the gold now.
  16. http://realmplayers.com/GuildViewer.aspx?realm=Ana&guild=Live to Win It's a guild of like 8 people. They probably don't care about their rep on the server and they certainly don't care about any rep as a raid guild cause they aren't one. Sooooo good luck leveling I guess.
  17. taladril

    Problems with Nef

    I'm not sure how you guys don't burn out with that kind of practice. I'm plenty prepared for progression but I would not be having fun if all I was doing was burning 400g a week to go a few minutes faster.
  18. taladril

    Forum reputation....

    Pretty please post that on reddit.
  19. taladril

    Problems with Nef

    GSPP? 5g per person per attempt. So skipping tanks one attempt costs the guild 180g. Or you could recruit better healers.
  20. I like the lily root. Consumes are already crazy expensive so it's one less thing to senselessly burn cash on. It does take effort to keep in mind but it's not that big of a deal. So I'd agree that it is the most underrated. Especially when you can pick one up for 30g and have it for life.
  21. taladril

    Another silly question... RP

    More MS Paint drawings would be a net improvement to these forums.
  22. taladril

    The War Effort Reborn

    I have to say I'm a little worried. But if they have a plan for completion in 3-4 weeks then maybe something like this extra will be awesome. I'd like awesome and another way of contributing to the war effort that isn't turning specific items in might work. I've turned in thousands, so don't get me wrong I'm not a weak link. But obviously a lot of people aren't contributing so an alternative that requires participation might be great.
  23. taladril

    Voting System

    Obviously if you are being targeted by a specific individual that person should be banned. And it's a danger to the system but he was banned so problem solved.
  24. taladril

    Voting System

    Yes I understand that. However you two are the only ones decrying the fact that it's a way to abuse and in the same breath threaten it and experiment with it too. I'm not and do not plan to use it as a wholescale way to target people. I think it's a useful way to vocalize to the community what is good information and what is bad.
  25. taladril

    Needs more Claws - How to Cat

    That's not really what we're talking about here. Manual crowd pummeler lost the 3 charges in TBC and instead kept the effect, however the effect had a 1 hr cooldown. Currently the weapon has 3 charges and no cooldown, so you can have a minute and a half of raw speed increase per pummeler. Sure you can only get up to 5 per hour but that's not really the point.