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    Anathema PvP — Unexpected Downtime

    To the guild that charged back in an obvious attempt to make a statement: you're scum. Also please graduate from a child's maturity level and understand that donation means giving freely. You didn't "pay" for content and aren't "getting a refund" because you didn't like the product.
  2. taladril

    Needs more Claws - How to Cat

    For raiding, the only time to use claw is if you are having a hard time with positioning and shouldn't be wasting energy sitting at 100 while you work on getting to the rear of the enemy.
  3. taladril

    Bear -> Cat: "You are in shapeshift form"

    In vanilla you must always leave a form before going to another form. So bear to cast is always bear>caster>cat.
  4. taladril

    Anathema +25 Agi weapon enchant

    1.10 I think.
  5. taladril

    War Effort Conerns

    So because the top guild on the server up and quits because they're bored and don't want to wait an unknown amount of time, I'm supposed to act like this means something? I'm supposed to bow to them and say oh well since they left it's a big deal? I know why they quit. They were mad because the scarab lord situation changed. They wanted to farm bugs. They had no intention of helping for the war effort. Now that the farming of bugs is way off in the distance after the war effort they decide to quit instead of wait. Fine, their prerogative. But it doesn't change the fact that whining should be happening after the point where the devs thought the war effort would last to. Starting to complain instantly when it comes out is just silly.
  6. taladril

    War Effort Conerns

    Then they can't compete in a vanilla environment. If waiting a few more weeks is too hard then they would implode at the naxx level anyway. And we're plenty ready and excited for new content like everyone. We aren't sitting here 2 months beyond the war effort with no end in sight. If that was the case I'd be concerned like everyone. War effort hasn't even been out a week yet. NOT EVEN A WEEK and yet there's complaining. I get that there's a supply problem and I wouldn't turn in fireblooms either. But that's not the problem. The problem is people are freaking out and it's NOT EVEN BEEN A WEEK.
  7. taladril

    War Effort Conerns

    You guys seriously think that the admins are gonna sit there month after month going la la la la as the server implodes? Wait until we actually get to that 3-4 week period that the admins were expecting. Then and only then would a potential solution be discussed. Everybody's freaking out and leaving the server (lol?) after 6 days of the war effort. My god, how do you people feed and clothe yourselves?
  8. Lets see. Grown up, check. Job, check. Bills, check. Real life problems, check. Kids, check. Still here rocking it with a raiding guild. What's the problem exactly?
  9. Why do they refuse to take the suggestion? Cause it sucks. Vanilla is about leveling. If you don't like it then there are a lot of servers out there for you to try. Enjoy them.
  10. taladril


    Is NOPE....... the new GRIZZLY?
  11. taladril

    Look What The Cat Dragged In

    Anyone notice the quality of youtubers has gone way up since ol Alex got banned?
  12. taladril

    Member? I member!

    They release patches dude. Haven't you noticed the pattern. You think 1.10 is coming out with a dungeon?
  13. taladril

    Member? I member!

    A month behind? It released like 5 days late. Oh you thought the actual raid was gonna be out in Feb? Well you're an idiot. That was never the promise.
  14. I actually really like this idea. Lorilay personally knows I've been doing my part!
  15. It will affect some people's health if they aren't human having to do it 10% more. The point I tried to make so I'll make it again is that the questline is bound by raid lockout. Certain days will be more or less advantageous to humans with their 10% buff because it will either allow them to squeak by the lockout before everyone else or get stuck by the lockout along with everyone else. I don't think you understand the prerequisite requirements for successfully completing this quest if you think this is purely a grind. It's not and it has similar planning and strategizing requirements that R14 does, except it's over the course of 2-3 weeks rather than months.
  16. taladril

    Left stranded at GM island

    Grade A post.
  17. taladril


    Wherever you go be sure to read the TOS before starting to play the game so that another tragedy doesn't hit you... Gold buyer.
  18. The affect of the human racial is going to depend wildly on when the war effort ends and how it corresponds to raid timer lockouts. If the effort ends on a Tuesday, giving pretty much everybody a clean lockout then human racial isn't going to matter. Same case as if it ended on a mon or sun or sat probably. If it is on a weds, thurs, or fri and you can get broodlord head fast and go full tilt then human may win. It'd be the issue of if you can start the next segment of the quest before the next possible lockout before a large majority of players. I'm not exactly sure how fast the rep grind could be but there's multiple times where I guarantee that just because of lockout roll around the racial will not be a deciding factor. Will it help? Heck yeah it will. But so will being able to be there for 19 hours a day. Any takers?
  19. Works great now. Thank you! I will let you know if I find any other bugs.
  20. Just tested again. It still doesn't work in custom sorting. The other sortings are working now though so closer.
  21. taladril

    Missing gold

    Supposedly he's a stock vanilla ui player who only dabbles in hacking. I'm sure he's perfectly innocent and the loss of gold is server side. Surrrre.
  22. taladril

    just take the gold and give us another chance

    My bank alt is level 10. Gee that'd be swell to have my account banned because I have a character at an arbitrary level.
  23. taladril

    AQ exact status screen shots

    Guess sarcasm is lost on you.
  24. Perfect. Sunday can't come soon enough.
  25. I was excited to try this addon but there's a show stopping bug. If you are in any view except for Order by Categories, clicking on patterns doesn't select the pattern Instead it's like you are randomly clicking on the scroll bar so it just jumps all over the place. Using the current release.