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  1. You know this dagger isn't good for tanking at all now except for vael right? Only those that are reading old guides would want to buy that now.
  2. taladril


    You keep saying people are flaming here. Frankly I think the discussion has been very reasonable with multiple very detailed examples of disagreement of OP's premise. Just because you are in the minority, like OP for what you hope to see from group behavior does not make this flaming.
  3. taladril

    Faction Transfer

    This is not going to happen.
  4. taladril

    <Echo> (A) US guild on Anathema

    One hunter please!
  5. You did get the memo that rage was fixed and Alcors really isn't optimal right? (except vael)
  6. taladril

    AQ exact status screen shots

    Yes because the only thing keeping us here is AQ in a month. I don't know about you but I'm just aching to delete my character. Any day now..... Please. Get a grip.
  7. I'm not sure if I've actually heard a single person say our server vocally correctly yet. I know we're all stuck here and the staff looks cool and it's confusing because it's a word no one uses. So that's why I'm here to bring the learning so we can turn over a new leaf. And yes I'll just call out @Alexensual right now. You're saying it wrong, bud. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/anathema (look at the how to pronounce button) TLDR: It's NOT pronounced: ana Theema It IS pronounced: ah Nath em uh
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    Along the same lines. The number of times I see people say stuff like, why isn't anyone starting a group for dungeon x? Well maybe YOU should be that person and actually take charge and lead. Get the ball rolling and the content will come to you. If you passively let it happen and grab what you can find don't be mad that someone else is doing everything they can to optimize themself.
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    The real problem is that OP is undead rogue #35821 who's having a hard time getting gear because he only realized at 60 that he's not a special snowflake and now needs to work extra hard to get the gear to get into raiding guilds.
  10. We were all over these forums warning people that most populated did not mean best. No one listened.
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    Reserving runs? Step 1, be a tank. I had to run LBRS 15 times to get the gem off the last boss. Since about run 5 I made sure to always do it with that gem reserved. It was stupid to be investing so much time in it not to do it that way. As a tank I provided a smooth and speedy run to finish the dungeon and was always successful without to group falling apart. I didn't join groups that reserved the last gem. I turned down groups that asked me to tank and the last gem was reserved. I joined groups where they were willing to work with me. Finding tanks can suck. I've seen groups looking for a tank for that with gem reserved and it could be over an hour before they go. So reserving is a double edged sword. If you tank then you can make your own rules a bit and I don't see the problem in that. It's an involved position which requires you to actually organize and coordinate and mortality rate is higher than some classes too so it's more expensive.
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    Stop Xp

    It's been brought up a ton of times. It's been explained by the community why it's a bad idea a ton of times. Stopxp trivializes the challenge of twinking. Apart from twinking stopxp is a pointless feature. So no not gonna happen.
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    Question about item levels and potential enchants

    Any enchant can be on any weapons or armor.
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    Player caught DDoSing another player

    This just seems like such unacceptable behavior. I hope admins take harsh action for that.
  15. taladril

    Tranquility is broken

    Max rank regrowth is ideal for vael. No reason to downrank in that fight at all.
  16. It's a rare flavor weapon. There are a lot of them in the game. To me priority is to someone who would actually do some rp with it. The fury will use it then vendor it and that's sad cause it's fun to see it sitting around IF on someone who cares. Now I don't have a problem with the fury rolling on it. But I also don't have a problem with the mage rolling on it, presuming he wanted it for the fun of it and not just easy vendor trash.
  17. Yes but a weapon that has no real value for pve or pvp automatically can skip right to RP. I'd definitely place a level 52 sword with no special stats except for fun purposes squarely in the RP category.
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    Twinking poll/general

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
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    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    Yes I do. Unfortunately MotW, GotW, and Thorns fills those slots quickly.
  20. I did read it. Just because you won't be clearing aq day one and others will doesn't make your reason for the nerf valid. Consumables and buffs are a big part of vanilla.
  21. taladril

    <Echo> (A) US guild on Anathema

    To the top. Need 2 mages, 1 pally, 1 hunter!
  22. No it's more like he's either too lazy or poor for consumables so he wants to only have to worry about flasks. Bad suggestion either way.
  23. taladril

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    Look I'm famous. So about those features I requested?