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  1. People should be topped off before the split even happens during break phase. If more healing is needed beyond that, the raid is taking too much damage during freeze phase. No raid damage goes out beyond that. A shield slam / revenge + Sunder is more than enough to reestablish threat after blob phase back into phase 1.
  2. Undertanker

    Race selection

    If a boss is a threat cap/dps race - best tank is Human. If boss has a soft enrage - best tank is Dwarf. If boss doesn't have a soft enrage and is not a threat capped fight - best tank is Night Elf.
  3. Undertanker

    Naxx Fury Bis

    In regards to trinket choice, I think picking based on combat duration, while may look good on paper may be actually be bad in practice; depending on the boss ofc. Many fights windows of opportunity to DPS the boss, and some have burn phases (patchwerk enrage / first 2 horses on 4H / Hegan / Spider / ect) that having 2 click on use trinkets allowing you for more burst during said phases would benefit you and your raid more. Pretty much a large scale version of why +str > 1% attack speed on 95% of the game. Movement and positioning is needed at times which favors str over haste. What do you think about Kings Fall + Deathsting added to your alternatives? Even though it's a KT weapon, the line for that is much shorter from a PVE perspective. Though Hunters may QQ for it.
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    Fury Tanking Viability

    The fury with +threat modifier looks interesting and is for speed killing farmed content, and yeah would require maintaining world buffs to give the EHP needed to withstand crits/crushing on a normal basis. Personally with my eyes on Naxx, I can not see myself ever going this spec as speed running lesser content holds none of my interest and would be a waste of world buffs at this point in the server (unless all 40 are leeching a progression raids buffs) @Nirinia To say scales everything up is a misleading statement. In a 5 man, damage taken is close or less than your shield block value, making shield block an effective avoidance tool when mitigating 100% of the expected damage. This is not the case in raids as the damage taken goes up and your % of mitigation goes down to an abysmal percentage. Shield block in a raid environment is 95% of the time used solely for the purpose of pushing crushing and crits off the attack table for the next 2 incoming attacks within the duration of the uptime of shield block. I specific next 2, as some mobs can flurry for 3 quick attacks between autos and some have attacks such as unbalancing/mortal strike, leaving a possible 3rd attack within the 5 second window to be a crit or crush.
  5. Step 1: Don't Freeze as Melee stay out >100 yards, and relieve stress of druids/shamans. Step 2: Run in and Break Vis with Regular Weapons Step 3: Use Sapper / Grenade / Cannonball trinket / Crystal Charge / ect Step 4: Hit Vis with normal weapons Profit.
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    Old Anathema player.Lf guild

    I recommend checking out the Guild Recruitment section and checking out world chat as well. Fresh blood for farmed raids is typically a warm welcome and you should get geared pretty quickly. Though still go for your 5 man items between raids and don't bank on everything you need to drop your first raid and there not be a line for some of the better items. Nobody would expect a fresh 60 to compete in meters, but you should be doing what you can during your free time to better your toon. You do this and you will have interest from guilds.
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    Scourge Invasion Guide

    Yeah having to grind rep on healer, so I can hit honored and buy my key.
  8. Since "increasing" graphics has been a popular topic and many would like to push the limits of the game with their over tuned gaming PCs for this 2004-2005 MMO, I would like to share with you all something I came across a couple years ago and have used with great statisfation throughout my time on 1.12.1. *Note this instructions and presets are not mine. (though I use most of them still) This does not alter game files like WoD models which is not allowed and simply allows you to enhance lighting/shading for yourself* I have experienced lag with my mouse when pushing things too far when changing the settings myself, so if you get lag on your mouse, bump things down a bit back to the default .txt file. Here we go: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hey all! I recently found out about SweetFX (can't believe I haven't heard of it before). Anyways, I've been playing around with it for a week. And I thought I'd post and share my preset here! . The theme is "less is more". You won't find stuff cranked up over 9000 here . What has been done then? 1. SMAA enabled. I tried turning stuff up and down til I found what seems to be the best settings for WoW. 2. HDR enabled. Just enough so highlights are abit stronger and shadows darker. Here I made sure not to go overboard so you get blinded in some locations (more on that regarding Vibrance) or loose detail in the shadows. Overall the game is abit too foggy and light, this takes care of that. 3. LumaSharpen enabled. This фекал is amazing and a curse at the same time! I think I did good though. I kept the sharp_clamp as low as possible and that saved the SMAA. And then upped the strength without oversharpening. 4. Vibrance enabled. With this setting I cranked down the saturation abit to counter what the HDR did. It was really obvious in Durotar in the evening. That glare! . The game is still more colorful than without SweetFX though. 5. Dither enabled. This just lessens a liiittle bit of the banding you get from using LumaSharpen (most obvious when looking at the sky). Using dither_method 1 since it's faster than the second one, and they look the same ingame. Download preset: SweetFX_settings.txt How to install: 1. Download SweetFX. 2. Download my preset. 3. Extract SweetFX into your WoW folder. 4. Paste my preset file into your WoW folder, overwrite the one that came with SweetFX. 5. Launch WoW and turn off AA in the graphics settings (select 24 24 1x). After that it should be working as intended! . You can try to toggle your ScrollLock key to turn the effect on/off for live review. Screenshots: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-e...-h999-no/1.jpg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-K...-h999-no/2.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-x...-h999-no/3.jpg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-5...-h999-no/4.jpg https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-R...-h999-no/5.jpg Notice how a lot of the gray/white wash is gone? This program can be used for any game you have, however I recommend googling some already setup settings from other people for any game you want to apply this to for additional shading/blooming effects.
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    Scourge Invasion Guide

    Yeah my mistake. Thank you for clarification.
  10. Undertanker

    Fury Tanking Viability

  11. Undertanker

    Scourge Invasion Guide

    Think bug mount but for tabard. What if I could just go get one without doing the grind that the others did?
  12. Undertanker

    Scourge Invasion Guide

    Yeah this really takes away from I got what you will never get satisfaction for actually grinding out the rep just for this tabard on A LOT of scholo - UD runs.
  13. Undertanker

    Scourge Invasion Guide

    I'm being told that people that are not exalted are able to get the AD Tabard. Would kinda be BS, since that is the only reason I grinded the rep almost 2 years ago.
  14. Undertanker

    Give a pala a taunt...

    Killer you are not taking into account the global cooldowns that warriors spam that also proc TF. Yes pally get more TF procs, but it isn't 2x at many in 1 minute, but it is a lot more. They need to bring back shield slam and shield bash proccing MH as well. All abilities and chance on hit procs including DMC: Maelstrom, and fiery weapon enchant / lifestealing should be able to proc MH abilities. Just like SoR does.
  15. Can the team please remove the restriction of procs improperly implemented on all Chance on Hit enchants/items? Currently a proc can not occur if the Spell ID of the proc to be and the cause of the proc are the same. This is incorrect. It should ONLY be implemented on Thunderfury - 12:37-12:38 of second video linked. - this can no longer occur. Enchants such as Fiery Weapon/Lifestealing, or DMC: Maelstrom should be able to proc off of itself. 1:03 Mark, Fiery Weapon Procs Fiery Weapon. Applying a DEBUFF (non-direct Damage) should also allow for proccing of abilities: A manual restriction was added to Thunderfury ONLY to prevent this from occurring. Application of debuffs that are not direct damage from other sources should still proc chance on hit items: ie Sunder Armor / Applying Nightfall. Sunder Armor Proccing Main Hand Abilities: 0:58 - 0:59, and 7:32 Shield Slam SHOULD PROC WEAPON ABILITIES - at 6:16 mark of the video: Shield slam hits for 282 - THIS SHIELD SLAM PROCS THUNDERFURY. But OMG ....... Yeah I know....... it's almost like it was working before on this server and then people broke it by making it not do so..... Shield Bash SHOULD PROC WEAPON ABILITIES - AT 8:40 mark of the video: Target is hit with a regular hit, procs TF, target is then shield Bashed and guess what, procs Thunderfury. (but your weapon didn't do damage.......) Shield Spikes Proc Chance on Hit Procs - 7:56 Mark. (just like how Shadowguard procs Blackout). Execute procs main hand abilities: 8:43 mark. (fixed already IIRC) Thorium Shield Spike (and other spikes) should be based off of Spell resistance, and not Armor - 8:03 (12 resisted). When the shield spike is not resisted it hits throughout the video for a minimum of 18 damage, and max 27 damage (20 damage - 30 damage range) while in defensive stance (best seen starting at 9:15 mark). Armor is not in consideration, only NR of the target. So spells can proc chance on hit abilities that are attached to a MH. As the spike is spell damage and not physical. Hand of Justice can proc main hand abilities - 0:19 Mark. Whirl Wind (doesn't require a MH weapon can proc Main Hand Abilities - 0:23 Mark. WindFury Totem can proc main hand abilities - 0:42 Mark. Vulnerability should affect white hit damage (see video above throughout the fight). This was added to combat logs in 1.6, and no patch notes take away such vulnerabilities. See below as well for evidence of at the 6:10 mark vs a R14 geared warrior in Berserker stance. TF does 337, not the 330 expected from the increased 10% damage taken. Also two videos above, (Brd 2man) white hit vulnability. This also provides evidence that +elemental damage gear (Kazzak neck, cc ring) should hit the target with no considerations to armor, only resist, increasing their vales. Chance on Hit Procs can occur when apply Stuns and other melee type debuffs - 6:10 Mark. 10:51 Mark Cheap shot procs Thunderfury, he auto attacks and another Thunderfury proc. This would also apply to Sunder Armor / Rend / Concussive Blow / Gouge / HoJ ect. Please give all chance on hit items the damage they deserve. More research to come, however ran out of time for now. Edit, I learned today that Nightfall doesn't increase thunderclap, a Nature Resist rolled ability. I do not believe DMC Maelstrom does either, haven't seen a high roll yet to exceed 300
  16. Undertanker

    (47) prot spec/progression advice please

    Since when is a shield not a weapon? If I am using it to hit you in melee range, it is a weapon.
  17. It's a pre-bis list, not a pre-okay.
  18. You don't need full TPS gear on Visc, since the DPS can do very limited damage. Just give the tank 2 seconds to get it and he won't lose it. High EHP gear is good here.
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    Give a pala a taunt...

    Can you stop with the full post quotes? @killerduki WTF are you talking about with a pally has more avoidance than warrior. We have access to the same off pieces and get the same amount of +def and avoidance in latents. It's one thing to promote an idea, it's another to just make up bullshit thoughts and try to brainwash the uninformed. Quit posting screenshots of "the glory days", and actually logon and use that Thunderfury for more than 1 week.
  20. Undertanker

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    The Spirit of the Zanza potion buffs no longer persist through death, which is correct. They DO however still cost 3 honor tokens. This is not correct. We are getting the worst of 2 worlds, like it was setup in January: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/33172-spirit-of-zanza-issue/?tab=comments#comment-307815 InB4 use GetHub.... no.
  21. Bump for shield slam, shield bash. Bring it back. Inb4 a referral to Github, there was a tracker on it and an individual didn't "thing" it should be like that, so they broke it.
  22. Undertanker

    is alcors still better than tf?

    https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/51736-fix-procsdebuffs-proccing-procs-shield-spikes-chance-on-hit-nerfs/ It's a fantasy game where I can fall 80 feet and not die. #Logic. Proof of Shield slam and shield bash proccing MH procs.
  23. Undertanker

    is alcors still better than tf?

    Now if only they'll give us back shield bash and shield slam proccing MH procs, we'd be set.