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    Server Population Cap

    People also forget that server transfers were a thing back in the day, and wasn't uncommon that on your current server a guild that fit your raid times / days may not be available or was disbanded. You applied for guilds on other servers and transferred when accepted. So while 1 server may be x amount of people, the available player-base was much larger to allow for any demographic to find a home that fit their time/days/style. I understand the programmed response that GMs and mods give to this issue, but the different patch means impossible is nil. #ZKtoAnathema. They don't want people to continue to make more threads about this and I understand that as well. A suggestion to that though (not just with this subject) some answers are blunt and some are a bit smug in their phrasing. If you throw a jab and then lock a thread to prevent any follow-up, a new thread will be created because you don't allow discussion on said comment.
  2. Undertanker

    Advanced nerdery, Proc rate question

    So was the restriction of Spell ID proc can't not proc if source is same Spell ID been secretly removed? If so, sweet. Now they just need to put chance on hit procs back on shield bash and shield slam. WTB Sunder procs so DMC: Maelstrom can be useful again outside of farming.
  3. Remove the only viable spot in game to make restorative potions, greater nature resist potions, and elemental sharpening stones so you can get 500 exp x 3?
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    I've seen 3 post deleted recently. 1 post deleted at 3:59am just now. - Entire threads in Off-Topic being deleted. It's funny how mentioning certain individuals the entire threads are censored, yet they let player bashing go on against specific people dating back to November. Admins be like:
  5. Undertanker

    Getting geared as a SOLO player

    The players are the ones that got cheated on that change. It hurt all classes in farming and cost of specific mats/consumables. For a bow, your easiest one to get that is decent would be: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=7065 Since you should be able to solo Mara especially as beastmaster if your gear is poor, just move your pet in and out. The craftable gun requires mats from Molten Core trash mobs. So I'd use this until a BoE epic drops.
  6. Undertanker

    BIS gear - Anathema

    For swords, Human would want ZG OH over Maladath
  7. Undertanker

    BIS gear - Anathema

    Credit to Insec of <Dank Budz Collective>: Daggers Head: Deathdealer's Helm Neck: Prestor's Talisman of Connivery Shoulder: Deathdealer's Spaulders Back: Cloak of Concentrated Hate Chest: Deathdealer's Vest Wrist: Qiraji Executioner Bracers Hands: Aged Core Leather Gloves Waist: Belt of Never-ending Agony Legs: Deathdealer's Leggings Feet: Boots of the Shadow Flame Ring: Master Dragonslayer's Ring Ring: Band of Accuria Trinkets: Jom Gabbar, DFT Mainhand: Death's Sting Offhand: Pugio Ranged: Striker's Mark Swords Head: Deathdealer's Helm Neck: Prestor's Talisman of Connivery Shoulder: Deathdealer's Spaulders Back: Cloak of Concentrated Hate Chest: Deathdealer's Vest Wrist: Qiraji Executioner Bracers Hands: Gloves of Enforcement Waist: Belt of Never-ending Agony Legs: Deathdealer's Leggings Feet: Deathdealer's Boots Ring: Master Dragonslayer's Ring Ring: Band of Accuria Trinkets: Jom Gabbar, DFT Mainhand: AQ Ripper Offhand: Maladath Ranged: Striker's Mark
  8. Undertanker

    target pane's % values always showing

    Luna? MobInfo? XPerl? A few could do this. Submit a screenshot in-game of what you are exactly referring to and screenshot your add-on list would help us a bit more.
  9. This. Have a buddy going through the same issue the moment he swapped to Verizon's Fios. Has 1 Gb/s connection and 700 ms the second he pings Elysium. A VPN would be worth the cost, just don't go out to eat 1 time in a month and it covers the cost. First world problems.
  10. Undertanker

    Toxic Community

    ToU: "When communicating with other users and staff, you may not: Communicate any unlawful, obscene, racist or any such language and/or imagery deemed inappropriate by Elysium staff." This includes sexual preference. PS: Go level your toon.
  11. Undertanker

    Getting geared as a SOLO player

    Ah the video from my buddy Hammerlocke. Good guy. The key that you need and speak of is not a requirement for your solo tribute runs. If you have engineering or blacksmithing you can make a Charge to blow the door open or a key (blacksmithing) to open the door before the 3rd guard. The door in the upper court yard is obtained via lock-box in the middle of the room. Doing a tribute run, you can get 2 good rings (Tarnished Elven Ring), a dps chest piece, a hunter 2h sword, an okay trinket (counter-attack lodestone) and an Epic 2h Axe. Loot into solo farming Mara Runs as well as these can be fun for hunters as well, though the rewards are much more limited.
  12. No Netflix... just chill? What is this 2015?
  13. Undertanker

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    Weapon skill making up for the hit?
  14. Undertanker

    Getting geared as a SOLO player

    ...... if hosting your own realm why not just use GM commands to make your toons level 60, and item command to give you what you want? PS: Mandatory: A Solo player may be interested and have more fun in a solo game.
  15. When does this close? This is very short notice, and many guilds primary raid day(s) do not line up with the 14th.
  16. Undertanker

    Fishing pools removed

    To be on topic, I make more money fishing now than I ever did on Anathema. Less people fishing in the limited pools, always have an alt parked and fish when main is logged with world buffs. Got all my T3 and Frost Resist crafting mats bought up that are available in game, and just adding to the consumable stockpile.
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    @Forest_ This @Fladrif kid is the epitome of another fresh - phuk-boy. Burnt out before 60, and hasn't played in 4 months for a guild that did nothing. http://realmplayers.com/CharacterViewer.aspx?realm=Ely&player=Fladrif The ignorance that Gummy server had a massive following because it was lvl 1 is kek. People want proper scripting TBC beyond T4, and they will go where that is offered. They don't choose a server that will have level 25 greens relevant the longest. I agree with the statement that they need to stop beating around the bush with "teasers", starting to feel like the friend zone with how often we are getting teased. Post on twitter, reddit, and on this forum indirectly mentioning such future does nothing to bring new players in. Actually stepping up to the plate and announcing something does. You want server longevity with the release of Naxx? Want more participation than a handful of guilds? Want a reason to give a reason to farm KT? Tell your community what is to come. @Asher86 FYI to you and many others that seem to not know, Elysium isn't new. It's just a new name. Valkyrie.... how many years was Valkyrie up? Cost would be subsided by having Vanilla toons on 1 server, and TBC toons on another. There WILL be a huge influx of people coming just for TBC, especially if it's with Gummy's code. If multiple servers are needed to botch down queues then so be it, buts needs to be SAME PATCH with mergers the moment populations settle away from hype boys like @Fladrif who don't even hit max level. Give ample time post notification, and you'll see servers populations climb as people would want to get a head start on leveling their new toon, get some pieces of loot to help with outlands (fueling more raids per reset), others would even go as far as getting leveling gear enchanted and banked for an alli shaman / horde pally they'd intend to level.
  18. Undertanker

    Is there anything Elysium can do?

    "their customers" were the 600 people that were here pre-November 2016, on their fresh server. 10% of which they just deleted everything from - Valkyrie toons (I had one myself) Nost was shopping for a suitor for the community and database to be handed to. Nost didn't have to go with Elysium, as other projects were open to taking on the community as well. Elysium accepted the responsibility of taking on the community, got free Hype Train tickets because of it, and then broke up the community. You are not here because Elysium's fresh server is OMG best ever, they had a fresh server soon after Nost was shut down, where was everybody then? You play on Elysium because Elysium took on the data base and source code. They didn't have to, 3 other suitors were willing to do the same thing, and you would then have followed the hype train there.
  19. @Imbaslapi never mentioned spell power stacking on force disk in my post. I am aware it used to scale, and was taken away on this server as well, as I used to use hero charm with it in AoE pulls. So the text Thorium Shield Spike doing damage then proccing TF is me being loud? The fact it shouldn't be rolled into armor reductions is just a 1.6 thing? Or is it proof that procs should be able to proc off themselves? I State in OP that TF is the only ability that shouldn't. If an ability causes a proc, that proc is put directly after the ability in the combat log. The rogues cheap shot does proc TF, and only gets 1 auto off, MH and OH are intentionally delayed by off set of time they didn't happen at the same time with this imaginary SCT moment, it's 1 auto after a cheap shot, then facing away from warrior preventing the OH from hitting. 1 auto, 1 stun generated two TF proc. Bug tracker isn't used, and hasn't been so why do I need to make a post there? Shield slam and shield bash proc abilities. These were working and Devs broke it in purpose because they didn't think it did (best QA approach ever, just guessing), ignoring the community, and here is proof of it. Just because some of the videos are from 1.6 doesn't mean it is not accurate. We know what things were taken out because patch notes tell us, scaling if SP, and TF proccing itself.
  20. And this is why "fresh servers" split, ney; shattered the Vanilla community. So concerned with somebody having something you don't, instead of enjoying your time in game. You will be forever behind this guild in theoretical loot progression. Clearly the only logical thing to do is camp lowbies for days on end while waiting on Crestfall. Don't forget a strawpoll on your exit.
  21. Undertanker

    Lifestealing/Shadow Oil

    Fiery and Lifestealing are both 6 PPM. 60 / x = y. 6 / y = Proc Rate X is weapon Speed. On a 3.8 speed weapon: 38% proc rate. - Zinrok On a 3.5 speed weapon: 35% proc rate. - Nightfall / Dark Edge of Insanity On a 3.4 speed weapon: 34% proc rate.
  22. Darrowshire seems to have the most salty representation. Invest the amount of time you do in belittling @Theloras into enchanting your gear.