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    Advanced nerdery, Proc rate question

    It should. I don't have one to test though. The only restriction I see on chance on hit procs is things can not proc if the source is the same as cast, ie: things can't proc itself like fiery proc fiery. Though even that restriction should only apply to TF and not all procs like it currently is scripted
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    Advanced nerdery, Proc rate question

    If your concern is uptime using nightfall, I recommend putting Lifestealing or Fiery Weapon on it. Both 6 PPM enchants. If you are on MC-BWL content realm use Lifestealing, if you are in AQ - Naxx use Fiery (due to mob resist) The 6 PPM tells us that regardless of the base weapon speed we should get 6 procs in 1 minute (with only counting auto attack), which will tell us the proc % rate of the enchant on said weapon. In this case is Nightfall - 3.5 delay. 60 / 3.5 = 17.14 auto attacks a minute. We should get 6 procs in that minute. 6 / 17.14 = 35% proc rate. 35% proc rate and using hamstring as rage allows with ZG Neck and PVP Gloves, you can get a decent uptime on nightfall vs only using 3% counterweight.
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    Is there a legal Ground Clutter Mod to use?

    You must be doing something wrong, as all the console commands that I used from the Nost forum guide way back all worked fine. It is very important to note that when you perform your console commands from the logon screen, you can not go back into your video settings after do so. Simply accessing the video settings control panel will default about half the console command changes to the click and drag max settings, reversing any actions you take.
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    Emberweave Leggings - Why D/E?

    Cause getting BiS is Biz.
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    9000+ population?

    What is this both ex-nost? What does anything you said have to do with 2k people on a server that has had 1.2k on at early Sunday? Your statement makes no sense at all. TL:DR:
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    9000+ population?

    Anathema was at 2k when it is usually at 1.2k on early Sunday.
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    Conduct of CMs

    Volunteer - a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task Professional - engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime. Unvolunteerism isn't a word.
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    New Tank Build

    @Feit A few things to note: Imp heroic strike is one of the last talents you'll take. You don't use it very often compared to all of your other abilities. You will learn rage pooling without this talent. When tanking a mob(s) once you feel you have established threat, before it is dead stop spamming abilities, only auto attack and revenge on CD. Allow time for healers to drink, blood rage to keep yourself in battle and top off your rage bar, when healers are full mana pull the boss. - How to speed up your raids 101, don't stare at bosses for 10 minutes before engaging. Practice this and you fill find the additional points put into arms for this 1 talent is a waste. 5/5 Parry is essential, as not only does it add melee haste, but it allows you to further gear itemization flexibility. Not all fights are TPS fights, sometimes your job is to simply stay alive. Giving yourself 5% parry from talents you can swap out some def/avoidance gear for more +hit gear and be more effective while still being what you are, a tank. #2 Threat per Rage ability actually, second to Revenge. No other talent combination will make up for not having shield slam. It is also your bread and butter burst ability for snap aggro, solo farming, and in pvp. LOL at all the priest bubbles I've dispelled and rekt soon after. Mid-high armor targets you should get 620-700 crits with it, can crit cloth wearers for up to 1.2k damage. With stacking +shield block value items and trinket from Sapp, you can get a 2.1k + shield slam crits on cloth. Unbridled Wrath triggers from melee damage, in your case would be auto and revenge. Say you are using a 2.0 speed weapon, 30 autos and 10 revenge in 1 minute. 40 attacks, at 40% is 16 rage gained a minute or 0.266 rage a second you get in return for those 5 talent points. Compare this to shield specialization 5/5 and 1/3 imp shield block. A well geared tank will have close to 25% shield block. A boss attacking at 2.5 seconds (not counting any extra abilities) you have 24 attacks in a minute that you can block. @ 25% 6 will block giving you 6 rage. More if and when fighting more than 1 mob, or if said mobs use abilities such as Mortal Strike, Trash, Unrelenting Strikes, and so on. Then we also look at the 1/3 imp shield block. How does this increase your TPS? Same with taking 5% parry, this gives you more flexibility to use pure TPS gear. With imp shield block, this allows you to control your incoming damage to a much larger degree as to ensuring you do not get crushing or crit at the wrong time. If TPS is the topic, I'll assume we are not wearing 440 def gear, and even if you are, crushing blows are still an issue without 1/3 imp shield block. Yes on farmed bosses (except Broodlorde, Chromag Enrage, Twin Emps) you don't need to spam shield block all the time. As it can be a threat benefit to eat a crit or crushing on purpose for spike rage. However, that being said, when you chose to eat the additional damage is important. Do so at 100% HP, then when you get dropped to 50% or below, THEN use your shield block ability to ensure you don't eat a second one before you are topped off. This will keep your revenge uptime at 100% also increasing your threat. Also feel free to carry a TPS shield that has decent shield block value and put a shield spike on it. Bodes well for engineering shield as well. That is now covered here are your builds to consider: Impale builds are only worth it once you have decent agility/crit and you can maintain your world buffs throughout the raid. There are a couple variances to the build: No Thunderfury build: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LVhL0hbZcZgizoe0zVo This allows you to stance dance for Thunderclap, berserker rage, whirlwind (5/10/20 mans). You can also take 1 point out of tactical mastery and put it into Imp heroic strike if you are very good at stance dancing. It only saves 15 rage, so you have to have a strong enough weapon to get 5 rage per non-crit white hit. After a mob hits you in def stance, swap to arms, auto + clap, swap back to def before getting hit again. It also forces you to rage dump more when needing to stance dance a fear and makes stance dancing for a whirlwind reserved for when blood rage is up. 4/5 tactical mastery is viable for more situations. Imp Sunder is critical when talking max TPS. It is used as 50% of your globals, shield slam + revenge making up the other 50%. So in 6 seconds you'll use Sunder 2 times. 3 rage saved each time. That is saving 60 rage a minute. Remember Unbridled Wrath only saved 16 a minute. It also allows for more snap aggro, in the event you only have 12-14 rage, so you don't have to wait another 2.0 second auto (or getting hit) for that extra point of rage, at which point you may have lost the aggro already. 2/5 anticipation to allow for the imp sunder. You stated this is after things are on farm, so I'd assume you'd have a max def set and with BiS BWL gear and using Spine Shatter you can still reach Def cap for when needed. With Thunderfury build: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#Lihb0hbZcZgizoe0zVo Same thing as above, except you take 2 points out of tactical mastery (maintaining only 10 rage on stance dance for mocking blow) and 2/3 imp heroic strike, as there is no need to stance dance Thunderclap any more. Rage dumping pre-berserker rage is still an issue, and whirlwind gets used much less in 5/10/20 mans, but it no longer needed as a AoE threat tool due to TF debuff proc. You can argue that without TF, OTs should be using Thunderclap and you can take this spec now. Well yes and no. In a 40 man, yes (when you are having to split mobs like wyrmkin in BWL). However in 5/10/20 mans, you may be the only Warrior Tank and will be relied upon to reduce mob attack speed by 10% (15% if you got 5/5 T2.5) and don't want to have to hang out in battle stance waiting for rage and lose def threat modifiers. Naxx Progression Impale build: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#Lihb0hbZcZEizox0dco In this build you get 5/5 anticipation and 2/2 imp shield wall at the cost of losing 4% damage with 1h weapons and imp sunder. This spec gives you all the survival tools needed + allows you to keep impale mocking blow stance dancing. Naxx bosses for the most part do enough damage to keep your rage bar up that imp sunder isn't a big loss. This allows more use of heroic strike which we take improved, making it 14% cheaper and more usage, making up for the 4% 1h damage loss in protection tree. Off the top of my head, some key fights have enrages that the extra 5 seconds of shield wall will save a wipe and allow your raid to maintain world buffs. Spider, Patch are the first 2 that come to mind. Also it makes the 4H fight much easier, especially if you are the zerg tank for first horseman. You'll go heavy TPS gear on him and imp shield wall will keep you alive while raid burns it. Even if not assigned to this add, limiting the damage in the first 30 seconds of the fight can make or break the fight while learning it. You can take the points out of imp shield wall and put them into imp 1h if you like, depending on your guild needs. (I am currently this spec as Naxx isn't out yet) Max Shield Block Value WPVP/Solo - Impale build: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LchxzhbZcZxizsx0zio This build is the most different of all the ones above. 3/5 deflection to allow for Anger Management in the arms tree. In protection tree, improved revenge (paired with 2/9 T3 set bonus) and improved shield bash are taken as these are OP in WPVP and when grinding and 0/5 anticipation (in BiS Naxx gear you can hit 440 def without this talent). 5/5 Defiance is still taken to allow yourself to be a high TPS tank. If you want to be full PVP, you can take 5/5 Iron Will instead of toughness - though doing so, you dedicate yourself to OT role in Naxx forever, lesser content should be fine for MT still. This is the build I will use once Naxx is farmed and I want to play around with more WPVP, help people in lesser content. 10/20 mans, the stuns/silencing are uber. As the majority of raids are trash mobs, in instances that you can affect mobs with said abilities, the less healing needed, the faster the run.
  9. I too was a Valkyrie player over ED, strange pathing > roll backs and d/c every 15 minutes.
  10. @Ironsides Perhaps you should look into the history of Elysium and what it once was, before the OMG fresh '17, and you would know the relationship between Gummy and this staff already.
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    Emberweave Leggings - Why D/E?

    Na, just burst down first guy with 1 tank and then only got 3 HM to worry about. DPS can be in full DPS gear.
  12. Undertanker

    Character transfers

    It is not, at this time. No features are payable as well.
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    Don't Pug with <Fear>

    How to ruin guild rep on a low population server for shitty loot 101.
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    Tank Points - By Undertanker

    T3 Set Bonus Added.
  15. Undertanker

    Tank Points - By Undertanker

    Weapon Skill Value Logic updated for values 1-5 and 6-10. Added Anubisath Warhammer and Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight.
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    Tank Points - By Undertanker

    The T2 set bonus, T1 set bonus, ZG Plate set bonus, and others are what you get per item. Helm of Wrath http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=16963 696 AC + 40 Stam + 17 Str + 11 Def = 121.745 TP 3/8 Set + 1 TP = 122.745 TP 5/8 Set + 9.8TP = 132.545 TP 8/8 Set + 4.1 TP = 136.645 TP The set gives you 30 AP which I value at 3 TP. So if it takes 3 pieces to get the bonus, each piece gains 1 TP in value since you have to split the gains between 3 items. Yes the 5/8 set gets A LOT of value, as well as the 5/5 Set "if target is not affected by Thunderfury debuff". The 5/8 set has high value taking averages of how much damage it takes for you to deal to obtain the additional amount of rage points you are saving + the extra threat possible with said proc. 9.8 * 5 = 49 TP total for that set bonus. As stated in the OP pure TPS items (proc items that do not also contain mitigation/avoidance/EHP would be left off the list as the list is to provide gear that accommodates for an overall balance. Feel free to check out some of the many Ironfoe threads for use of that item. I will be glad to add the Anubisath Warhammer to the list as it does have stam contributing to EHP. I will also be updating the +Skill value to 12.24 TP for the first 5 skill points each, (3 hit -0.2 dodge, -.0.2 parry) 3.4 * 18 (value of hit) and the first 5 skill seems to give a tank an average rage gain from white hits around 8% more rage. So I'll give skill 12.24 + (Weapon DPS * 0.016) *3.5 dps-TP per point. For skill of 6-10 will give a value of 3.24 TP + (Weapon DPS * 0.008)*3.5 DPS-TP per point. I am updating weapon skill as I write this.
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    How to save Anathema

    This. A lot of people have held off on starting toons on projects in anticipation of the 1x leveling they would be doing there. If those people would be able to level here and be the first realm pushed to TBC transfer/character copy, then you would have a huge influx of the many highly let down on not being able to enjoy his 5 years of work. Anathema would have it's fresh blood that it lacked in March (when a modest leveler would have hit 60) that caused guilds to start to raid short handed. The TBC wave of people would then be able to gear up their toons at the 60 vanilla patch and be more prepared for Outlands than ever possible on TBC. With a lot of gear from BWL (Trinkets), TF, AQ/Naxx loot able to take you into Kara and select items into T5 content - all of which was locked out on Gummy's project. This gives a stronger player base to extend the server's life throughout Naxx. The Elysium project showing their condolences on Discord towards Gummy was step 1 in the direction of what @Ickus suggest. Though if the past has taught us anything with the Nost / Elysium partnership, it can not be something that is done openly, and in direct relation to Elysium. I think to go around the red tape of the C&D, he himself would have to make his work open source, then Elysium could then pick it up. Gummy directly handing Elysium the code would cause uproar for Blizzard. Gummy could join the team, but would most likely need to be done under an alias to prevent further backlash from Blizzard.
  18. Huh? You mean you are getting exploration experience for discovering new areas of a map. Something that you should be doing PRIOR to twinking to ensure you are able to world PVP between queues.
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    How to save Anathema

    Yeah a few of us called this issue of lack of new players when the "fresh" server was announced. A bit bored at work I was reading through some of those fresh hype post and pulling people's realmplayers. Crazy how a vocal majority didn't even raid MC on Elysium and havn't played in 3-4 months. I hope the Legacy Community can finally learn after Kronos and now (though we warned them) Elysium that splitting the community is a BAD THING. In terms of accounting for player base, and hype trains, it is understandable to have a desire/need for an additional server to limit queues or hardware stress. However that server should maintain the same patch, People would still get their fresh start realm yet the raid race would extend an additional tier. Go find the "it's about the progression" advocates from December post, none still play and didn't make it into/out of MC. Once populations level off and is manageable to be on one server, then bring the community together. A wise man learns from his mistakes. A wiser man learns from others. We shouldn't be having this discussion if the latter was followed.
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    Edgemaster's Handguards gear combination

  21. Undertanker

    Dual Wield OH Question

    Pushing 1 button to manually proc 25% increased damage = chore. kek.
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    GMs Selling Unattainable Loot?

    @Wolebor1978 No there is no item shop. OP is a salty PVE-Server has been, whom has given up on his horde toon and spams the forums with negativity and speculation. See above for my explanation of how items not in the game yet could show on realmplayers.
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    GMs Selling Unattainable Loot?

    With the open source code, anybody can run their own server if they want and play with their friends. Some guilds may be doing this for BWL practice so they can face roll it when it releases on the server and not burn through their consumable stockpiles during progression on the real server. If said person names their local hosted realm name the same name as "Elysium" and have the same guild name, then it will upload to realmplayers. See below for forum admin confirmation of said possibility and locking of this thread.
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    Tank Points - By Undertanker

    Naxx gear added to list. T3 Set Bonuses under construction.