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  1. From Viper's Announcement Sunday: "Then, we tried to show our motivation to solve the issues from a different angle by working on mature proposals (studies, cost analysis, schedules, milestones, etc.), including a complete transfer of technology of our existing work, fixing the few remaining issues we had..." This tells us something may have been worked on. Would be really cool to know what if it is anything player-impacting.
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    Benediction - The Balance of Light and Shadow

    Ummmm thanks for the down vote?
  3. Their should be dedicated sections for Old-PVP server and New-PVP server and PVE server as well. This shouldn't be limited to the guild forum, as forum layout in general needs to be split, specially if servers will be on different time-lines.
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    Benediction - The Balance of Light and Shadow

    @Pottu I noticed you are migrating over a lot of important threads from Nost. I recommend pasting them into Microsoft Word first and selecting the paste option to adjust formatting. Then copy that and past into these forums to avoid the Nost soft colors and off formatting. The .jpg files should then show correctly as well. Feel free to delete this after you see this suggestion.
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    Post your Retribution Screenshot that you are proud of <3

    Very neat, only half BiS Ret gear at that. Hope on your DPS check fights (Naxx) that you had a nightfall to boost raid damage even more. I"ve seen people in pre-AQ BiS ret gear with Hand of Rag only push 300-350. Also LoL @ the Warrior in the Rag screen shot with T3 on, but using Onxyia Scale Cloak instead of Fireproof Cloak -- BiS FR.
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    Timeline for new Fresh server?

    PVE where it left off, new PVP server, I image would follow the same timeline.
  7. The forum is starting to pick up and expect it to grow exponentially. Edit: Web server is being updated to handle the traffic is has seen and will see. Very glad to see that implemented already +1 for that. I would like to see some restructure though. Especially with Old PVP and New PVP realm being on different time-lines, you don't want to get confused with peoples questions about itemization, gear availability and the works when you don't know what server is being discussed. Same with Battleground/PVP talk, and the biggest Guild Recruitment section needs to be slip up ASAP. Guilds are starting their recruitment and it is already becoming a mess.
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    Fresh Start Guild (H)

    @Pottu Please move this to the guild section.
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    "fresh" start

    When Nost Launched, it was 1.4 patch IIRC of gear available and the terrible T1/T2 stats, with 1.12.1 talents.
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    Cheap respec

    This is always a touchy and debatable subject, more so than people commenting on adjusting rates and world queuing. As a non-PVPer and I only tank; but raid with people that like to PVP, I feel I am a bit more neutral on the subject. It is one of the biggest gold sinks in the game, yes. On the contrast, it is only a gold sink for those who want to be optimal in both PVP and PVE. Those who only do one or the other do not have this issue/concern. That being said, making these respecs more viable would then take away from the identity of a PVE character if they can simply go healer/dps, or tank/dps depending on who logged on that night with limited repercussions. The back and forth in a PVE situation reduces the importance and satisfaction of having an ALT. PVP can still be fun and you can causually rank to around R10 while you are in your PVE spec so you can help your guild raid. If you plan on going past R10, you most likely enter a different pre-made group that focuses high rank, and will be required to be optimal spec. Your guild should be understanding of your honor-grind goal and give you the dedicated time/space needed to accomplish your ranking goals and not shun your 70% effectiveness in PVE due to it. If you wipe on an encounter with 3-4 people in a pvp spec, you didn't wipe because of them. You have other things about that fight that need to be re-evaluated and pointing the finger at an active ranker is just a cop-out. Now things that could be done to adjust for this: Again I don't care for any of this, so don't down vote me to hell but just some thought: Respec cost decay - Going x about of time w/o a respec, your cost stays the same or drops one level. This doesn't help the people that actively want to swap to PVP spec between PVE raid days. So doesn't help much for the goal people are attempting to address. Allow a respec to be purchased with AB/WSG/AV honor tokens(or badges what ever they are called) or the normal gold amount - This one seems to an idea that would address the issue AND avoid PVE people only from respecing back and forth acting as a duel spec toon. Make it to where they have to turn in 3 of each or something of that nature, similar to the call to arms turn in. This would promote more BG pvp in the BGs that are not for that specific weekend, or people ONLY doing WSG, as they need to get their AB win (or 3 losses) before their PVE raid day as well to avoid losing 50 gold if they have to respec for raid. Also it pushes more AV participation rather than "get my rep and never come back". These people would want to get 6 tokens of each, so they can spec to PVE for raid, and back to PVP after. People that only respec to PVP to do world PVP only would be forced to anti-up/farm gold unless they stock pile some tokens (which you can only have 20 of each at a time IIRK). Again, I don't care for any of this, as I "dance to one song, and one song only". But the second idea I posted seems to be legit and focuses on getting these people that argue "respec so I can PVP" to ACTUALLY PVP IN BATTLEGROUNDS", and not use it for PVE duel spec abuse, or world PVP/ganking. Raiding with full consumables is expensive, couldn't imagine adding 100 to 200 gold a week just to get into a proper pre-made to get my honor cap for those R10+ who do both.
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    Whens fresh start server?

    More information will be released Sunday.
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    Question regarding Valkyrie server.

    I'm imagine they will address this question when they iron out all the details about the data base transfer and how that is going to work. Wouldn't be surprised if they allow you to move from Nost, however anything that didn't exist i patch 1.9 would be deleted from your account.
  13. Treat is like bills. They don't exist if you don't check the mail.
  14. Undertanker

    The Birth of Legacy: Nostalrius Returns

    Been a very exciting Sunday to say the least. Thank you very much for taking this task and running with it. I look forward to your news on when we get this party started.
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    Heroic Strike and Sunder Threats explained

    You are not taking into account + Block Value from gear for your shield slam calculations. Averaged geared tank will have +167 in BiS gear, or +197 if using 5/8 T2, 3/8 T1 set. Also factor in the +crit % of a raid buffed main tank can be anywhere from 17% to 25% (higher if they are gearing for it). Coupled with impale, on raid bosses I see shield slam crits for 850-1k damage. So shield slam does scale with gear. Sunder Armor does not scale with gear. Though you can use a weapon with chance on hit proc damage, an enchant with proc damage, and Dark Moon Card: Maelstrom to generate procs off of Sunder Armor to help the TPS. Shield Slam is not a rage dump. It is the second best threat per rage ability you have outside of Revenge. Heroic strike eats a white hit which limits your incoming rage, which you have to factor in as well. If limited rage - Revenge > Shield Slam > Sunder. If unlimited rage - Revenge > Shield Block > Shield Slam > Sunder + Heroic
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    Leveling a Warrior...

    If Warrior will be your main: Professions: Pick up cooking and first aid. Fishing can help level your cooking up to 100 pretty easily as rate of catch is high and many cooking items at low level call for fish. Fishing after 85 skill starts to slow and will slow down your leveling. At this point, when you are grinding, kill beast for what is gonna level your cooking and humanoid for cloth. DO NOT SELL YOUR CLOTH. Cooking will allow you to always have the "well fed" buff to give your warrior more stamina and some spirit (helps hp regen between mobs, minor but it comes with the buff so w/e) All cloth should be made into bandages. Even when you get the next level bandages, if you already made lesser ones, still use those first, don't vendor them. You WILL use them all. If you're mid HP after a fight, use a lesser bandage for a few sec, if you fought 2 things and are low, use your best bandage. Alch/Herb: Herbing is annoying to level at the start, so fight through it, especially on a new server roll-out. Fight through it and while you hunt forever you can still grind the mobs lower level than you, get used to this practice (see lack of hit above) it will give you the extra early exp needed so you can complete your quest in the next zone without crying due to "the struggle". Pick up alchemy as well to pair with it. HP potions are easy to make and will save you SOOOOOOO many times from death. Keep about 20 on you and stash the rest in the bank. Make the agility and str potions as well, and fort pots for more stam (it isn't a lot but when paired with well fed buff, you are in good shape) the str and agil pots make up for having gray/green gear. Use these buff potions when you grind in safe zones or away from high traffic areas when in contested zones. You will get pissed off if you pop 4 1-hour potions to get ganked right after. I usually kept 1 stack of mana pots which I would give to the healer if I do an instance, most times they don't have them and it can save a wipe = less down time. Until your guild is ready to raid and you can afford a Force Reactive Disk, stay with these at 60 and farm up as many raid consumables as you can yourself. Stash these on an alt bank. Spec: You will find a lot of controversy on this. I've leveled 8 warriors on this patch and finally got it down (IMO) with the 8th one. Only 2 respecs from lvl 1 to lvl 59. Here it goes. DO NOT DUEL WIELD! Level 1 - 39: Get 5% Crit, Unbridled Wrath, Blood Craze - This will increase your damage, rage gain rate, and help you stay alive. Keep a 1h and sword with you and a weapon swap from your 2H for fighting a caster/healer. You will not access to pummel pre 30, and it will make these low armor mobs better exp and not make your life hell due to their high magic damage/OP heal. Swap back mid fight when you get the hang of this. Continue down until you get Enrage and Deathwish - 1/3 imp cleave over 1/5 imp Battle shout so you can kill more than 1 mob w/o having to drink when you pair with deathwish. Piercing Howl will save your life a lot when you pull too much, and help you in some world pvp if you rolled that server. The important thing here is Enrage talent and understanding the synergy with Blood Craze. You will want to make a macro for "/sit" and put it on your action bar. Reason being, when you are sitting, you have a 100% chance to be crit, and you will automatically stand up after being hit. So you can manually trigger this extra 25% damage for 100% uptime!!! You may think, "OMG a crit, will lower my HP too much adding down time". Not at all, because of Blood Craze. (remember you should be grinding mobs 2-3 levels lower than you) If you compare a normal hit, vs a crit - the amount Blood Craze will heal you for, on most mobs you actually take LESS damage. It is a small difference, but usually is less. Unless you get crit again while standing up and don't get full use out to Blood Craze from the first crit taken. Take this to the bank. Finish up with maxing out Cleave, then getting Flurry and Imp Bezerker Rage - Once you get the 3/3 Imp cleave, paired with keeping Enrage up, you can now grind 2 mobs at once VERY quickly. The damage output far exceeds 3/5 imp battle shout. Furry and Imp Rage is self explanatory. Grats on reaching level 39. *Note no weapon dependency. Equip what you can find, but keep it a 2H - weapon speed does not matter here. Only the DPS of the weapon. Duel Wield gives you a large chance to miss penalty that isn't worth it until raiding. Rend is good at the start of a pull on high armor targets pre-lvl 40** Level 40-60 TIME TO RESPEC: Time to get Mortal Strike and Axe Specialization - by level 40 you should have already completed your WW axe quest. If you are alliance, you can also get the SM Axe quest, slightly better. Focus on Mortal Strike on single targets, and on multiple targets, use Sweeping Strikes > Whirl Wind. If you get Stoneslayer from Uldaman or Warmonger from luck/AH, you can respec to sword specialization. Otherwise stay with your slow 2H for Mortal Strike. (Top end damage is what matters on your weapon). Start down the Fury Tree for more crit and rage gains - You'll notice the specialization is now Polearm. This is for when AV is released, jump into one at lvl 51 and go the struggle for a Korrak kill for your Ice Barbed Spear. This will be your last weapon until 60. Not sure when it will release, but eventually it will and this is your best weapon when it does. Finish the way you started in the fury tree, getting Enrage and Blood Craze - Time to bring that /sit macro back out. You can stay this spec until you get better fury duel wield gear, since Sweeping strikes is really good for 5 mans. Note you only respec 2 times, unless you got a good sword mid 40s, then it is 3 times total. Killing 2 mobs becomes much easier mid to late 20s. By the time you got 3/3 imp cleave, you should aim to grind 2 at once when you can. When you have the choice of what type of human, kill lower armor targets. Beast typically have higher armor so only grind on them when you need the meat for cooking. While people advocate just run instances, it is by far the worst EXP per hour thing to do in Vanilla. Run an instance only when you have the quest and get your blue item from it. Otherwise the long time investment for a CHANCE at an upgrade that you may lose a roll on, will not increase your leveling time vs grinding lower lvl mobs. I hope this helps anybody who has never done the Warrior Grind, or has done it, and felt is was painfully unbearable. It is tough, don't let anybody lie to you. I didn't have such a guide during my day and did the all types of leveling, including protection tree in 2005, duel wield, mix between the 3. Learn from my mistakes and growing pains and enjoy the journey.
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    Welcome Nostalrius <3

    Thanks for the warm welcome Killer. I know you were one of the few that came here rather than flee to Kronos when things went down. I plan on resuming the tank life, however will have to find a new guild to play with since I now work 3rd shift. Need to do my raiding on Friday / Saturday late night US times. I might be able to swing EU raid times for 2 days a week (depending on days/times), and would do if they are hardcore. Either way, just glad to be back.