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    Try Something new!

    Enjoy the game, go for prot man! 11 into HOLY for AoE, rest into protect until 31 talent point, you'll have fun!
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    A Guide to Paladin Tanking (3/13/2006) - By Krynn

    I'm sure you knew that I meant Vanilla wow
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    A Guide to Paladin Tanking (3/13/2006) - By Krynn

    Your arguing with a dude who has literally tanked naxx as a paladin, lol
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    Old Vanilla Paladin Guide (Thru Naxx)

    Nice copy and paste. add links to the builds
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    [GUIDE] Tank Resist Gear

    Below is a list of gear for Fire Resist. Enjoy! Please note: Not everything may be available yet! Dark Iron Helm Binds when equipped 758 Armor +20 Stamina +35 Fire Resistance Enchant: Lesser Arcanum of Resilience - Permanently adds 20 fire resistance to a leg or head slot item. Does not stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot. Drakefire Amulet Binds when picked up +10 Stamina +15 Fire Resistance "The Blood of Drakkisath Flows Within..." Dark Iron Shoulders Binds when equipped 514 Armor +10 Stamina +10 Fire Resistance Enchant: Flame Mantle of the Dawn - Permanently adds 5 fire resistance to a shoulder slot item. Onyxia Scale Cloak Binds when equipped 43 Armor +7 Stamina +16 Fire Resistance Equip: Protects the wearer from being fully engulfed by Shadow Flame. Enchant Cloak - Greater Fire Resistance - Permanently enchant a cloak to give 15 fire resistance. Dark Iron Plate Binds when picked up 817 Armor +12 Stamina +19 Fire Resistance Enchant Chest - Major Health - Permanently enchant a piece of chest armor to grant +100 health. Dark Iron Bracers Binds when equipped 394 Armor +7 Stamina +18 Fire Resistance Enchant Bracer - Superior Stamina - Permanently enchants bracers to give +9 Stamina. Dark Iron Gauntlets Binds when equipped 495 Armor +16 Stamina +12 Agility +28 Fire Resistance Enchant Gloves - Threat - Permanently enchant gloves to increase threat from all attacks and spells by 2%. Belt of Might Binds when equipped 421 Armor +15 Stamina +21 Strength +7 Fire Resistance Equip: Increases your chance to dodge an attack by 1%. Equip: Increased Defense +5. Dark Iron Leggings Binds when equipped 778 Armor +14 Stamina +30 Fire Resistance Enchant: Lesser Arcanum of Resilience - Permanently adds 20 fire resistance to a leg or head slot item. Does not stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot. Core Forged Greaves Binds when picked up 634 Armor +28 Stamina +12 Fire Resistance +8 Shadow Resistance Equip: Increased Defense +4. Enchant Boots - Greater Stamina - Permanently enchant boots to give +7 Stamina. Ocean's Breeze Binds when picked up +7 Agility +4 Strength +4 Stamina +15 Fire Resistance Ring of Binding Binds when picked up 60 Armor +10 Fire Resistance +10 Nature Resistance +10 Frost Resistance +10 Shadow Resistance +10 Arcane Resistance Equip: Increased Defense +4. Onyxia Blood Talisman Binds when picked up +15 Fire Resistance Equip: Increases your chance to parry an attack by 1%. Equip: Increased Defense +8. Equip: Restores 7 health per 5 sec. Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas +10 Fire Resistance Equip: +200 Armor. "Blessed by the Shen'dralar Ancients." Draconian Deflector Binds when picked up 2153 Armor 40 Block +7 Stamina +10 Fire Resistance Equip: Increased Defense +10. Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina - Permanently enchant a shield to give +7 Stamina. Alcor's Sunrazor Binds when equipped One-hand Dagger 41 - 77 Damage | Speed 1.30 (45.4 damage per second) +10 Fire Resistance Chance on hit: Blasts a target for 75 to 106 Fire damage. Alternate Options This is what you should use over Dark Iron Shoulders --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With all this gear, you should be around 315 Fire Resist (75% Reduction). You don't need all this gear, due to many buffs & consumables that get you to max, however this should help with any tanks still curious for gear.
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    [GUIDE] Tank Resist Gear

    A good way to offset the gear as well.
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    Level 60 charger mount on elysium

    Correct, but that server is using content patch 1.3 if I'm not mistaken
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    Level 60 charger mount on elysium

    http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=7638 http://wow.gamepedia.com/Quest:Emphasis_on_Sacrifice added 1.4.0 http://wow.gamepedia.com/Paladin_quests#Level_60_Summoning_the_Charger_.28Summon_Charger.29
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    Seal of Crusader question

    Vanilla design, not elysium design. i wish I could change so many descriptions edit: I us d to have a guide for each paladin spell, and detailed description on what they actually did.
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    Tanking Video Guides

    Still waiting for Onyxia :P
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    Theloras' Retribution Guide

    Woot Darrowshire PvE! 1) I actually do Benediction > Improved Blessing of Might. Simply because anyone else can buff you with imp might. 2) DPS before 40 is quite impressive but you will see it caps off at 40 and doesn't really increase like it did prior to level 40. It will but it tops off and dies down since Ret for PvE is burst damaging and not sustainable since well, mp5. I will add, as ret, I recommend STR/STA as you level. AGI/INT are also great around max level (Avengers gear has agi on it) but after you get 60 Str/int/sta/sp is something you might consider. I hope my 2h guide can give you some insight on weapon ideas ahead. @killerduki and I have debated in this for years! lol it comes down to preference in the end. For tanking I like DIV STR & IMP SoR, while he says always go for DIV STR & DIV INT. I use that for ret since IMP SOR doesn't scale with SP, and I use SoC for Ret. You can get Kings, use my oldschool spec: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sE0zZVGzZqf0trca i used to use it, but I'm not the same paladin I used to be :p I use Eye for and Eye, plus I like pursuit of justice as well as using DIV INT/DIV STR for aoe, however... INT won't increase SP in vanilla. 1 INT gives 15 Mana & there is a chart on how much int gives Spell Crit. 3/3 Precision into prot you gain 3% hit. Get 5% from gear (at 60) and you'll be golden.
  12. JCarrill0

    Retribution 2-Handed leveling Weapons

    True, but by the time your running BRD, you could be using AV weapons. No worries, keep in mind the level 50 quest is not available on Elysium/Zeth'Kur yet
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    Nost/Elysium Paladin Discord Server!

    @Avero @killerduki @Theloras How come I haven't been given like veteran status there?
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    Improved Concentration Aura

  15. JCarrill0

    Paladin Macros

    @Patrykiel #showtooltip is the command for macro's. Unfortunately this feature doesn't exist until TBC :(
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    Paladin 1-60 Leveling & Talent Guide

    This should be stickied.
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    Improved Concentration Aura

    Hey did this get fixed?
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    Tankadin - JC's Dungeon Tanking gear guide.

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    Team 5-Paladin Dungeon builds.

  20. Aoe tanking as a paladin is fun to do for dungeons.
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    Hybrids are not good for Raid?

    Such negative remark here, progress, slow or not... is progress!
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    Hybrids are not good for Raid?

    Nice man!
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    If you could choose one thing...

    Kegboy had some similar thoughts, like bribing the alpha/beta spells from Paladins and bring them here, but allowing that would open a door of every non-blizzlike feature for all classes and would completely throw off what Elysium is trying to have. on this idea it would definitely change the game for us Paladins, and bring ret into the light of viable dps
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    While I can agree to disagree, perhaps you have lost the point you were trying to make with me. your busy talking about hybrid classes and their spec from a support class, while I was talking about hybrid talents specs. again your definition and my definition which was already discussed. if you feel you made your point, then I guess you have nothing left to discuss, as for me. I stood by what I said and I made my point. rather you think my point is wrong vs yours is just our opinions which both have expressed.... so.... you have me at a loss when you continue, sorry edit: I went back and read everything you have tried to explain to me. Yep I understood what you tried to explain. I see your opinion. That had never changed. we have different views of what we define as what.. you just seem to think I'm wrong, which is fine ofc. You can have some cake too :)