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    Best Profession Ret Paladin??

    Bias opinion honestly, Gnomes are part of the alliance while Goblins can't be trusted! I feel the don't offer much difference but I do like gnome trinkets!
  2. JCarrill0

    Best Profession Ret Paladin??

    Eng is a great compliment for a paladin, plus Mining is always a great source of income, if needed. glad I was able to help
  3. JCarrill0

    Best way to farm gold as a pally?

    Sounds like you should lead your own guild! Lol When I was 60, in retail I would farm Scarlet Monastery & Uldamon. at first it was hard, so I did it with a buddy, but as I got gear, I was able to solo most of it. if you know how to play auctioneer, you can farm certain items. i would mine ore/gems and sell those such as arcane crystals and stuff. even without mining I would farm elemental sand sell various items on the AH. It was pretty easy. now the final way is if you really put effort. fishing for me always had me goldnto buy spells when leveling up, plus mounts for slots. at 60, I still used fishing to help me get gold to respect from holy PvE to PvP when I did off days for BGs.
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    It's an amazing sword and I highly recommend getting it if you ever have the chance
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    Tankadin Pre-BIS Pre-DM

    Now that I am home to edit my post: Helm: Golem Skull Helm - Magmus (Blackrock Depths) Neck: Medallion of Grand Marshal Morris - BoE (World Drop) Shoulders: Stockade Pauldrons - BoE (World Drop) Cloak: Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape - Stonespine (Statholme) Rare Elite Chest: Deathbone Chestplate - Random bosses (Scholomance) Wrist: Runed Golem Shackles - Trash Mobs (Blackrock Depths) BoE Hands: Stonegrip Gauntlets - BoE (World Drop) Waist: Stalwart Clutch - Quest: Incendius! (BRD) Legs: Legplates of the Eternal Guardian - Chest of The Seven (BRD) Feet: Boots of Avoidance - BoE (World Drop) Rings: Drakeclaw Band "of the Bear/Eagle" - Drake Minibosses (The Sunken Temple of Atal'hakkar) Trinkets: Stormpike Insignia Rank 6 - Stompike (Exalted) & Force of Will - Angerforge (Blackrock Depths) Main Hand: Mastersmith's Hammer - Goraluk Anvilcrack (Blackrock Spire - Upper) Shield: Draconian Deflector - Drakkisath (Blackrock Spire - Upper) I may be completely inaccurate here, but this would be my guess, I hope this helps! I will add, most of this is taken FROM my GUIDE, however i did have to manually search some items. My first post ion my guide has all Bis patch 1.12.x, while the second post is alternative items both outdated and upcoming patches. While the third post is BiSf (forever endgame)
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    Deathbone Set

    I made a reply in the other post about a cloak, but if you look in my second post of my GUIDE, you can find it there
  7. JCarrill0

    Team 5-Paladin Dungeon builds.

    Fair enough but the rest is your spec yes?
  8. JCarrill0

    Tankadin - JC's Dungeon Tanking gear guide.

    Updated for Anathema update!
  9. JCarrill0

    Team 5-Paladin Dungeon builds.

    Curious to see if anyone is willing to try these out. @killerduki, you still the protection (tankadin) spec listed above yes?
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    It's "Deja Vu all over again" folks...

    Is the drama over? i miss playing in Anathema
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    Best Profession Ret Paladin??

    If this is your first toon, I recommend Engineering/Mining. when I was a paladin in retail vanilla I went blacksmith/Mining and eventually did swordsmithing. It was great for leveling but in my honest opinion, armor smith would of been the best option to go. Engineering is a great benefit to Paladins with its ranged abilities and various trinkets. It's great for both PvE/PvP benefits. If you have an alt to go Mining, I definitely would say go Eng/BS to compliment your paladin for full potentials! (Gnomish/Armorsmith) its truly sad that you must choose only 2 professions, but that's ok. get the best of both worlds and use a mule toon (alt) to bank extra items and farm ore. It will help you so much in the long run.
  12. Always nice to see suggestions to help fix Paladins, we should have links to all the bugs/fixes needed in this post. can you do that duki?
  13. JCarrill0

    All Hail Brock, the Thunderfury Paladin

    Congrats saphael
  14. Is there a link for the war effort? i understand it may not be up yet, but I would imagine it'll be like the timeline links?
  15. JCarrill0

    Levelling with a Paladin?

    I don't have purify on my action bar once I have cleanse, nor do I use sense undead enough at 60 to have it on them. i do keep divine protection to remove debuffs however...
  16. JCarrill0

    Paladin 1-60 Leveling & Talent Guide

    ..../cast redemption on this thread.... after reading this, I can't help feel like Donald Trump every free lines.... "Wrong!" lol
  17. JCarrill0

    Paladin Macros

    These are all confirmed to work in vanilla? sacred shield?
  18. JCarrill0

    Nost/Elysium Paladin Discord Server!

    Or just put in o e of our posts instead of making a entire sticky thread for one line of text URL
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    Team 5-Paladin Dungeon builds.

    Gear wise, um the tankadin was me, was pre-raid BiS, so deathbone and everything else that was pre-Bis. the healer was a guildie, full pre-raid healing... robes of exalted, etc. the reckadin was also a guildie in PvP rank 10 gear, the remaining was pretty much what the ret pally had. the ret pally was guildie, pre-raid ret melee gear. On the old server, melee gear was better for ret. the shockadin was guildie in d2 and spell power. It was a mock build honestly, but SHE held her own. the dps charts were around the same every time... #1 was Ret Pally #2 was shockadin (surprisingly) #3 was Reckadin (with no aoe spells wtf) #4 was tankadin (me). And this made me upset... as a tankadin I should of been like top dps lol, at least second... we always used max spell, but I was OOM faster then they were :(
  20. JCarrill0

    Team 5-Paladin Dungeon builds.

    Yep old server, this was done to prevent running mobs, but Crusader stuff didn't stack on old servers.
  21. JCarrill0

    DPS/Tank build

    If you want a nice PvP dps build, with some tanking aspects, plus your aoe, try this. You can modify points wherever you like ofc, but it's mostly around PvP: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sE0zZVGtzc0xZVf0p if you want aoe+Veng: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sE0zZVhZVfctRcqo please note: you loose the tanking aspect, and you can always switch around points, but again this was built on PvP. my original build from old PvP on feenic was different, but I did use it to tank 5 mans with no issues. (Full deathbone set): http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sE0zZVGzZVfztrca the Tri-hybrid build has its fair uses, the problem was it was a jack of all trades, master of none.
  22. JCarrill0

    Switching weapons resets reckoning stacks

    No, you need the reckcounter addon.
  23. JCarrill0

    Make Paladins Great Again!

    Cool! Agreed, duki fix it!
  24. JCarrill0

    paladins in pvp / holy dps

    Shockadin in PvP is only viable once you have a descent amount of spell DMg gear. t2 or r10, r13 is a good place to start.
  25. JCarrill0

    Bring back original Paladin Tier 1 Lawbringer stats?

    I have put my 2 cents on the topic, I just hope you dont hate me theloras