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    Levelling with a Paladin?

    Flash of light for topping off, holy light when the hp drops to fast
  2. For me, the lawbringer is often utilized as a nice epic PvP set. I think blizzard had the itemized it for healing after a certain update. if we are to keep the same idea, then we need to keep it the way they had it. I we are wanting non-blizzlike, then this perhaps should be open for discussion, but to me that's a can of worms I don't particularly want to get into, cuz their will most likely be other wants/needs that other classes will want and use this reference that this wasn't blizzlike so why not grant their request. i do apologize for my fellow paladin community. im very happy with Paladins working, in happy with the change in itemization bad on content releases. I suggest you enjoy the paladin set of lawbringer, and understand the items will change in due time much like the pvp sets will.
  3. JCarrill0

    Tanking Video Guides

    @killerdukinow that you have a vast number of videos, can you make a table of contents, and use anchors to get to the video instead of having to scroll and scroll? thanks in advance.
  4. JCarrill0

    Paladin Macros

    Something like this? /Cast Lay on Hands /emote casts Lay on Hands on %t
  5. JCarrill0

    seal of righteousness

    and if they had the Improved SoR Talent that gave 15% increase, man... godly for tanking
  6. JCarrill0

    Tankadin - JC's Dungeon Tanking gear guide.

    Updated the gear guide, Unfortunately, the BBCode for color is not working for me, So I had to manually remove every little color code I had, and I also updated the Talent builds in the first post.
  7. JCarrill0

    seal of righteousness

    Could you imagine if SoR scaled with SP? OMG the wonders....
  8. JCarrill0

    Leveling weapons.

    @Becksbur Did you find everything that you were looking for?
  9. JCarrill0

    A Guide to Paladin Tanking (3/13/2006) - By Krynn

    thotbot links... wow. oldschool player! Vanilla rules! (first!)
  10. JCarrill0

    Can a prot pally manage to tank all the 5-man dungeons?

    we all have had sticky posts over the year on multiple vanilla projects. you have to have the players report post to get stickies.
  11. JCarrill0

    A overcomplicated Nightfall question.

    Gen you say geared like a warrior, might I ask, why not geared like a paladin? if your going as ret, using nightfall to help the raid, then your not helping yourself and your not going to contribute as DPS, your contributing as a support to the DPS. Overall that's fine, but you can't be using nightfall and expecting to be top dps. Nightfall is ment to be a raid boost when it procs, that's it. It has descent damage, but it's not meant to be a primary dps weapon to help the player using, it's meant to help the raid. I applaud any Paladin who can step into a raid as Ret, because it's not easily to be accepted, nor pull it off. when I see Paladins equipping Nightfall, I realize the raid only wanted a buff slave, who was going to boost the raid dps not the paladin. If the paladin is ok with that, all is good. they just need to know it's not about the paladin doing Dps, it's just a player there boosting everyone be else's. Edit: on a side. It's, if your rocking arc reaper in raids, keep doing what you do bud! Show the raid your own personal DPS, but you need spell dmg/Int gear later on to push yourself. keep showing naysayers that Ret is possible, much like Smitter and Theloras does!
  12. JCarrill0

    Levelling with a Paladin?

    1. It would work best this way however you can both go as doe if you like. 2. Ret I would recommend using a 2 handed, starting with SotC judging it for the debuff and then using SoC. Sancity Aura will help later on once you get it. 3. Leaving purify off once you have cleanse, divine shield replaces divine protection. 4. Ret is an offensive build, however a paladin is a support class, so blessing, clesning, and spot heal is for any spec you decide. 5. If your going to PvP as ret, be sure to have eye for an eye. It helps. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sE0zZVuZVfztrcqo Saves a bit more on mana, don't forget while you can be blessed with imp might be other Paladins.
  13. JCarrill0

    Fiery Blaze Enchantment

    I would think Flurry is a good choice.
  14. JCarrill0

    Fiery Blaze Enchantment

    Need to report and remove it
  15. JCarrill0

    Fiery Blaze Enchantment

    Double/triple post?
  16. JCarrill0

    A quick question in regards to a trinket.

    @Theloras is correct in this regard, it's more of a priest item.
  17. They are nice, I use them when I go to BrD to farm before I farm scholo/strath for the other boots
  18. JCarrill0

    Holy Damage Protection Paladin

    Well I guess I'm chop liver...
  19. JCarrill0

    Good spec for leveling that is not full retri?

    I level holy... I have no issues with it
  20. JCarrill0

    Seal of Light and Seal of Wisdom

    I was curious myself...
  21. JCarrill0

    Lawbring Set Build

    I tend to think lawbrinner as a PvP healing set... i would use 31 into holy, 20 into prot
  22. Personally I would use Fel-Hardeneed > Golem > Valor. (At least until Heroism), Boots I would use Avoidance > Cannon Master > Valor. (Until Heroism). The set bonus is nice yes, but to me it makes little difference when Def/Stam is my top Prio on stats. (Block/Parry/Dodge is nice too)
  23. Also someone else can still give you there Improved Devotion Aura if they have it, while they can't give you Redoubt Procs.
  24. JCarrill0

    Paladin <--> shaman

    Original Post was made in the Paladin Forums. Seems like an unfair post since it should be in both Forums.
  25. JCarrill0

    <The Blooders> Alliance Raiding Guild

    Always looking for more to fill the ranks! Tanks & Healers.