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  1. 6 hours ago, Nirinia said:

    Quick theory crafting question, would a pala tank be viable as mt if they were given a taunt identical to the warrior and druid taunts?

    So in TBC we get a taunt ability, but it's not until WotLK before we get an actual taunt like warriors.

    in Vanilla, it has been shown that holy Paladins can use Holy Shock as a Taunt, but is only viable in 5 mans.

  2. 3 hours ago, Morest said:

    I play ret pally and before I make assumptions u want to know, will people skip me and wait the extra time to find another dps or will they generally accept me in their group? I love ret pally but if I can't do dungeons then I'll have to drop it

    The short answer: yes

    The long answer: it depends on the player leading the party. Ret Paladins before 40 is extremely good DPS. It starts to even out and not really get much better after 40, but keep in mind your a support class.

    while you beat on mobs you can cleanse, spot heal, and take over if the healer drops, which makes you more viable then most may overlook. Sometimes when I was Ret, I got invited just because I could res, and the druid was the healer.

  3. 2 hours ago, artofsleep said:

    Hey guys,

    after quite extensively looking through older posts I am still a bit undecided when it comes to which talents and professions to choose for my new paladin. I lvl'ed up two other classes to mid 20's (druid and warrior), but I'm still in the process of learning how the classes work and play out. My emphasis with the paladin during leveling would be to see all dungeons during leveling, preferably as tank but also as healer if needed. I was impressed by how good the class is at tanking low lvl dungeons and I guess 5-10mans in general (ty killerduki), so I definitely want to try that out.

    A Paladin is a fun class to play (like the rest can be) however being the support class that you need to be can be difficult to pull off.
    @killerduki WAS probally one who knew more about Paladin Vanilla tanking then most (even me), may the light rest his characters soul.

    2 hours ago, artofsleep said:

    I don't mind being a healer for raids, but as a casual that is still a questionmark anyway. I heard paladins are the best single-target healers in the game. In any case, in my mind it is probably still easier to be a casual raid healer than a casual tank (see my other classes)? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Paladin are one fo the best healer in the game, even at Tier 3 they really start to shine. Priests, Druids, & Shamans are also great healers. they each have their respectable abilities, paladin are known for their fastest healing abilities.

    2 hours ago, artofsleep said:

    Hence for leveling talents, I was looking to rush 11/0/0 in order to be able to start tanking right away, as consecration is a must!? Afterwards I really dont know. 20/31/0 seems to be a nice mix between tanking and healing, but slow for leveling? Protection is good/required for soloing instances I heard, e.g. Stoackades and DM-E?

    11 into Holy for the AOE is always a must (in my book) as for the 20/31/0 Protection build, perhaps show me what you mean.

    2 hours ago, artofsleep said:

    Would you recommend rather going Ret after 11/0/0 to make leveling easier and respecc to Prot once soloing dungeons becomes doable? I assume as long as you have consecration and gear sets, tanking/healing low-lvl dungeons is not an issue(?)

    Any low level dungeon you can solo. Talent build wont matter. Now solo a dungeon as prot at the same level as you wont be possible.
    As for gear I always had 3 sets (and never had space for anything else) one for healing, one for tanking, one for DPS. these sets stayed in my bank however unless I needed them.

    The idea of ret is great for solo questing, so if you want to go ret enjoy it! its part of the leveling process!

    2 hours ago, artofsleep said:

    I have the impression that for pvp the talents are not that crucial during leveling. BG are team and position driven and you anyway fill more of a support role. WPvP is rarely a fair fight and until Gnomish Death Ray is really important (which you dont get until later?)? Again please share you view.

    PvP is useful, on PvP servers. I used to be on Anathema, and trust me, they were useful! Now that I am on Darrowshire, the need is obselete.

    2 hours ago, artofsleep said:

    As for professions. I was thinking of trying out engi+mining, as many people advocate it. Howver, it looks really gimmicky for the most part. It also just costs gold instead of generating it(?). I fear that I end up starved for money. I guess my problem is that I don't know how to make money early on, other then from herbs/mining. Upside is that I don't have to worry about a mount, but I would still like to able to update gear. Perhaps give me some insights on choosing this path.

    Engineering is a great profession to have as a paladin for both pvp or pve.
    I have done discussions over this many times before... so you'll have to find those yon the forums.

    The short version is My Paladin is my main. I am BS/ENG on my main, my Warrior (alt) has mining, while my druid (alt) is alch/Herb.

    2 hours ago, artofsleep said:

    What do you think about going Alchemy/Herbs? It seems like a good compromise as buffs are nice and it generates some revenue. Or going Mining/BS into Mining/Engi later?

    Considering I have one of every class, I have pretty much every profession I level with my alts, but I gave ya a quick sum of how I run my Pal/War/Dru since you have them too.

    2 hours ago, artofsleep said:

    Thanks a lot in advance for your answers.

    I hope I was able to break is down and help illuminate your questions. I will add I have written a tankadin gear guide, but I play mostly holy. if your looking to casually play and tank 5 mans, while healing for raids.... Try my 30/21/0 Talent Build

  4. 20 hours ago, WobLight said:

    Hi there,

    here some macros that paladins leveling up might find useful:

    /run local a,b="Blessing of Might",UnitName("target")if b==nil then return end if BuffMem==nil then BuffMem={}end if not IsControlKeyDown() then BuffMem[b]=a end CastSpellByName(a)
    /run local a=UnitName("target")or"<no target>"if BuffMem and BuffMem[a]then if IsControlKeyDown()then UIErrorsFrame:AddMessage(BuffMem[a],1,1,0)else CastSpellByName(BuffMem[a])end else UIErrorsFrame:AddMessage(format("No bless saved for %s.",a),1,0,0)end


    The first macro will cast "Blessing of Might" (you can replace it with whatever bless you want) and save it for the current target. If you hold Control key it will cast the bless without saving it. Note that saving isn't persistent and will reset upon reloading interface or logging out.

    The second macro will cast the saved bless for your current target, or display the saved bless if you're holding Control key.


    Note that you could actually have these working for greater blessings by replacing `UnitName` with `UnitClass` in these functions.

    Nice, if I recall, there once was a macro that would bless based on class, can you do that too?

  5. 5 hours ago, Whitewolf said:

    Considering you didn't elaborate in your earlier post, I was just putting it out there as an option.

    True, but I didn't elaborate because it wasn't an issue.

    5 hours ago, Whitewolf said:

    Yes, the point I was making is about saving mana, but as you clearly point out it wouldn't help you in this case.

    That's what I thought.

    5 hours ago, Whitewolf said:

    I never mentioned any particular blessing to switch it out with.

    True, but you did mention using BoSalvation.

    how would we use that Blessing if not swiping it out?

  6. 12 hours ago, Whitewolf said:

    It wasn't about the threat, but the mana savings for the tank as he could then use lower ranks of spells which cost less. It was not meant as a suggestion but as an idea for something to think about as you mentioned going oom.

    Then again, because seal of righteousness is properly double proccing procs you can get an average 39 mana per sec from JoW with a 1.5 second attack speed weapon. Vs the 39 mps with using SoW + JoW.

    judgement of wisdom was on all the mobs.

    im really confused here....

    BoSalvation doesnt help help me get mana, but yes if I downrank my AoE I will save mana, but also do less damage and less threat, thus the need of salvation. (But again threat wasn't an issue)

    When I said I was OOM faster then they were... the issue was I was OOM by the time the fight ended...which by then I was just drinking for mana on the next pull. They didn't have to drink after every pull like I did. (Which sux, but that's ok. I had water)

    So again forgive me, but how will salvation help in this case? Not trying to be mean, I'm just trying to understand to comment is using salvation instead of light.. to help me save mana in the long run.

    it doesn't make sense.



  7. On 7/7/2017 at 2:18 PM, Whitewolf said:

    If you use BoSalvation you wouldn't need to spam as much for threat letting you use lower ranks when gathering group agro or giving you more time to regen mana if you use higher ranks by spreading them out. You can multiply the threat of higher ranks by 0.7 to find our how far you can drop. For a slight gain in threat you could save 130 mana per cast of consecration as an example.

    Swooping out Light for Blessing of Salvation, and just putting light in the Tankadin...

    threat wasn't an issue though...

  8. On 5/11/2017 at 2:24 PM, Aedi said:

    Added the source.


    I found it helpful. Never claimed it was mine.

    Can you update the guide?

    remove the TBC stuff, add some talent builds (since you removed the old links).

    I know it says through naxx, but honestly it has nothing to do with naxx. It mention tier 3, that's it.

  9. On 6/22/2017 at 0:23 PM, Orpheus148 said:

    how much Intel do you want when you are solo questing as holy? or can you just go ham with strength gear and be fine?

    It depends.

    Since I am familiar with all Roles/Talent Specs, I use the int/healing fear for dungeons as the healer.

    for everything else I go for the Ret gear build. "of the bear"/"of the eagle".

    i use str/int gear too if I come across it.

    when it comes to multiple mobs I throw on shield to handle them better

  10. 5 hours ago, DKD420 said:

    Hi Guys

    I've failed with this quest and abandon it. Now i cant get the Quest again from Duthorian Rall and also not from the woman ( i should save ) in Westfall?

    Is there any solution for this bug?

    thank & greetings

    The Tomb of Valor?

    you failed th defense part?

    just talk to her and then you "Should" be able to re-attempt it.


    I enjoy leveling holy, I get the AoE at 20 and normally tank if we can't find a tank.

    as for gear and healing save up int gear (+healing when you get higher).

    soling quests isn't an issue for me since I can AoE and heal myself.

    (keep in mind AoE is for multiple mobs)



  12. Quote

    Greetings everyone,

    as I am currently protection spec and tanking this dungeon, I wanted to let everyone know I will be rolling on healing gear for my future raid spec (which will be holy) I will not be taking anything our current healer already needs.

    this seems acceptable to me.

  13. 16 hours ago, mrcer said:

    Hey guys. I'm looking for some advice on improving overall performance in 5mans/UBRS as a tank.


    To give you an idea, I'm on the pre-AV Patch as holy/prot hybrid (30/21/0). I have every tank boe and just about every raiding item including mageblade. I also have a hand of Edward.

    The main thing I'm interested is:

    What's going to be the best way to reduce the amount of healing needed; gear wise.

    Best way to combat against the occasional tryhard dps? For example I'm talking about the full 100% bis fury warrior with BRE who can open with a 1k Whirlwind crit on all the mobs.


    How important is defense in 5mans/UBRS?

    I said this to you on the paladin discord:

    @mrcer the term "Defense" is used to reduce the amount of damage tanking.
    Against a (??) Boss, which is considered 63 (for level 60 players) you need a Defense of 440 to not receive critical hits. Since 5 mans are smaller then raids you can go with a soft cap of 420 and be fine.
    Truth be told, if your group has good DPS, plus a great healer, you will be fine with shield + 1Hander

  14. 5 hours ago, petroix said:

    It's related so no sense to make a new thread or sth. I'd like to hear your explanation why 3.6 is ideal for you? Slower should have higher dmg = better dmg with SoC.

    http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=19106 any replacement for this? Cus it's from AV, not available on Elysium/ZK yet.

    Lightforged Blade....

    however... there is some good items in BRD you can look into.

    One of my Paladins (on ZK) used LFB till I saved up mats for Arc Reaper.

    My paladin on Anathema will be skipping LFB since I have Rockpounder and will be going for IBS.

  15. 15 hours ago, petroix said:

    Why 3.6 is ideal? 3.8 is worse? I thought the slower the better.

    The question was about if mograines might which has a speed of 2.8, while bonebitter has a 3.4 speed.

    imo a weapon with 3.6 is the sweet spot.

    while you are correct @petroix slower is better, @Thelorasis probably my expert I would suggest to help describe this further.

    I do know there is videos were Ret uses 4.0 speed weapons, totally fine. IMO 3.6 is ideal, but that is off topic from the Original Post.