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    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Find ich gut. Wir können ja erstmal eine lose Levelgemeinschaft bilden, und wenn sich dann eine passende GIlde für uns findet; ob dt. oder internat. dann ist das doch gut. Also +1 für Lions Vorschlag.
  2. Lootolf

    sub raiding

    The margin isnt that big tho once you got t2 and proper daggers. If your raid is nice you can respecc in BWL
  3. Lootolf

    Anyone from Israel?

    Best try your luck searching here: https://forum.elysium-project.org/index.php?showforum=309
  4. Warlock. Just dot, fear, and hope for the best while everything unfolds. xD
  5. Lootolf

    Ello Elysium!

    You may not be british, but "Ello" is Minion. Wasnt there a Minion named Deven? hmmmmmm Welcome.
  6. Lootolf

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Gründ eine.
  7. Probably other concerns right now, that are more important than the need of a few people in comparison. Just come back with the suggestion once all servers run smoothly and the devs have more time on their hands.
  8. Welcome! ... you could always supplay me with an onyxia scale cloak.
  9. Lootolf

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Allerdings. Im Endeffekt wird sich die Fraktion für mich warscheinlich erst dann entscheiden wenn ich vor Start noch in eine Gilde gehe.
  10. Lootolf

    Pretty upset

    Without knowing which topic you mean. I advise you to messenge the Admins themselves and not complain in the open, especially not with severe comparisons like yours.
  11. Lootolf

    Hello All!

    I clean myself daily.
  12. I like your attitude. Putting the Social into MMO
  13. XP/HR in Dungeons is really shitty. Only visit a dungeon when you got all the quests for it. Then its worth it.
  14. Fishing trip? Booze, bass and a philosophical discussion. xD
  15. If its "easy" to whitelist; open an educated suggestion in the suggestion board. Maybe with some technical data and good arguments your suggestion, and wish, will come true. As of now the "NO" stands fixed and further discussion leads to nothing.
  16. Lootolf

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Das klingt doch gut! Ich merke schon; Ich habe in das Schnitzel-Wespennest gestochen! Waren die Stammgruppen denn einigermaßen gleichmäßig verteilt, oder darf man sich als Alli wieder darauf einstellen bei Soloq nur auf die Möppe zu bekommen? So erging es unserem Server bei Retail zumindest irgendwann.
  17. Lootolf

    Do you dare to tell?!

    Darth Bane - Path of Destruction.
  18. Play what you like. Level some classes and at round about 20-30 you got a distinct feeling which style suits you, and probably even got a look at healing/tanking in Vanilla. Though, as Undertanker said, instances and raids are two different pair of shoes.
  19. I love to farm Thorium Ore Veins and get in countless bouts while doing so, thus farming me some orc and troll-skins.
  20. Lootolf

    Your Favorite Rogue Videos

    +10 Taste Mine too
  21. Lootolf

    Stress Test #2 — Results & Progress

    Nope. December 4h will be next stress test. Wait for the appropriate announcement and register a game account then. Official release of Nost Servers and the Fresh Realm is still to be announced.
  22. Lootolf

    Stability at launch

    3 suggestions, none in the spirit of vanilla and blizzlike. a thankful nope from me.
  23. Soulstones, banish (Garr looking at you), good aoe endgame, beautiful gearsets, easy to level, and handy in pvp. Roll Lock ... especially since frost mages will flood the server xD
  24. Lootolf

    The Project's Future

    I may tread on thin ice here and slip; but i think i read somewhere that the natural progression toTBC is planned.