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    Dynamic Spawns

    Probably was deactivated just like the anti-cheat-system, to concentrate on other features.
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    Stress Test #2 — Results & Progress

    A third test is definitely a good idea, and if need be a fourth should always be considered. A smooth launch is of the utmost concern and the highest priority to secure a huge chunk of players early on, because the numbers will dwindle after a few weeks anyway. With this outta the way; It was great fun today, even if it was just a pro longed hike through Kalimdor evading bazillion deathtraps.
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    Underrated post.
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    LFG Deadmines! - Old Memories

    Good to know which item i'll be farming once i hit 60. Played the german (iam german obv) version when i was a teen, cause my english was not up to par. Funnily i never aquired perdition blade, cause after a few weeks i had to switch to combat, making all the BRD Farm obsolete. *g*
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    Ratio is even, but in my experience Horde seems to have more PvP focused players and groups that actually coordinate each other and making them "a tad" stronger. The problem of a broken Ratio between the Factions only occures once the solo-ally players are too frustrated by loss and stop queueing at all. :/
  6. You could try to assign a fixed IP to each of your devices, in this case computers, via the Router Admin Panel. But that is just an uneducated guess. :/
  7. Lootolf

    Mage vs. Lock

    Mage plays a lot more versatile and mobile, especially with Frost it revolves around kiting and scoring those sweet timed crits. Grab engineering and you are in for a treat. Warlock is a lot more straightforward and arguably stronger in most 1v1 as his dots hit hard and a constant cast of fears, harrasment via succubus/fel hunter, makes him a general pain in the попа. Not really a playstile with depth, atleast in my opinion. Both strong in PvP, just pick according to your flavour.
  8. Lootolf

    New Generation Gaming

    Oh jiz, finally a innovative and useful control scheme for RTS
  9. Either that, or the only images that can be embedded now are .jpg - Curious thing!
  10. Atleast you could SEE the mage that was killing you. We squishies had the questionable honor of just being fried to death instant from nowhere by a 3-minute Pyrocrit. Probably the reason i rolled Rogue after a few Weeks and targeted mages like it was a personal vendetta. The hours i camped and got camped in Stranglethorn, forging the most awkard bonds ever Errm .. here are 2 images that show how i upload images. Well, more or less "upload", i just display them here while the images i use a stored on i.e photobucket. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4nC3FXb85JQaS1SZ01zUXh4STA https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4nC3FXb85JQZUF1QzROUXZ1Z2s Hope that helps.
  11. Oh what? Then my rosetinted glasses had a huge dent. Good thing we have Proclaimers and 500 miles to keep us company traveling from Darkshore to Deadmines.
  12. Lootolf

    Downloading the game

    Now you can use the WoW.exe - but since the server wont be online until tomorrow evening for the stresstest you wont be able to connect. Did you already create a game account for the stresstest? Further information here: https://forum.elysium-project.org/index.php?showtopic=23366&p=245280 p.s: just to be sure, you extracted ALL folders and files out of the zip, or just the realmlist.wtf?
  13. Lootolf

    Downloading the game

    You need to unpack the contents of the zip via WinZip or Winrar, thus creating a folder without the data-type zip. There you should be able to edit the realmlist.wtf via Editor or Notepad ++ In short; Yes, extract all the files from the ZIP.
  14. Thank you for translating the time! Should be a sticky in the announcement itself. Looking forward to some hilarious shenanigans tomorrow.
  15. That ... no ... HOW?! I needed a really long vacation to get even to R12 =O
  16. GENERAL 1. What makes Vanilla so awesome for you (in your opinion)? Vanilla is more about adventure, exploration and the wonder, sometimes frustration, behind a vast fantasy world. Nowadays MMOs tend to take you by the hand, lead you step by step, and thus take away the satisfaction of achieving something. They may flash a shiny "ACHIEVEMENT" in your face, but that's just a cheap shot to keep you interested. Another big thing is the impossibility of playing solo in Vanilla. You'll be forced to look for others and socialize sooner or later, be it for the Stranglethorn Hunting Quests or the Dungeons. Massively Multiplayer at its best is where you connect with over people. 2. How hard is it to grind to level 60? What is the average time to level? As there are literally, except some quest addonds, no convenient helpers in the game itself and level-locations and their spread is not always a logical progression, it can take quite a lot of time. Months for unexperienced players. With a fresh server thats no problem tho, as you'll always have those to keep you company. 3. Is farming gold a struggle? There are few tricks, atleast in my knowledge, to farm gold really fast. I spend weeks gathering the ressources for my epic mount and farmed the deadwing pass for epic drops. 4. What is the "highest" item level? Item Level is a thing of today. In Vanilla there was just "good, great, rubbish and best in slot gear" solely determined by the situation or encounter you are facing. 5. How difficult is it to get epic/legendary gear? Legendary Gear .... months, years. There are only Thunderfury and Sulfurron, both require drop-luck and lots of farming, but offer a interesting and exciting experience with their respective quests. Epic Gear: After leveling you could be lucky and get stuck with a fast progress guild. With regular participation you can aquire some pieces in weeks, if your role is important (like 1 of the maintanks), faster. Set-Drops are scarce though and there can be weeks where nothing that suits you even shows up. 6. Are there flying mounts? No. 7. Do you see yourself playing on Vanilla servers for the next, let's say, 2 years? If yes, why? If no,why? 2 years may be a stretch, but atleast for some months. Depends on the guild, people, i will be playing with. 8. Since it's just "Vanilla" servers, how do they update content? It's pretty impossible, correct? They have the data from predecessors like Nostalrius, atleast i think, so atleast the vanilla content will come piece by piece with time. 9. Which stats are there? For example, legion has multistrike, versatility, etc. while Vanilla has attack damage, spirit, etc? Little information on this matter would be great. Focus was on the Mainattributes like Agility, Strength, Spirit etc. Interestingly enough there were some encounters that needed special resistance gear, or a rogue with dodge gear to play surrogate tank ... a lot more variation on items, that does leave a lot of items to just be plain rubbish. 10. Do addons work? If yes, where to get the old versions? At Curse.com? They do. Tho i always preferred to play without mods. Apart from Grid, when i was healing. Thus i dont know a site where to get them. 11. If you have the most updated WoW installed, do I have to uninstall it in order to play on Elysium? No. Just get a classic version, set the realmlist accordingly, and keep it in another folder. 12. Is there a skill tree? Do you upgrade abilites? There is, and its big. Abilities need to be upgraded for money via specific class trainers at their respective levels. CLASSES 1. Best tank class? Best damage class? Best healing class? - PVE Tank: Prot Warriors. Hands down. Druids with a immense health where used on some occasions, just like evasion rogue tanks, but for most of the time only the Warrior suffices as main tank. Damage: Rogue and Mage. Healing: Paladin and Druid. 2. Best tank class (if it exists)? Best damage class? Best healing class? - PVP Tank: Warriors ... once again. Damage: Rogue, Warrior, Warlock. Rogues could keep you stunlocked while shredding your health. When a warrior had the right gear facing him was like rock against scissors, warrior being the rock and everyone else the scissor. And boy dont get me started on a warrior with pocket healer. Healing: Priest was pretty strong thanks to shield and his fear. Druid was great too, because he was so versatile. Paladin ... just would not die. Cant really pinpoint the best pvp healer, too little experience on my part. PROFESSIONS 1. Do professions exist? They do. Smithing, Mining, Leatherworking, Skinning, Alchemy, Herbalism, Tailoring, First Aid. Did i forget one? 2. Easiest profession to level vs. hardest profession to level? The gathering ones; Skinning and Herbalism. Mining gets harder in the last 75 skillpoints. Tailoring is easy too, as you tend to find a lot of cloth leveling ... just dont use it all on First Aid. Smithing, Leatherworking are both a pain in the arse to level, but worth the effort considering their special gear. 3. Profession that makes you "a lot" of gold? Mining. Especially the drops from Thorium Veins ... yum yum. PvE 1. From level 1-60, any dungeons? If yes, does it work with a queue system or you have to walk there by yourself? Atleast 2 Persons have walk to the instance to use the summoning stone, thus gathering the rest. There is no queueing system. Groups will be formed via Chat in Cities or the Locations where the dungeon resides. Maybe a global looking for group Channel. 2. Raids? How many? Level of difficulties? 40 men or what are the group sizes? Probably only 1 or 2 Raids with launch: Molten Core and Onyxia, with Blackwing Lair, Ahn'Quiraj 20 and 40man and Naxxramas in the back luring for their arrival. Apart from (Temple?) of Ahnquiraj all are 40 man raids, tho with good gear and coordination. you can do it with less. As i said earlier you sometimes need proper resistance gear, or the entry quest, etc etc ... Difficulty varies between moderate to painfully hard depening on which boss you face. Some were huge progress-blockers and could only be overcomce with peak performances and gear. (Looking at you 2nd boss Blackwing Lair xD ) EDIT: Ha, totally forgot about Zul'Gurub! 20 man too, 2 insanely rare mounts and cool vibe. 3. Loot drop = roll the dice? Need/greed system? A rudimentary Need/Greed-System, with die-roll if players chose the same. PvP 1. 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 arenas exist? Nope. 2. Battlegrounds exist? Yes, and especially ALTERAC deserved the name of a Battleground! In total there are Warong Gulch, Alterac Valley and Arathi Basin. You queue up at the Battlemaster, which resides in the respective Battleground Locations. Tho the Adminds could opt to put surrogate NPCs in the capitals. Kind Regards Schurkenack - behind your back since 2004
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    LFG Deadmines! - Old Memories

    As i cant pin down "one best memory" i'll just add one of my favorites: Stealth Only Blackrock Deep - Tavern - Runs, only to get the Barkeeper Bottle.
  18. That does make a lot of sense. Then i'll just stay stuned and ready to hit it. I've longed for a fresh vanilla start for quite some time now.
  19. Errm ... would love to join in on the 2nd Stresstest to support this ambitious project, but i cant seem to find a way to register for the 2nd test. Registration link from the first announcement is currently down or closed. Could s.o enlighten me?