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  1. World of WARcraft. See the war part of that? Did you see that you rolled on a PVP server?
  2. Haestingas

    About the ZK Transfer

    You guys crying doom and gloom about the merge affecting the economy are hilarious. At most you will see an impact for a couple weeks, and then the prices will stabilize on the vast majority of items. The only item that will be severely threatening is the REAL reason that a couple of you are crying up and storm, and that of course is devilsaur leather. The reason for this is that in order to maintain the monopoly and to keep prices high, a lot of devilsaur leather isn’t even sold because if the entire supply of devilsaur leather was being sold, the price would plummet because there’s a TON of devilsaur leather being harvested every single day. There’s no other product on the entire server that will be affected past the first few weeks except devilsaur, because everything else follows normal market rules which can far easier absorb new influxes of items. It’s only monopolies that artificially limit supply that will be severely affected by this.
  3. So the WE is supposed to end in 2 days? Man they are running this super weird, they even reaffirmed the 4-19 date in the recent Q & A.
  4. Haestingas

    Black lotus changes

    HAHAHAHHA OMG man you are clueless. Guess what everything isn't equal in vanilla, tough shit man I guess you alliance will just have to be happy with having the advantage in all of pve except one boss viscidus, all pvp and have to accept that you get 1 less BL to herb in AV. Tough luck you entitled idiot, anyone with half a brain knows AV is unbelievably tilted in ally favor.
  5. Haestingas

    Black lotus changes

    I've done well over 100 lotus races at this point, and the horde has only coordinated a SINGLE TIME to grab the lotus before the ally had a shot with the trolls.
  6. Haestingas

    Black lotus changes

    The very first thing you say is wrong. Currently the horde has a lock on THREE SPAWNS, Ally have a lock on TWO SPAWNS, and the troll flag spawn is a free for all.
  7. Haestingas

    Transfer to Elysium. I want my name kept.

    Fact is you picked the server with the highest risk of dying. That was known day 1 of the ZK launch, that it would be the most vulnerable since it was just the Elysium overflow. Considering the last minute nature of the server creation very few established guilds went there since they already committed to Elysium. You should be beyond stoked you get to Xfer, many many dying private servers didn't have that luxury and lost everything. Quit your whining about your stupid name, you don't deserve jack.
  8. Haestingas

    In Response to the Zeth'kur news.

    Guy is seriously complaining about ret? hahahhaa
  9. Haestingas

    What addon is this??

    looks like the RisenUi to me. Good UI but the creator is a straight up psychopath
  10. Arthen ffs its supposed to be #hordelivesmatter
  11. Haestingas

    [Horde - NA] Reign recruiting for AQ40 8/9

    We now are looking for a solid healing priest to join our ranks. If you enjoy healing your ass off on top of creating bidding wars for your power infusion sexytime then look no further. We are still looking for a shadowpriest as well.
  12. Haestingas

    Herb Respawn Changes

    No it caters to everyone. I'm considered a hardcore raider and this change benefits me immensely. You think I WANT to ride around EPL and WPL for hours on end to just get one stack of plaguebloom? I don't give a flying fuck what you consider blizzlike. As a person who actually played and herbed in vanilla retail for hundreds of hours, THE REASON IT WAS FUN IS YOU FOUND A SHITLOAD OF HERBS IN VANILLA RETAIL. So if anything this is far more blizzlike to actually find herbs fairly often, because I can tell you for a fucking fact that on the Kelthuzad launch server that had max pop and queues very often, you were able to find herbs constantly. Shit if it was "blizzlike", then I would be 1 of 4 fucking herbers in the entire zone of Burning Steepes for half of the entire day, getting HALF of the black lotus spawns and stacks and stacks of dreamfoil. You guys have no fucking idea what was blizzlike, because most of you crying about the change were barely out of diapers when vanilla retail was a thing.
  13. Haestingas

    Increased herbs

    You don't need KTM, you don't need bigwigs, you don't need raid frames, you don't need to attach abilities to keys. That doesn't change the fact you are an idiot if you don't use those, and the same thing applies to consumes.
  14. Haestingas

    Herb Respawn Changes

    I love the change personally
  15. Didn't they say that JUST with the auto complete the war effort should conclude 4/19/17? Is it on track to do so, because it really doesn't look that way.
  16. Haestingas

    Shaman race question

    Unlike priests, the race for shaman isn't a game breaking decision. My personal opinion is if you only want to pve resto you go troll, if you want to pvp with elemental tauren, if you want to pvp with enhancement orc.
  17. Haestingas

    [Horde - NA] Reign recruiting for AQ40 8/9

    The warlocks are beginning to lose their composure, their unrequited lust for the Cock of Consumption coupled with the lack of shadowweaving has led to violent unrest in the ranks. Looking for a non poop shadow priest to supply the drug our warlocks need to survive and thrive. Join today!
  18. Haestingas

    Herb spawn rate

    Same, saw the writing on the wall and sold my dreamfoil and lotus. I will rebuy the same amount once prices lower and continue sitting on them until AQ progression.
  19. Haestingas

    Elysium server is not PvP...

    Paladins lose a couple of 1v1 matchups, but we are talking about pvp in general. In group play such as BGs, the most common form of pvp, paladins are insanely strong and enhancement is insanely weak. For a fact paladins overwhelm horde at all stages of pvp, and it gets absolutely broken as fuck once paladins get T3. Two group of equal skill and gear, one ally and one horde, the ally have the advantage full stop. I've pvped on both ends for extended periods of time, both in retail and on private servers. My buddies have been heavy pvpers for over 5 years on private servers, the overwhelming consensus is alliance > horde in group pvp. You are foolish to think otherwise.
  20. Haestingas

    Elysium server is not PvP...

    They have by far the highest armor in the entire BG, they have a phy immunity, a full on immunity, sacrifice for poly, and can stun on demand. Enhancement is one of the weakest specs in the entire game, you just kite them and win. Ele and resto are much stronger.
  21. Haestingas


    Awesome change, stoked to be able to afford consuming without farming 6h+ a week.
  22. Haestingas

    Elysium server is not PvP...

    The fact is a fair amount of shaman are ele/enhancement in pvp, and many don't realize the insane value of purging targets. You then have paladins, which while there's a few ret in pvp, generally speaking there's more Holy paladins in comparison to resto shaman. You add in the fact that holy paladins are top 2 hardest class to kill in the game, and have the unique ability to make themselves very hard to keep sheeped, and they are far and away the best healer in pvp.
  23. Haestingas

    Elysium server is not PvP...

    Premades were 150% a thing throughout vanilla once the bgs were released. That being said there was generally only 1-2 full premades per side with the other 3ish BGs mostly pugs and small groups. That was the experience on Kelthuzad at least. P.S. Yes paladins>all racials, and feel free to tell me how often your freedoms get purged, because lets be honest its insanely rare.
  24. Haestingas

    Elysium server is not PvP...

    Lets be real, paladins>all horde racials
  25. Worst part is we warned all those idiots around 10seconds before you came when we saw you logging in, and not a single reaction from those newbs.