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  1. It's like pulling teeth trying to get details on the auto complete. Nice try ickus man is this frustrating.
  2. Haestingas

    Duks still around?

    Wait what really? Anyone have a link? Jesus Christ. *edit https://www.duks.ca/2017/04/02/on-the-inside-elysium/ Well dammit all
  3. lean wolf steak will save 5 days if we farm....12,500 (fuck that is still a ton haha). Anyone know a good spot to farm that stuff? Pretty sure I can convince my guild to farm that since it has by far the largest effect on WE being complete and we can probably zerg the good area's due to dynamic spawns.
  4. I want to see how they implement the auto complete. If they do every resource gets a % bump every day then what we can do is target the lowest % stuff and significantly speed up the WE. For horde we would definitely want to target lean wolf steak, and for ally roast raptor. Since they have closed the other WE thread we should post here on how they are implementing the auto complete so we can plan accordingly.
  5. Lol considering Kronos did the BLIZZLIKE WE numbers and it still took around 2.5 months with half of our population, I'd say fuck you we are doing fine considering they buffed the ever living crap out of the WE turn ins. Obviously Elysium didn't learn at all from Kronos, and I'm sick and fucking tired of people saying players are to blame for not farming more. http://www.kronos-wow.com/ahnqiraj-war-effort/
  6. I can't speak for all stockpiles but firebloom it's simple. A lot of smart mages bought a shit ton (1000+) of firebloom when it was dirt cheap. They are sitting on these stockpiles not to make gold, but because they never ever want to farm firebloom ever again for firepower for the rest of the server through naxx.
  7. I wouldn't be nearly as upset if the Ely team hadn't said over and over that they were aiming for 3-4 weeks total for the WE. While these #'s are obviously better than before we are still looking at a month + JUST FOR THE WE, then another 2-3 weeks for the gong. Stinks to high heaven of stalling for scripting, especially since you haven't even started the PTR yet.
  8. Haestingas

    Just a thought

    Oh look its thread #203 crying about devilsaur. Man you people are a special kind of crazy.
  9. Haestingas

    War Effort — UPDATE 3/26/2017

    I'm going to hold back from freaking out until the day is over
  10. The issue is currently we are basing our assumptions upon the success of Nost, which had an ever rising population despite it being fairly progressed. We then have the other example of Kronos, where 1 server caused the sharp decline of the other. Personally I'm trying to not freak out about Anathema because im praying that AQ release will stabilize our pop and maybe increase it a little. Every day they dick around with this pointless WE bs hurts us pretty badly though.
  11. Haestingas

    Green Dragons are broken

    This is the 2nd green dragon spawn in a row where the dragons are not casting their own abilities for 3/4 of the dragons. Ysondre in Hinterlands is casting shadowbolts and summoning shades at 75%, 50%, and 25% which is Lethons abilities. Lethon is in Feralas and has been using Emeriss abilities, with the 100% hp corruption at 75, 50, 25 and also sprouting the death shrooms. This is the 2nd time in a row I've first hand witnessed this for both of those dragons. I've heard (not witnessed myself), that Emeriss has been in duskwood and using Ysondre's abilities, and Taerer is supposedly using his own stuff in Ashenvale. Please fix this, it's beyond irritating and the green dragons worked properly for months and months. If it isn't broke don't fix it.
  12. Haestingas

    Enhanced herb spawn

    It's bloody impossible to herb atm, and the prices reflect that. The prices will only increase as AQ gets closer, because even experienced herbers are struggling atm.
  13. Haestingas

    [Horde - NA] Reign recruiting for AQ40 8/9

    WTB shadowpriest, the warlocks are becoming rebellious. Negotiations are breaking down, soon they go on summoning strike if their precious shadow weaving isn't included in their raiding benefits package.
  14. Haestingas

    Azuregos Randomly Resetting

    The 2nd Azuregos ever was stolen by Dank Budz at 2% on a reset. Still salty since they never helped on pvp against ally.
  15. Haestingas

    Azuregos Randomly Resetting

    Azuregos has never regened hp during his resets until he gets back to where you pulled. This was true on the very first azuregos on Nost - Now
  16. Oh look a 2 post crybaby, poor baby life must be hard
  17. Good to see you are an unabashed jerk blaming the community (who stayed through all the drama) for the continuing problems with the WE. Thankfully I can just make you an enemy and never read your senseless text ever again.
  18. Math is hard, making the turn ins 22x harder on a server with 2x the pop is fucking dumb, and you are ridiculous for blaming the anathema community. We could literally farm every mat of every single turn in on perfect cooldown and it would still take 2 months. Considering that's straight up impossible it would be 4+ months, which will kill the server. I would have been perfectly fine with them delaying the AQ release if they were up front about the whole thing, but this ridiculous WE has left a poor taste in the servers mouths. It's the staff that said they were aiming for 3-4 weeks, and that's obviously not remotely feasible. They then tell us last weekend they will give us an update, half ass a custom content announcement, back out of said custom event after some backlash, then say they will update us on Tuesday about the WE. It's now Friday with no update. The raiding community just want up front updates on the state of AQ, and what is a realistic release date for it. The raiding community would for the most part be perfectly fine if they say AQ won't be ready until lets say May, as long as they firmly commit to that date. It bugs the ever living hell out of us that Elysium keeps giving us these deadlines and failing to hit them over and over again. IF YOU CAN'T HIT THE DEADLINE RELIABLY THEN OBVIOUSLY YOU NEED TO GIVE YOURSELVES MORE ROOM. THIS IS PROJECT MANAGEMENT 101!
  19. If you strive to be the best it's human all the way, because you can be human + greater rage pot. Full stop human is better for fury, whether you be a shitter or a top dps being a human will help your pve dps more than any other ally race.
  20. People asking us to farm mats obviously have done zero math on the war effort. Guess what, the hardcore people have crunched the numbers, and the reason they are so disheartened is that the #s would take 2+ months even if every single spawn was farmed on cool down. Sorry not fucking sorry, I farmed my ass off for 8h straight and that resulted in .04℅ of the firebloom turn ins. On the server pop question, it was a huge mistake to open two more servers, the team is obviously stretched thin due to over reaching. They also obviously didn't learn from Kronos, where opening more servers killed their 1st server.
  21. Haestingas

    [Horde - NA] Reign recruiting for AQ40 8/9

    Still looking for a shadowpriest to round out our roster. Keep in mind we are always looking for exceptional players at any role.
  22. hahahaha omg this is rich
  23. lol what a bad attempt at trolling