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    Almost level 60 and want to be fury.

    A fair amount of guilds bring 4+, due to the strength of battleshout and also due to the fact that fury warriors are one of the top performing dps classes. You are also very flexible in a raid environment, where most guilds only bring 2-3 protection tanks since fury can offtank fairly well once you have the gear. The advice I have for you when gearing up from 5-10 mans is to tank them but say upfront that you will be rolling on the fury gear. Since tanks are generally the rarest role to find people generally are fine with letting you roll on both tank and fury items. This will let you find groups insanely quickly, which in turn will enable you to gear up.
  2. Haestingas

    Your donations and you…

    Anyone with a brain on their head knew day 1 that ZK was going to crash and burn. It was made for all the impatient hype kiddies who were unwilling to wait 2 weeks for Elysium's pop to calm down, so they cried and moaned all over the forums for another fresh server. News flash, vanilla wow has a HUGE drop off on every server ever made from level 1 - 60, because people just don't stick it through. Fact is that until the server #'s are truly dire, with 500 pop peaks the powers that be will do nothing. Quite frankly it's obvious that the devs, admins, and GM's have their plates 130% full as it is, without having to worry about a merge.
  3. The issue goes back to the fact that Shenna is obviously fairly new at project management. She keeps on setting herself up to fail on these deadlines and announcements and it’s frustrating the entire community unnecessarily. If she wasn’t 120% sure that they would have a WE announcement ready by yesterday then why the didn’t she say 4 days instead of 2? This is project management basics, especially when these deadlines are 100% in her control.
  4. The only reason it's taking so long is because they are unable to come to an agreement on the WE #s. That's because AQ20 or AQ40 or both aren't completely ready and they aren't sure when they will be. Every day that they delay changing the WE reaffirms my belief that AQ isn't ready for launch, and that they don't know when it will be ready. Look at their bug mount race they added, isn't it interesting that their event extends the AQ launch even further than the WE?
  5. Haestingas

    Your donations and you…

    Cheers on the transparency
  6. Haestingas

    Low herb spawns?

    It's getting ridiculous. It's not rare for me to do a complete circuit of EPL and only find 1 plaguebloom or dreamfoil.
  7. Haestingas

    The War Effort Continues!

    I work as a project manager for very demanding customers. The solution to many of Elysiums issues is that they overpromise and under deliver on deadlines. The very simple solution is to add a large buffer of time to your proposed delivery of something. Lets say you have a project that by your estimations if everything goes correctly will take 2 weeks. You don't tell the customer 2 weeks, you tell them 3 weeks. This gives you wiggle room for when things inevitably go wrong, and if you happen to hit 2 weeks then the customer is stoked you were a bit early.
  8. Haestingas

    The War Effort Continues!

    I find it sad that the staff here sets their own goals publicly only to fail them again and again. Where's the accounting of all the server donations promised by Jakira, wheres the modified WE?
  9. First of all there's this thing called the offhand which is always a white hit and always subject to glancing blows. Only time I've had close to unlimited rage was full aq gear with the overpowered Ironfoe on Kronos (10% proc rate) and even then you'd get some back luck misses and glances and not have the rage to HS.
  10. Lol quality post, feel free to enlighten me oh great one to what you would have them do instead. I'm all ears over here.
  11. Haestingas

    World Bosses

    All I know is that the scripting is sloppy as hell. Not only did they have the wrong abilities, but they were using those wrong abilities at super screwed up timings. If you got a dragon below 75% and they reset, during the reset they would do their 75% ability. So for instance lethon (who was using all of the Emeriss kit) when he was reset for a wipe or whatever would do the 100 yard corruption. We also had some BS reset where an ally druid taunted at 22%, our tank taunted back, and the fucking boss reset right then and there, and ALSO TRIGGERED THE CORRUPTION due to that reset. Slopp sloppy sloppy, and the bosses worked just fine before the team started tinkering. IF IT AINT BROKE DON'T FIX IT
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    Hello I'm Duks!

    Welcome to the server Duks, glad to have you and your team assisting Elysium in bringing the entire vanilla wow experience to the players here.
  13. Haestingas

    A Great Step For Mutual Development

    Welcome to the team Duks!
  14. Haestingas

    The War Effort Continues!

    I'm surprised by the flip flopping to be honest on the custom event. Did you not expect any pushback or something? Wasn't the worst idea tbh if implemented in a fun way.
  15. Haestingas

    The War Effort Reborn

    I mean I'll take the war effort being done in 1 month, but really what are we gonna do? Fight a boss that auto deposits 20,000 firebloom at a time on a kill?
  16. If pvp is your focus then gnome is fantastic and a great choice. But dont try to justify the pve side of things lol. The non human would go edgemaster + maladath for glance cap
  17. Considering Anathema is essentially the PTR for the Elysium project, you can expect quicker releases on every other server compared to Anathema.
  18. Haestingas

    The War Effort Continues!

    Who are these guilds hoarding materials? I really don't think that's actually happening at all outside of maybe Coalition, NOPE, and Dreamstate. I can speak for Reign and to a lesser extent Convulsion that neither of them have a stockpile.
  19. As much as I loved the 5g respec cost on Kronos the Elysium team has been extremely clear that respec costs will not be changed here.
  20. Haestingas

    Does anyone have a AQ bis list for warriors?

    I use the nost based excel sheet for all these calculations. Unless Anathema changed the formula from Nost the spreadsheet should be giving accurate #s. I just ran the question you had on Tauren, and I'm surprised to say the spreadsheet has Edgemasters better than Annihilation by 2 dps using AQR/Deaths Sting when world buffed and not world buffed. The only scenarios I found where Annihilation>Edgemasters is orcs/humans using their races weapons, and alliance when full world buffed Annihilation barely beats Edgemasters due to Kings + ZG buffing the 35str. Good observation on checking for the non orcs/humans, I'll start doing that before giving overarching statements again.
  21. Haestingas

    Does anyone have a AQ bis list for warriors?

    Generally the prevailing BiS list (im not going to include GM weapons) is Lionheart BiS all Game Barbed Choker BiS all game Conq Shoulders Bis All game Cloak of Concentrated Hatred/Unyielding strength (Concentrated is like .5dps more but its a 40man vs 20man) biS all game BP Annihilation Hive Defilers/Qiraji Execution bracers. The Qiraji tends to win pretty handily when world buffed due to the hit raising crit cap Bis all game Gaunts of annihilation/Edgemasters Annihilation for Orcs/Humans using their races weapons, Edgemasters for the other races. Onslaught girdle Conq legs Chromatic Boots BiS all game Master Dragonslayer Quickstrike BiS all game DFT BiS all game HoJ/Jom Gabbar/ Fetish . Fetish for fights where you are threat capped, HoJ for long fights, Jom for short fights or burn phase fights like Cthun Crul/AQR MH Deaths Sting offhand Xbow of impending doom/Strikers. They are essentially identical for dps but the Xbow has stam. BiS all game
  22. Min Maxing is a way to push yourself to be the best. I hold the #1 dps spot for all servers on a boss by doing .61% more dps than the #2. Orc Bloodfury definitely was the difference for me, and min maxing is the difference for many others whether it be just within their own guild or against the entire server. Some people play this game to shoot the shit and just kill the bosses, others play the game to push themselves and each other as hard as possible to see what they are capable of if they tryhard. I've done both and found similar enjoyment in both environments, but at the moment my focus is pushing the envelope because quite frankly if I wasn't I'm not sure if I could motivate myself to clear MC for the 200th time. Min - Maxing isn't everything to everyone and I can respect that, but it definitely plays a big role to a large portion of the player base.
  23. Haestingas

    Ban Appeal

    This is wrong place to post this. Go to Help and Support, then Ban Appeals lol
  24. Haestingas

    Bloodvine vs T2.5

    I find it funny that you are trying to fight the bloodvine logic when your math is ridiculous. Are you not world buffed? Are you not using consumes? Are you not factoring in blessing of wisdom, mana spring/mana tide? Then sure if you are a mediocre player then doomcaller may be better. If you are striving to be the best then it's bloodvine all the way. There's a fair amount of opportunities in many fights during transitions or repositions where you can lifetap on the run and not eat into SB spam time. If you take advantage of those times and consume, I really cant think of a fight where the doomcaller would pen out from MC-AQ40. Really the primary benefit of doomcaller to me is that while your dps is certainly a bit lower than bloodvine, your stam is way higher which is beneficial on a ton of trash where there's lots of raid dmg going out and you want to beef up to keep world buffs. That's where Doomcaller shines IMO.
  25. Haestingas

    The War Effort Continues!

    I just think their explanations ring hollow that AQ is done and they just wanted us to experience this wonderful war effort. Did not a single staff play on kronos or talk to people that did? NO ONE LIKED THE WAR EFFORT, it fucking sucked there and took ~3months on K1, K2 it took like 2months ONLY BECAUSE THEY TURNED ON AUTO COMPLETION. And that’s with War effort materials not inceased 22x you fucking idiots. You know why Kronos didn't take a gigantic population hit during war effort? Because they could farm the badge gear, and farm their bug mounts during that time. The bug mount world bosses were fairly fun especially the first couple of times which kept the players engaged. On top of this K1 was essentially the first fucking private server on the planet that was going to open AQ, so there was a ton of hype since this was a lot of players first time getting to experience AQ. Meanwhile we got ZERO extra content such as badge gear, and it's fucking crushing to farm firebloom all fucking day, turn the 13 stacks in, and that's only .06% of the damn firebloom. That # is so fucking low that the default computer calculator can’t fucking do it. Go ahead and try to do 260/425,000, it spits out some nonsense number. Oh and at the back of your mind is “I just threw ~180g down the fucking toilet, RIP a flask of titans.” Anathema devs and GMs and staff obviously learned nothing from Kronos, and your excuses are terrible. If AQ is ready to go then why the hell is the PTR not even started yet? You really are telling me that whenever the PTR starts that AQ will be flawless? Get real.