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  1. Lol it's not even remotely close to 14.82%, that is blatantly false. Feel free to download DPSmate which breaks down your white damage completely in game, or use the dps spreadsheet which calculates all this. Really it pens out to roughly 2-4% depending if you are horde or not (wf procs are always white hits), your gear, and if world buffed or not. As others have said if you are rocking full wbuffs then you are spamming HS/Cleave which takes glancing off the table for your MH for a significant amount of swings. For gods sakes the 5 skill reduces your glance penalty by 15%. You really think that increasing 40% of your white swings by 15% translates into +14.8% total dps gain?
  2. I need gold just like you idiots need a BoE that you were too lazy to farm yourselves. If you couldn't be bothered to buy the BoE then it's obviously not that large of an upgrade or you just don't care enough. I'll bet that every single person advocating for letting scrubs get valuable BoE upgrades are not in top guilds. Fact is all my tanks had stockades because they sacked up and farmed gold and bought them. Fact is all of our dps have edgemasters because they sacked up and farmed gold to buy them. You guys just try to label BoE need rollers ninjas because you are too lazy to farm these things yourselves, so this labeling benefits your lazy play style. It's also somewhat ironic because if everyone rolls needs on valuable BoEs then TRUE NINJAS CANT HAPPEN.
  3. Haestingas

    Tank Points - By Undertanker

    The issue is what do you gain from the impale spec. From a threat perspective it's only good if you are a speedrunning world buff guild where your tanks don't lose your world buffs. I'd even further say that in current gearing it would really only be viable in MC since the bosses hit so weak that you can wear a bunch of threat gear and not risk dying. On Kronos using impale was more common for 2 big reasons and neither of them apply to Anathema at this time. The first being that T2.5 has a very large amount of crit while still retaining a lot of mitigation, and the 2nd being that Vaels BA doesn’t kill tanks after Vael dies. The Vael thing is HUGE because on Anathema a tank WILL die and lose world buffs. This makes that tanks job a nightmare after that because keeping up with threat when you are not world buffed but your DPS does have wbuffs, and now your impale spec is terrible because you just lost 13% crit.
  4. They havnt even opened the PTR yet, of course it's not fully scripted and ready. I'm sure they are darn close, but if the scripting was done then the PTR would already be over and done with.
  5. Haestingas

    War Effort Conerns

    This event was the greatest in WoW because of the race between launch servers to see who could complete the war effort first and be the FIRST IN THE WORLD TO EXPERIENCE AQ. The fact is there's no race against other servers to hype this up, and private server demographics are WAY different from retail demographics, especially since you guys released not one, BUT TWO fresh servers very recently. This has lead to there being very low amounts of people leveling their first character on Anathema, and those are the ONLY people that farming low level war effort materials makes sense. You then couple that with all the advanced knowledge that the level 60 playerbase has on the value of firebloom, and the crazy values that all raiding consumables have at that moment and you have a perfect storm of the serious level 60 playerbase not giving a flying fuck about peacebloom, firebloom, and other non efficient war effort turn ins, because they are busy trying to figure out how the hell they will afford raiding consumables (that may or may not make a difference, but a large amount of level 60s are min maxers) come AQ. Right now raiding herbs cost a bloody fortune, and elemental earth cost a fortune as well. The herbs especially are a nightmare to farm, since dynamic respawn appears to only effect Black Lotus at this time. I’ve never experienced a more challenging environment to farm herbs, and this is coming from a guy that has herbed extensively in retail wow, Kronos, Nost, and now Anathema. I’m even NA which has less population than EU, I can’t imagine how frustrated EU herbers must be. So this combination of factors leads most players to farming for themselves since it’s so expensive to raid with consumables at the moment, and doesn’t leave much time at all to farm for the AQ war effort that has such huge #'s that you can't really impact it yourself.
  6. I mean we all know what the increased #s are really about, which is buying the team time to script AQ. Their strategy was kind of proven considering that a lot of resources are already filled WELL over what they would have required if it had been proportional to the server pop. They want to buy at least a month for themselves is my guess, and I'm willing to wait a month before going too crazy.
  7. Haestingas

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    Waitasecond, I'm horde,and there's definitely some ally posting on here.Omfg we are breaking the rules and communicating! Quick everyone stop posting!
  8. Merging Elysium and zk makes sense since they are both on the same timeline. Keep the rest the way it is IMO, and that still reduces server cost by 25℅
  9. Haestingas

    Bloodvine vs T2.5

    For warlocks you are using full bloodvine until Naxx, hit is just too valuable.
  10. Haestingas

    Anathema PvP — Unexpected Downtime

    Changing this until the guild is confirmed.
  11. Haestingas

    [Horde - NA] Reign recruiting for AQ40 8/9

    We are looking for a mage/warlock/spriest to complete our desired raid comp.
  12. Haestingas

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    Are seriously crying that you can't ninja skins? Perfect example of how bad you guys are. Pathetic
  13. Haestingas


    Damn sorry to see you guys go. GL to you
  14. Haestingas

    Anathema PvP — PvP Itemization Update

    Cheers, thanks for the update.
  15. Haestingas


    Flip Flopping on this issue is not good. PvPers had a statement from staff saying the 1.11 stats wouldn't change on Anathema. Why would you backtrack from this? It's doubly confusing and silly that Elysium which doesn't even have BWL out has the 1.11 stats.
  16. Haestingas

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    Firebloom being 22x higher is a disgrace, there's zero excuse for that except buying time to finish scripting AQ20. Haven't you guys noticed how little talk about AQ20 there's been? When farming firebloom it’s considered insane if you are getting 5 stacks an hour. That’s picking 50 flowers on average in a hour. You probably can’t even hit that # if you are the only person in the entire zone picking firebloom. Let’s just assume that all 4 zones that drop firebloom (blasted lands, badlands, searing gorge, tanaris) are getting farmed JUST FOR THE WAR EFFORT. Lets assume you are getting 5 stacks an hour from each zone (not realistic at all, badlands especially only has like 20ish spawns) that’s 400 firebloom AN HOUR being donated to the war effort. Let's also keep in mind that those 5 stacks are worth roughly 65g, so that's 65g an hour being thrown down the toilet. EVEN AT THIS UNREALISTIC AS FUCK NUMBER (400 firebloom being donated an hour EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY) that’s 44 days to complete firebloom. TLDR these war effort #s are a joke
  17. Haestingas

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    Or maybe people want an easy way to farm gold for consumes. One such way is teaming up with 100 people to control the supply of a very valuable resource, and then taking turns farming it when you want gold. PS you guys are pathetic, git gud or get out
  18. Fairly certain Kronos had the rep at 500 per, and so does aowow. Wouldn't surprise me if the rep was later increased in later patches or something though, with 200 being the correct value for 1.9.
  19. To combat the sheer idiocy of all the pleb idiots trying to compare pvp racials to this scenario I'll help you idiots out. Imagine Anathema came out with some custom pvp event with the top 6 people receiving a mount. The catch to this custom event is that all CC has been replaced with fears. THEN we could compare WotF to the human 10% rep bonus between the two scenarios. P.S. Drakbak your math is correct
  20. Haestingas

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    Can we just ban these crybabies from the forums please? THis issue has been beaten to death, either git gud and fight them for the devilsaurs or be quiet.
  21. Haestingas

    Wienersteve, a cautionary tale.

    GL to you Steve, by all accounts doesn't look like you deserved this severe punishment.
  22. I helped 2 different people get their bug mounts on K1, I know what goes into this questline better than most. You are ignorant if you don't think the humans going for bug mount won't either change their own guilds raid schedule for that one week, or just get deputized by someone doing the broodlord head the 1st day. All it takes is ONE alliance guild clearing BWL the 1st day and they can deputize the other 5 humans going for the mount. As for the world bosses, the top guilds are already in alliances for the Green Dragons and Azuregos. They will just cut a deal where each guild gets at least 1 scarab lord, and in return they work together to kill the world bosses such as the Satyr and Eranikus. We will be lucky if there's even 1 non human on the Scarab mount.
  23. Haestingas

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    Firebloom will be the last one finished. It's not only used for 2 different top tier consumables, but also both consumes use 3 firebloom each. Fact is you can either turn in a stack of firebloom for a lvl 35 green, or sell it for 15g, or save it because it's super useful for mages and warlocks. Fact is it's beyond obvious they are stalling for time with these absurd #s. At current prices the firebloom needed to complete the turnin is worth 318,000 gold. GL with that. It just sucks we cant use these ~2months to farm badges.