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    Will Troll racials be working?

    If they use the same as Nost then berserking is fixed. It didn't work for 6months (was a flat 5% regardless of health) but after I very nicely bumped a thread for 2 weeks they fixed it. Shadowguard also does proc blackout if they are the same as nost. Source: I played both troll priest and troll mage extensively on nost
  2. Stop responding to the troll, honestly this forum is very bad and most of us would be better off staying away.
  3. Haestingas

    Fresh Realm

    Man I am so happy they are releasing fresh so all these cancer kids arnt on the older one. I'm an avid forum poster on many private servers and I've never read such selfish content from so many different people. It will be so sweet when these jerks play vanilla and realize that being an asshole actually has consequences.
  4. You fresh idiots know that the main reason nost gave their code to Elysium was to relaunch their character database, not for a fresh server? How about you be happy that you even get a fresh server? You guys are absolutely cancer to even read, if anything you should be stoked that the old server is going first so they can learn from that and in turn make the fresh server launch better.
  5. 2h the only truly viable pve weapon is BRE on horde. For races you guys have so much crap info in here its painful. If you don't know anything then don't post. For war dps the hands down choices are orcs and humans due to the +5 weapon skill radials. They roughly pen out to a 5℅ dps boost and considering all 3 skills have very strong weapons available you would be foolish to not go orc or human if you are a try hard. The 5℅ bonus gradually diminishes down once you get full aq and some naxx gear due to having so much rage available that you can heroic strike very often, which takes glancing off the table for your MH which decreases the value of +weapon skill. Even in the diminished scenario it's still the top radials, and blood fury is useful in situations where you know you won't take dmg such as cthun burn phase. Keep in mind this is a pure pve perspective. Orcs do fairly well in both since warriors have multiple fear breaks and stun resist is nice. Alliance side perception is OK but escape artist is the clear winner.
  6. Warrior shaman/paladin, or warrior priest
  7. Haestingas

    hit rating

    It depends how good your dps is. Some guilds with mediocre dps the tank can get away with 3%. Really you just need to keep open communication with your DPS and ask them if they are threat capped constantly. If they are then you need to consider switching in more hit, and consuming and getting world buffs more. In guilds with tryhard world buffed dps the tank will really want 5% hit or better, full dps consumes with mongoose jujus and sharpening stones. You will want to get ROIDS, and use a lot of Mighty Rage Potions on threat capped fights where stoneshields arnt needed. The standout hit items are wristguards of trueflight, Band of Accuria, AV ring, gauntlets of might. Once DM is released Satyrs bow is very nice.
  8. Yeah the first at max 10 kills server wide had no rag loot due to a bug. Meanwhile the first couple hundred domo chests had no loot due to design.
  9. Haestingas

    Warlock Versus Shaman

    Yeah I'm using 12 healers from a max standpoint, generally top guilds once they have content on farm will want to start bringing in more dps for faster clears, especially once they start overgearing the instance and don't wipe so they retain world buffs for the entire instance. Shaman will still remain in those scenarios as the most in demand healer since you do more to reduce clear times than any other healer on horde. Mp/5 for shaman is very strong, but the true try hard resto shaman that are in these top guilds will just chug major mana potions and runes and be fine from a mana perspective. The only fights that mp/5 is relevant is nefarian, time lapse Chromag (if your tank can't Dodge it), and twin emps. For claw of chrom you also have to consider that claw can be used by mages and warlocks, while lokamir is only relevant for druids, shaman, and priests. Shadow priests lokamir is a no brainer, shaman its lokamir is better 90℅ of the time, druids it's bis, and holy priests have incredibly easy access to benediction which while weaker than lokamir/av flowers combo is insanely easy to get and they woukd be better off going for pure elementium band, Chromag pants, and rejuv gem.
  10. Haestingas

    Warlock Versus Shaman

    Generally in a perfect world healer scenario, guilds will run 8 resto shaman, 3 priests, and 1 druid. The only MC fights where dispelling is important are lucifron, shazz, and baron, which these top guilds will kill so fast that restorative potions will remove enough magic that the fight will be over before it's a problem. In BWL the standout is chromag, where those guilds may bring in 1-2 alts (that really just need int and mp/5 gear and mana potions since all they do is dispel, preraid is enough). Of course even the best guilds will struggle to have 8 resto shaman at all times, in which cases they will substitute in more priests and maybe 1 more druid. This is because shaman totems are just overwhelmingly strong, with melee benefiting from WF +str of earth, healers benefiting from mana spring and mana tide, and casters benefiting from tranquil air + mana spring and tide. Not to mention resistance totems for the relevant fights. This is IN ADDITION to shaman being incredibly strong healers due to 1.12 chain heal being smart and having the bounces automatically go to low hp nearby players, being a fairly strong tank healer due to 25% armor bonus to tanks on crit, reincarnation being both a strong raid insurance for wipes AND strong if you are still going for a kill, where if you screw up and die you can rez yourself and mana pot and still be able to contribute a lot to a potential kill. You have the 2nd strongest healer OH фекал cool down for horde in the form of Natures Swiftness Max rank healing wave, that is only beaten by Druids Natures swiftness max rank healing touch. Keep in mind from a PvE perspective, resto shaman are the only ones that generally get slots. Guilds may let in 1 enhancement shaman for Nightfall + totems, but that is a non efficient slot since both prot warriors and hunters keep up nightfall more effectively and overall will contribute more for their slot. This does not mean that you will struggle to pick up elemental gear if you plan on pvping, since the majority of PvE elemental gear is either BiS for healing (the best example being Lokamir from Nef), or not contested since its mail spell damage gear which is only relevant to shaman anyways (example is deep earth shoulders from MC), or shaman only in the case of shaman tier 2, the shaman trinket from broodlord in BWL. Now warlocks, while they start out as the weakest dps in the game, by the end of the game will be top 2 dps along with fury warriors. MC you are pretty trash dps, BWL you start catching up to the rest, AQ you are very competitive, Naxx you start pulling ahead.
  11. There's 1 spell hit item available in the entire 1.4 patch, and that's a belt off kirtonos the herald in scholo.
  12. Haestingas

    Warlock Versus Shaman

    Jesus christ there's a lot of bad info on here. First of all the best pvp specs for shaman are resto and elemental. Elemental is actually terrifyingly good once you get full bwl gear, with the highest on demand burst in all if vanilla while still healing fairly well with very high armor. Warlocks are far from the strongest pvp class, they are viable and useful, but nothing beats frost mages and paladin's from an organized pvp perspective. Undead shadow priests generally do the same things that a warlock does while having the insanely important for horde dispel. On top of this, shaman is the most in demand raiding class in vanilla due to totem utility for the horde while being very strong healers with 1.12 chain heal. The best guilds will want 8 resto shaman so every group gets totems. Meanwhile locks get 3-6 slots. Warlocks are the weakest dps in the game in early vanilla due to no spell hit gear and the fact that warlocks are top 2 most reliant on gear with fury warriors since you scale so hard.
  13. There was rag loot but no domo loot for a while there. Reduced loot tables and different item stats on the other bosses as well. For 5 man's there was no DM, and obviously finding people with ubrs key early is rather hard.