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  1. Jerome you are ignoring the largest part of the former pvp base, and that was the casuals that didn't even pvp at all for rewards, but just wanted to do 1-2 BGs every couple of days to fuck around and have a good time. Maybe join up with a couple of guildies and see what they could do. That's the crowd that has been completely eradicated from current day BGs, because those people will not queue if theres a 75% chance they will get curb stomped so why even bother. Why on earth do you think they are trying out the 3 person limit on premades? Because they are trying to improve the experience of what would be the majority of pvpers if they hadn't been stomped over and over and eventually given up on the idea. It's a shitty situation for everyone quite frankly, because I know there are premades that play to have fun and challenge themselves and they are being punished by the bad actor premades that dodge non stop and just honor per hour farm.
  2. Nah unlike you crybabies I hit General in retail vanilla wow. Believe it or not I did it while not being a complete honor whore, but instead by being in a premade that fought every single BG until it ended. By being in a premade that would monitor the other factions premades and specifically queue to fight them. The Pacifist premade beat us far more often than we beat them, that didn't stop us from trying as hard as possible because the few wins we had were legendary and I still remember 2 of them 11 years later. Vanilla BG pvp is supposed to be an extremely fun way to pvp with the other faction while also offering decent rewards. You 2017 cancer fags have turned it into NOT FUN pvp and all about the rewards. You say that there's no reason to pvp anymore because the gear isn't bis. It's obvious based upon those statements you don't give a flying fuck about the pvp itself and just want handouts. The current rankers are absolutely disgusting and are an abomination of what vanilla bg pvp was supposed to be about.
  3. I totally complained that the pvp gear was too strong. It was so strong that my guild required fury to get 2pc set if you wanted to go for contested loot. You guys are the loudest bunch of crybabies I've ever encountered from Nost-Now. The cherry on top is that the very people whining for the gear are the same premade cancer who have ruined BG pvp for the rest of the server. It's been in the timeline, get rekt.
  4. Personally I'd like to see world buffs disabled for a further 2 weeks, so a month total. I think it's been an absolute joy to progress in naxx with no wbuffs, and honestly I think it will take us a month to clear naxx with no wbuffs.
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    You talk a lot about blizzlike wow, but the premade situation on private servers is 200% different from premades in vanilla retail. Current day premades have pushed the blizzlike bg system to the breaking point with their horrible honor farming and dodging and it has absolutely had a crushing effect on BG participation by the masses. Who the fuck wants to casually pvp when theres a 75% chance you are going to get curb stomped and GY camped? On top of that the majority of premades don't even fight each other because it hurts their honor per hour. The weaker team just afks and lets the other team win ASAP so they can get back to farming pugs. You know what retail vanilla bg pvp was about? There was 1-2 premades per faction, and they TRIED to queue against each other because that is what PvP was about in vanilla. It was about playing against the other premades and beating their asses and talking mad shit on the forums. It was about AB slugfests coming down to the last tick of resources. It was about blowing some pvper the fuck up with a crit chain, jumping into their comms and taunting them with how you just wrecked their face. Giving up and afking to maximize honor woulda had you blasted on the forums and called a little bitch. Meanwhile in addition to the 1-2 premades on each side, theres around 4-5 bgs up of pugs and small groups duking it out. While they did fight premades and get stomped when that happened, it wasn't super often because premades were fighting each other for a fair amount of time. There were some pugs that literally pugged their way to r14 because it was possible since premades weren't honor farming whores. That's what the vanilla pvp system was designed for. Not this shameless honor per hour horseshit where premades make BGs absolute hell for anyone that may want to casually pvp. That's why they are experimenting with these changes.
  6. Haestingas

    Anathema Updates 20/09/2017

    savage guard is in, I grabbed one a week ago.
  7. Haestingas

    Mindblast additional Threat

    My full t2 implies that I know what fade is because I played a ton of priest and fade is baked into t2 via the set 5 bonus. This isnt about viability, this is about you crying for an custom change to your class in vanilla. Mind Blasts extra threat is very well known in vanilla and a hallmark of the abilty. You realize as a range you have a higher threat ceiling than warriors right? You have to do 30% more threat than the tank as a ranged to pull aggro, warriors have to do 10% more to pull aggro. Has been nice educating you on basic game mechanics newb. Still waiting to hear about your amazing guild that can't keep threat over a shadowpriest. Feel free to post your meters, I'm sure you must be doing some fantastic dps to be pulling aggro so much that you are demanding a custom change.
  8. Haestingas

    Mindblast additional Threat

    I have a priest in full t2 and know far more about this game than you ever will. Please tell me how warriors reset agro, 3 of them DOUBLE the best spriest for dps, please tell me how warlocks reset aggro. Just give up, you are wrong about this. Feel free to tell me your guild since I'm sure you guys are top tier. I'm sure your tanks are using full dps consumes, I'm sure your tanks must be using some threat gear, I'm sure you guys keep and use world buffs.
  9. Haestingas

    Mindblast additional Threat

    Lol ok idiot, you realize in a REAL raid that spriests are not allowed to shadow word pain right? You realize that due to the constraints of debuff slots that spriests at best are mediocre dps (but the 15% shadow dmg debuff makes up for it)? Maybe in your trashbag guild threat is a problem, but if you just don't mindblast for your 1st spell in a real guild, a spriest just is unable to pull threat. The best spriest on the entire server of Anathema does 428 dps average in bwl. The #100 overall dps does 621. Please tell me how your 428 dps will pull agro while the top 100 dps are doing 50% or more dps and yet are not.
  10. Haestingas

    Mindblast additional Threat

    Get a good tank and you wont pull threat. Hell no to the change.
  11. Haestingas

    Few question from a lost son

    Engineering and using free action potions is key as a warrior.
  12. You know Dank Budz is going to make NA great again when we decide the best way to decide who gets Atiesh is a deathroll. P.S. 10/15 Naxx
  13. This is the wrong place to post, but I'm guessing you put in the wrong password a couple times and triggered a 15minute lock that says you are banned but its just 15mins
  14. Haestingas

    Naxx Fury Bis

    I'm trying to put together the naxx bis list, I have a pretty good idea but I'd like input because I've been wrong before (that deathsting MH pugio OH with aged core gloves was genius). Lionheart Stormrage neck from KT Conq shoulders Cloak of Concentrated Hatred Ghoul Skin Tunic Qiraji Execution Bracers Gauntlets of Annihilation Girdle of the Mentor Legplated of Carnage Chromatic Boots Ring of Unnatural Forces Quickstrike Ring Drakefang Talisman Kiss of the Spider (long fights) Badge of the Swarmguard (short fights) MH Gressil OH The Hungering Cold Strikers Mark/Xbow of Immenent doom Maybe list alternatives to Gressil/Hungering since getting both KT weapons seems a bit farfetched? The Castigator/Annubisath for humans Hatchet of Sundered Bone/Claw of the Frost Wyrm for orcs
  15. Haestingas

    Naxx Fury Bis

    It really depends on the longevity of your guild. If you are firm in your belief that your guild will survive past killing KT 2-3x then I'd gun for KT weapons. Hardest weapons to get are going to be The Hungering Cold (Prot, fury, and rogue want), Gressil (fury and rogue), then everything else from KT. I'm hesitant to say kingsfall + sting will beat say Castigator + Annub but ill run the numbers and get back to you. If you want to talk about a crit ranged slot then the KT bow wins with 6 more ap over the gun.
  16. Haestingas

    Winter is here!

    this pretty much sums up our forums. BUT SERIOUSLY THOUGH NAXX HYPE!!!
  17. Once iceblade hacker works if your melee and shaman/pally use it correctly its insane. You can freeze visc with just 1-2 bolt volleys going out.
  18. Excuse me its King killerduki, lets get this right Professional Ickus
  19. Haestingas

    Ironfoe: How many runs did it take you?

    You have no idea what you are talking about at all. At 5% its better than anything until naxx.
  20. Haestingas

    Fury Tanking Viability

    I find it fucking hilarious you are comparing tanking 40 man content to you tanking a strat live.
  21. Yeah those darn GMs were so deceptive and unclear about this issue. It's only in the official timeline of the server since day 1, damit how unclear. It's not like they commented on an earlier thread that's identical to this cryfest saying they are sticking to the timeline. Man they must not care about you guys at all, because they don't respond to the same crying 1 month later.
  22. Haestingas

    Fury Tanking Viability

    Fury tanking is a real thing, but its only done by the tryhard crowd. You need good healers, very geared tanks that consume and keep world buffs to make it work. It makes a very large difference on vael where your dps can go all out without the threat trinket from the get go. Enrage is up a ton so you do +25% dmg which is ridiculous from a threat perspective. Add deathwish and they are doing +45% its ridiculous. World buffs and full consumes are critical because being at 9k+ health is what really allows you to get away with it. You need essentially full AQ40 gear to make it work. It's really only viable in guilds where tanks die very rarely. If they lose wbuffs then that spec becomes not as strong as prot.
  23. You have no idea the horrors that multiboxing can bring. Kronos is a perfect example of the perils of allowing multiboxing. Top guilds requiring 2 alt lvl 45 warlocks so they can have huge summon teams at every world boss. The top world bosses have died within 15minutes of spawning for a year. They have a spy at every worldboss 24/7 during the spawn window. Picture someone having 7 herbalist alts sprinkled at every plaguebloom spawn that isnt random spawn. Oh and picture that same person having a full bis rogue on the other faction to kill his own faction that dares to contest his herbs. If you allow multiboxing then there's always someone ready to abuse the crap outta it.
  24. Haestingas

    AQ40 Fire Mage PvE specs

    Theres a janky as fuck spec where you do decent damage in both instances. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#of0VZxgM0fchZVA0c That being said 95% of people know that AQ is where dps can be the difference between wiping and killing the boss, and mages are incredibly high impact dps there. 1 more crit can keep the ignite up, killing tentacles in stomach is huge.
  25. I mean I would certainly hope so. It will take a while for the word to get out about this change. I had a pretty hilarious conversation with a guild recruiter on Saturday where he was advertising for a premade pvp horde guild, and didn't know about the change. He thought I was totally screwing with him until I convinced him to check the forum.