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  1. You say that like most premades actually fight each other on a regular basis. The vast majority of the time the weaker premade gives up. They will gauge the success of this change most likely on pvp BG participation. If more people BG after the change, good change and they will most likely implement on Elysium. If it stays the same or goes down then they may revert.
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    I think its pretty obvious how they are going to measure the success of this move. If the average amount of people doing bgs goes up, good change. If it stays the same or down, bad change.
  3. Haestingas

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    Magnusyo I would take you more seriously if you weren't an exploiter that should have been banned. http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/FightOverallOverview.aspx?FightName=Golemagg the Incinerator&realm=Ana
  4. Herb prices due to the spawns being slow + naxx are absolutely insane right now.
  5. The people left would be the people that want to kill the other faction and not be automatically curb stomped. Solo or duo queuing can be very fun if you are facing a pug. The vast majority of players just want to join and kill the other faction. They don't necessarily base all their enjoyment around winning the BG, they just want to be able to duke it out with the opposing faction and have a chance at killing them. It's unfortunate that the pvp scene is so bad that the Elysium Project feels they need to make such a drastic change. I feel for the players like Meowmix that just want to be able to pvp with their friends.
  6. This may cause 100 rankers to quit, but in turn 100s more will start pvping since theres not a 90% chance of getting curb stomped by a full premade.
  7. It's supposed to be about fighting the other faction and grinding their face into the fucking dirt. Your mindset is the very cancer that this kind of move is trying to prevent. Private server rankers are an abomination that have pushed the vanilla system to the breaking point that have ruined it for 95% of the server. Quite frankly I could ignore the premades stomping the pugs endlessly if the premades actually fought each other all out. Instead they MAYBE fight it out for the first skirmish, then the loser just sandbags to lose as quick as possible so they can go back to farming pugs. It's fucking pathetic and you deserve anything and everything to curb your bullshit abuse of this system.
  8. Haestingas

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    I've found the ranker community the most frustrating part of vanilla in the private server era. It's not about pvp to many of them, it's about maximizing honor per hour. Maybe this will be a good change to that part of the pvp community. That being said, this is a horrible change to the people that just want to play with a group of friends. While I personally don't participate in pvp due to my poor ping + being melee, I have many friends that enjoy getting together 1-2x a week to play some BGs together for fun. It's unfortunate that they are going to be punished in an attempt to regulate the rankers. I do not appreciate that Anathema is yet again being made into the PTR. If you want to go with this, then you should have stuck to your guns and implemented this on all servers.
  9. Deathbringer Deathbringer strikers, lionheart, ony neck, truestrkes, baron cape, that stupid rare scholo chest cadaverous or bloodthirst or deathdealer breastplate from brd, rend bracers/wristguards of stability/true flight, edgemasters, lbrs quest belt, cloudkeepers, saphiron scale boots, qsr, don Julio or blackstone ring if not available, HoJ, blackhands breath
  10. Haestingas

    Weapon Choice Dps/Skill

    It's not even close as human. Viskag for warriors is incredible due to the proc generating rage, its on par with CTS due to the proc. DB only wins if you are an orc.
  11. https://twitter.com/elysium_dev?lang=en HYPE IS OFF THE CHARTS!!!
  12. ICKUS https://twitter.com/elysium_dev?lang=en GET HYPE!
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    Fury BIS lists BWL

    Yeah I had no idea either until a warlock lost his shit on TS when he saw we had 7 deathbringers in guild eating the debuff.
  14. Haestingas

    Fury BIS lists BWL

    There's a T1 destruction warlock talent that every warlock uses, where every time their shadowbolts crit it applies a debuff and it's called Improved Shadowbolt. This debuff increases shadow damage dealt to the mob by 20% by the next 4 non periodic shadow damage sources. The DB proc is a non periodic shadow damage source and eats 1 of the 4 charges on the debuff that would otherwise effect a shadowbolt. In my old guild Reign we had a ton of warriors using DB until we got enough Cruls. Once we all switched to Crul our warlock dps had a noticeable increase while the warrior dps stayed the same or got better.
  15. Haestingas

    Fury BIS lists BWL

    Its a huge dps loss for the raid if you use DB, every time that thing procs the raid loses 350-1000 dmg due to eating up an improved shadowbolt. You want to use Crul with Dooms edge, its the same dps for you and far more dps for the guild as a whole.
  16. Zeo read the thread and that same stupid question was already asked and answered. I love that your pure speculative scenario is what you are already worried about. How about you let them actually finalize their plans before you get concerned.
  17. So something to work for other than titles, mounts, cheap potions, very high quality gear at the last ~3 ranks, the best weapons available in current content, and just proving yourselves the best at pvp?
  18. Haestingas

    Two-handed fury build for Horde

    Nah imp cleave only works on the bonus dmg granted by cleave so its a very minor talent, a point taken away from any other talent in that build posted above would be worse. Some try to be clever by taking away points from imp bshout and relying on other warriors, but that's not consistent and a far larger dps loss when that doesn't work.
  19. And you only have to farm pugs and never actually challenge yourselves in pvp because MUST MAXIMIZE HONOR. I'm very impressed by your premade stomping pugs and dodging/afking any form of challenge. Private vanilla server rankers are fucking pathetic, only a VERY small # of you actually play for the epic BG slug matches between premades. Forgive my rose colored glasses but I ranked to 12 in retail vanilla and NOTHING was more hype than facing the other top premade and beating them in an epic AB match that came down to the last ~100 resources. The idea of dodging/afking out of that kind of thing would have been UNFORGIVABLE and would have you be the laughing stock of the entire server. Now its COMMON with you cancerous honor farmers. It's been in the timeline the entire lifetime of your server, this was no surprise change by staff. Stop trying to custom fix vanilla wow to fit your needs.
  20. Haestingas

    Two-handed fury build for Horde

    There's only really 1 weapon that lets 2h fury compete in 40mans, and that's Bonereavers Edge. As horde its very viable due to WF greatly helping the proc uptime, and especially in MC its incredibly powerful due to so many cleave boss fights. Pretty much every single DPS record set in MC was with BRE, although that dps relies upon your guild actually doing the cleave kill strategies. As tauren its a smart choice since the axe combo isn't nearly as strong for you as it is for orcs. In BWL and beyond it's still strong but due to the lack of cleave boss fights the uptime isn't as reliable. Sometimes you will get lucky with procs and wf and do insane damage, sometimes you will not and do sub par. Still a very fun weapon because you tweak your rotation a bit based upon how you are procing.
  21. Here let me help all of you people that find this topic oh so important but cant even be bother to read the other forum thread that beat this same issue to death. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/47367-update-the-pvp-gear-on-zethely-with-bwl-patch/ Go ahead and read that, pretty much every single argument possible on both ends was made on there including a response to your question.
  22. HAHAHAH man you are so bad. You obviously have no idea how crit caps work and warrior itemization. You are not crit capped if you itemize correctly. Close to crit cap without world buffs? Holy shit you are so uninformed. You realize the BASE CRIT CAP assuming 0% hit is 30% right? Any warrior with half a brain has 9% hit for yellows, so feel free to show me a warrior at 39% crit without world buffs. My god you just have no idea and are reaching for straws at this point. R12 is better than R8? NO WAY MAN!!!
  23. I'm just going to ignore the R12 stuff because that's just beyond idiotic to bring into this discussion. The reason I'm arguing about the R8 blue gear is because that's easily attainable for the majority of the server. R12+ takes serious dedication and should be rewarded with strong gear (which it already is). Cloudkeepers 20str 20agi Activate for 100ap for 30seconds 15min cd Malfurions 40str Total 120ap 1% crit compared to 106AP 3% crit 14ap vs 2% crit So the blue combo beats the Malf + Cloudkeepers when the Cloudkeepers are on CD. Assuming you are in a good guild the cloudkeepers wouldn't be up every fight, you would be able to use it ~3x in MC and ~4x in BWL. So for 3/10 fights of MC Cloudkeepers is better, and for 4/8 fights BWL Cloudkeepers is better. So 7/10 fights in MC the blue combo win, and 4/8 fights in BWL the blue combo wins. How's that for substance? Looks like Blue combo still wins for the majority of fights. If you are a true tryhard you would have both. You would NOT be crit capped using the blue gear if you wear the BiS items available to you.
  24. Chest 1% crit 21 str Legs 2% crit 12str +40 attack power for 2 piece Total 3% crit 106 attack power (unbuffed) Feel free to post what you think beats that before AQ. You talk a lot of trash for someone who has posted nothing of substance.
  25. Take personal responsibility, you have to be an idiot to trade 300g+ of mats to a random. Only trade with people from reputable guilds, guildies, and friends. Consider it a tax on idiocy.