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  1. Poor guy, is reading comprehension beyond your capabilities? Here let me help you out since you obviously are lacking in brainpower. I'll bold the important part so you don't miss it again. Haestingas "2 piece upgraded blue set is bis for pve for warriors until AQ." Tribe "2set isn't bis for warriors, you clearly don't know what you're talking about so please stop getting involved." That help you out champ? Next time when you get into an argument I suggest you actually read what you are arguing about, it tends to help you not look like a complete idiot.
  2. I certainly know what I'm talking about, I was regularly in the top 5 average dps and set a record on golemagg using that 2 piece IN MARCH that still stands to this day. I have top 10 parses on a ton of bosses using that 2 piece set. So tell me what are YOUR qualifications for saying I don't know what I'm talking about?
  3. 2 piece upgraded blue set is bis for pve for warriors until AQ. It's ok, I realize you guys are so concerned about this issue that you didn't read the other post begging for the same thing with ~6 pages of arguments.
  4. Its not blizzlike, and the upgraded blue set is BiS for many classes in PvE. Not to mention this has been in your timeline since day 1 of your server. It's funny how much this one issue uncovers how PvP these days is ALL ABOUT THE GEAR and not about the pvp. Pvp in retail was all about being the best, fighting the other premades and getting those crazy wins or losing by the skin of your teeth. Now its MAX HONOR SCREW PREMADE VS PREMADE GIVE ME ITEMS.
  5. Haestingas

    Anathema - gaming conditions

    First of all I remember you. Hurricane is the non stop complaining fresh cuck from ZK who threw up a gigantic stink about the inactive ZK people having their chars go to Anathema. That being said, I have contributed some of the most well thought out solutions to this exact issue multiple times and they still locked those threads. I spent hours researching and found a god damn blizzlike solution to a merge and they still locked the thread. "In retail the patch's either came out faster or the world first clear took forever. Retail had 8 months between WoW release and BWL coming out for the US, for EU they had 7. Nost had 6.5 months. On retail Ragnaros took longer to kill after his availability than any other boss ever made in WoW. He wasn’t killed until 5.5 months after the release of the game. That means for the world first retail guild they had 2.5 months of Rag gear before BWL came out. On Nost it took 2 weeks for the no lifers, and by 2 months in a fair amount of guilds were killing Rag. So the average Nost raider had 4.5 months of Rag gear. On retail the time between BWL release and the start of the war effort was a bit less than 6 months. On Nost/Anathema we had 9 months. You then couple that with the fact that a ton of guilds killed nef in the first 3 weeks on Nost. The WORLD FIRST kill on Nef for retail took 2.5 months. So if you just compare the average raider on nost to the world first raiders on retail from a gear perspective, the average nost raiders had 8.25 months of nef gear, the world first guild had 3.5 months of nef gear. So why is this even relevant to this thread? Because I'd like to suggest that there's a BLIZZLIKE solution to catching up Elysium to Anathema for a merge before Naxx. You just take the time between the world firsts of retail and the next patch on the retail timeline and apply that time to Elysium. People complain up and down how easy raiding is on Elysium vanilla compared to retail, and this is one of the main reasons its so damn easy. Because you have time to farm full BiS before the next content comes out, which in retail FOR THE WORLD FIRST GUILDS they didn't have half the time generally. So applying this to Elysium, you would want to release BWL ASAP since it should have been out in early April to be Blizzlike. For BWL-AQ there should be 3.5 months between the first Elysium Nef kill and the start of the war effort. This solution gives a far more blizzlike experience to raiders on Elysium, and catches up Elysium to Anathema within ~6months. We then wait for a couple of weeks for Elysium to get some Cthun kills, and merge the servers for the eventual release of Naxx." They locked this thread. Total dumbass post amirite?
  6. Haestingas

    Anathema - gaming conditions

    Nah I think instead of sticking with the project that sabotaged my server, Ill instead go back to kronos where I will get a Naxx experience far quicker. At least there I don't have to worry about custom bullshit killing the server. Or rabid censoring of their forum to cover up their mistakes. Or god awful locking of threads that make you uncomfortable, MAYBE if you left up a merge thread then there wouldn't be a new one created every fucking day, ever think of that?
  7. Haestingas

    Anathema - gaming conditions

    I found it galling that they were saying that Naxx ptr was just for anathema. Yeah sure like Elysium gets zero benefit from Anathema testing out Naxx so they get a smooth launch. Just like War Effort was just for us, really though thank you for that. I'm sure you will implement the same WE on Elysium since it was so successful. /s
  8. Haestingas

    PvE end game rotation

    99% of the time its just shadowbolt spam. You occasionally throw in shadowburns to finish off stuff, you occasionally searing pain when bolt is too slow or fire vuln.
  9. Lets be real here, every guild essentially has 2 MTs. There's a TON of bosses and trash packs that want 2 geared to the teeth and decent tanks. Razorgore, Vael until your dps is good, Broodlord, every drake to taunt buffet and ebon the heal, time lapse chrom, Skeram, Sartura, Fankriss, Twin Emps, Ouro, C'thun ALL OF THOSE you want 2 geared as hell tanks or more. Every single guild on the planet has 2 people whos ONLY job is to tank, and on the rare fights where 2 tanks aren't needed they still have MASSIVE impact by using nightfall. I agree the dude rage quit for a dumb reason and now is trying to paint you guys as ninjas, which you are not which I've said before in this thread. I think your guild all in all dealt with the event itself fairly, as well as the dude going nuts afterwards. I'm just saying that there's something to be learned from this, which it seems like you have which is great and the sign of a decent guild.
  10. The reason I'm pointing out the officer message thing is quite frankly it would make it so much easier for you guys to just NOT DO THAT STUFF. I'm saying this as a guy who was an officer in multiple dkp and LC guilds over the past ~3years. First of all you as officers in a dkp guild should stay HANDS OFF of anything loot related beyond crafting your loot item priorities and making them crystal clear. That way if anyone has any problem EVER, you just say "check the website, we have been incredibly clear on how loot is dealt there and we do not meddle at all beyond that". This gives you so much credibility and makes drama so easy to deal with it's amazing. When you start meddling you invite SO MUCH DRAMA, how come your officer is messaging this one guy to pass and not this other time? How come you didn't ask this one person to pass to me? You are opening up a can of worms that really you shouldn't be. Secondly if you are going to meddle WHICH YOU SHOULDN'T, quite frankly you want that item going to the warrior MT every time assuming both he and the rogue are good guildies. Accuria is essentially the best item in the entire game for threat, with only DFT, and Thunderfury really having comparable impact. It’s so strong for the slot that the tank will use that item in every single fight except twins through C’thun. That item just has to impact the tank landing a SINGLE ability ever in their entire time in your guild that stops a dps from pulling agro due to said item, and it’s now done 1000x more work than the rogue will ever do with it. A rogue with Accuria doing ~10 more dps will save your raid one in a million boss fights, a MT with Accuria will save your raid one in a hundred boss fights.
  11. Generally speaking, when you choose to become a DKP guild you are essentially forfeiting the right to influence loot past whatever dkp system you implement. The #1 thing DKP really has going for it, is that you prevent the vast majority of loot drama since DKP is supposed to be completely blind. I'll bet you 1000g part of the reason this player blew up your guild on forum about this event is because you tried to influence his bid. You tried to influence his bid, he didn't agree, then somehow he loses the item even after being told he had won? The optics on that are terrible and most likely why he jumped to the conclusion that he got ninjad.
  12. It's a bit scummy for an officer to try to influence loot in a dkp system (that whisper asking him to pass to the rogue). That being said, as long as they have a screenshot of the druid going "all in" during the proper bidding window this was not a ninja. You thinking that ferals shouldn't get this ring doesn't make it a ninja. Running dkp is very hectic and I'm sure the gap you are freaking out about, was just the officers quadruple checking the dkp to make sure they didn't fuck it up. I've taken bids on a couple of raids and when you miss a bid and get corrected in public (which the druid was totally justified in doing) you tend to be extra cautious. Quite frankly its a sign of good leadership that they took their time to get it right, it would have been FAR WORSE for them to give you the ring when the druid has the winning bid.
  13. its something like 6h iirc. A horde warlock is the guy who inspiring the rule, because he killed guard Thomas for like 2 days straight on nost.
  14. Haestingas


    Considering the team is struggling to even implement 1.10, I don't understand why people think TBC would be even REMOTELY possible in the next 3 years. The only way is if Elysium somehow magically lands gummy. Considering how Elysium treated the Nost players, I would rather they don't get any more servers handed to them.
  15. Haestingas

    <Reign> NA Horde 9/9 AQ

    Was a fun 2.5 years but due to Elysium, the mistakes with the war effort, and the dawn of decent TBC servers the NA horde scene is a sad shadow of its former self. This week 2 more guilds are dead including Reign, which comprised 33% of the raiding NA horde population. Thank you to the horde community, fun group of people and I had fun working together on Green Dragons and such. Shoutout to Convulsion, House Undying, and Reign. All 3 were very fun to raid with in totally different ways. To Scuba thank you for spicing up the wpvp. While it was certainly frustrating at times dealing with you, it was also some of the most fun I've had on server. To the GMs and staff, thank you very much for all your time that you have volunteered to the project. I had way too much fun playing here and that showed in my over 100days played. To all my people, you are what made this server truly great. Cheers and see you next time, Varth/Fizzla/Sharpeyes
  16. Haestingas

    BRE nerf

    What server is this?
  17. Haestingas

    Anathema patch 1.10

    They delete our concerns on our own god damn forum, and then keep delaying this patch over and over. Too bad this patch is 100% intended for fresh 60s and we have none. Maybe next time don't do custom war effort horseshit and scare away 100s of players and we may still have a healthy server. I certain hope you don't make Elysium go through that dumb as hell decision.
  18. Haestingas

    Herb spawn rate.

    That's part of the reason that they are implementing the BWL patch so quickly. The AV patch is very unstable and there's no quick fix for a couple of issues from what I've gleamed, meanwhile the BWL patch is proven to be stable.
  19. I'm not sure since I don't know what server you are on. I'm 150% positive on the 2 week rotation though, I have the priest trinket on Anathema and have helped a ton of guildies get theirs as well.
  20. Its 2 week rotation sunday evening change.
  21. Haestingas

    So about these AVs lately...

    What? Please tell me how you can get into the alliance base solo. You realize theres ~7 mines in the backdoor right? I guess you can stealth in there as a rogue, same with the horde base? You can literally just do exactly what you said with the ally right? Alliance run past Galv ignoring IB completely entirely, up the hill and down the side of the tower, can heal up here if needed. Then through the wilderness where there are 0 guards/mines. Run past a few lvl 50ish wolves and into the base. Run through the horde base only agroing the guards on the ground, never get dismounted. Run past the towers into the relief hut, where there's just the standard guards and no NPCS. Meanwhile the alliance base is a god damn nightmare, after you have cleared the mines, done the jump, ran behind the ram dude you then have to actually cap the flag. Too bad there's ~5 places for ally ranged classes to stop the tap, and ALL OF THEM guarded by guards or elite NPCs with a ton of health. Horde theres ZERO NPCS, and ZERO guards, you can just run into the frozen ravine and deal with NOTHING except the GY guards. You even have FW to cap if the base zerg doesn't go well. It's right on top of our main base and you have a very short runback once that is capped. Meanwhile on horde you either cap SH and have to run for forever to the backdoor, or you can cap SP and have to run through the valley of a million mines, do the jump again (and hope there's not a frost mage there making it impossible) and then you are back at the flag. Or you can go bridge which is the hardest choke ever invented by 2 fold. 6+ archers, tiny ass choke, gl with that. I would love if they released winrates, I'd be happy to be proven wrong. Especially if they had the breakdown on premade games and such.
  22. Haestingas

    Censorship gone autistic

    That's exactly what I've been suggesting, while my timeline does have Elysium sped up from the current one (to reflect the timeline that retail had based upon world firsts) you wouldn't be reaching Naxx any faster than retail vanilla did based around the boss kill times. As for Anathema, lets be real here. Naxx has a long way to go on scripting, I don't expect Naxx to be ready for 8months or so and that's being optimistic. Naxx has far more bosses with more complicated scripts than AQ, and look how much time AQ took them to complete. Stodola : You are the one agitating the discourse by advocating shutting down discussion. While I'll admit that Morathe isn't helping the situation, it would be better to moderate his posts than just deleting the entire thing and making the general Anathema crowd feel silenced. This thread was created DIRECTLY because discussion was shut down in the other thread.
  23. Haestingas

    Censorship gone autistic

    You guys are crazy to completely delete discussions. I'll have you know that kronos said THE EXACT SAME THING THAT A MERGE WOULDN'T HAPPEN, and they ended up merging anyways. How many things has this server backtracked from, how many deadlines were completely missed, how many announcements did you change like the bug mount? You are crazy to stop discussions, that is just wrong.
  24. Haestingas

    Censorship gone autistic

    PvP : Sorry to be the breaker of bad news, but by the time that the merge would happen in my timeline (~1month after 1st Cthun kill on Elysium) ranking is pointless because BWL gear is the same as ranker gear with a couple of exceptions. The AQ gear that actually helps in pvp is tier gear that drops every single week, Dark edge, and that's about it. How many pvp people do you really think Anathema has? I think we have a single horde premade left in NA. PvE - How many geared Anathema players would want to start from 0 in a Elysium guild? You would have zero dkp, or in the case of LC you would be behind on every single item that drops on prio. You wouldn't even have a raider space until a current raider stopped showing up. Economy - I don't know much about your economy, but our lotus is at ~75g each, grom is ~32g a stack, ele earth is ~3g each. Is yours really that different?