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    Censorship gone autistic

    If you read my post on how the Elysium timeline would work, you would see that Elysium would have 6months of BWL gear. We wouldn't even launch naxx until ~2months after the merge, and the merge wouldn't happen until ~1month after the first Elysium Cthun kill.
  2. Haestingas

    Censorship gone autistic

    So if you don't care about the server first, then why do you care about Anathema being ahead of gear? What makes it unfair if you don't care about the server firsts and such? You need to expand upon this because you just say unfair and don't say what is unfair.
  3. Haestingas

    So about these AVs lately...

    Icewing bunker has mines in front of it, 2 Lt.s patrolling and you are exposed to 3 archers in the bunker on the run by. Iceblood has 2 Lt's, a bunch of mines, and 2 archers you are exposed to in the front, and 2 archers in the back from tower point you are exposed to on the run by. While the IB choke you are exposed to 1 more archer, they are essentially the same. The main difference is that the horde actually defends that choke, and the alliance do not. That's what defenders do if you have a single brain cell in your body, you defend the first choke, kill as many as possible, then rez, trinket back to the main base, and continue defending back there. I'm not sure if you've ever played this map on both sides.
  4. Haestingas

    Censorship gone autistic

    Morathe you are not helping whatsoever, there's much better ways to approach this and I'd appreciate it if you stopped acting childish and derailing this thread with insults. Why would Elysium guilds care about how fast Anathema guilds cleared Naxx? You are right, we are ahead in gear, so why on earth would you care about how fast we cleared Naxx compared to you? Everyone with a brain would look at the Naxx progression from the perspective of Anathema guilds and Elysium guilds separately. But lets assume you do care. Lets look at Kronos since they dealt with this EXACT SAME SITUATION with a merge. I'll give you context, the guilds that are from K1 that had the gear advantage are Synced, Onslaught, Vanguard, Risen, Unite and Vanquished, and Friends. http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/InstanceList.aspx?realm=KRO Notice how there's a couple of K2 guilds that are beating or neck and neck with the K1 guilds? The best Alliance AND horde MC clear are k2 guilds, the 2nd best BWL clear for both factions are k2 guilds, the only instance that K1 guilds have an advantage is in AQ40 and that's because they have more experience in that instance due to more time. The only reason Anathema wants a merge is to have access to new players for recruitment so we can have a healthy player base for naxx.
  5. Haestingas

    So about these AVs lately...

    So you idiots don't have anyone defending while horde has 5ish, and complain that horde gets to your aid first? You realize alliance have a greater defenders advantage than you do, it only takes ~5 alliance to defend for forever, with 1 frost mage + paladin at the backdoor, and 3ish people on the bridge. Your archers are actually relevant, the backdoor needs one aoe slow to stop the jump, AND YOU HAVE LANDMINES TO HELP. You have the EXACT SAME CHOKE horde has after the field of strife at your 2nd bunker. You have landmines, archers, 2 LTs, and a single choke. If both sides are equally organized, alliance will win 3/4 of the time. Your road to the relief hut is easier, faster, and doesn't involve jumping, mines, and crazy amounts of NPCs. If you are dying to 5ish mages at the choke, then you are beyond horrible. You could have your ~30people dismount and global those mages, clear the ~1 LT that's on you, then continue past that choke and you are home free. Why the hell are you even killing Galv if they are wiping on Balinda then turtling? If you just charged right for relief hut they wouldn't get there quick enough to stop you. You realize its far higher rep per hour if you just rush the win and ignore Galv right? The only time you go Galv is if they are already turtling and you want to get some rep before leaving. I'm saying this as a player that has reached exalted with 4 alliance chars, and 3 horde chars. Alliance has the advantage FULL STOP if you disregard the period where horde was exploit pulling vann.
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    Censorship gone autistic

    Once you have farmed MC + BWL for ~2.5 years you REALLY don't want to revisit that crap. I have geared up a warrior to full BWL BiS or better 2x now, a priest to full bwl bis, and a mage to full MC + ZG bis. No way on gods green earth am I going to do that again. That content after a while is boring as hell even if you are in a top guild that is done with MC in ~35mins, and BWL in ~50. I've cleared each of those instances 100+ times by now. Instead I'd like to think of a way to preserve the server that BIRTHED this entire project, the server that without the scripting developed for Anathema/Nost, Elysium would still be a ~500 pop mediocre server with horrible scripting. You can speed up Elysium to #blizzlike patch releases, you can stop new character creation on Elysium, you can more heavily advertise Anathema and not just the Elysium Project as a whole. Or you can do nothing, and watch the NA Anathema scene get decimated over the next ~month. Maybe EU will get hit hard as well, but I can't speak towards how they are being effected recently. Unfortunately 1.10 offers very little to revitalize the server, since all the content added gives ZERO extra content to established guilds and players. There's zero upgrades from the .5 gear for people in BWL or better gear, at best it's a way to gear your new alts if you are too lazy to join the BWL or AQ pugs. It's incredibly ironic that THE ENTIRE POINT OF 1.10 was to provide catch up gear to new players, too bad Anathema has none. Meanwhile normal wow burnout is occurring to our player base, with essentially zero new blood to replace them. For the last ~2months, our entire recruitment pool is from other guilds that died. NA is down to ~6 guilds from 15, with Dank budz, Titans, Untold Story, Reign, Team Blackout, and Pantheon being the last guilds standing. Every single one is struggling to fill raids. So right now we essentially have to hope that another guild dies that isn't our own if we are to survive to see naxx. You then add in the fact that a new and promising NA TBC server is launching in 2 weeks, and an already extremely fragile scene will get rekt. Learning from history on Kronos 1 we will be lucky if 3 guilds survive, AND THEY HAD A MERGE TO LOOK FORWARD TO!
  7. Haestingas

    Censorship gone autistic

    I'm pretty upset they deleted that thread when we kept it civil (especially for this forum). Not even a lock, they just deleted my thread. What are you so against Anathema discussing the issues with our server, WITHIN OUR OWN FORUM! What the fuck, the NA side of this server is in serious trouble and you are censoring our discussions? I posted a pretty dope idea on how we could speed up Elysiums timeline AND STILL REMAIN BLIZZLIKE. Sadly the staff here isn't interested it seems, even though this idea is viable and is CLOSER to #blizzlike than the current timeline. I'll post it below because why the hell not. In retail the patch's either came out faster or the world first clear took forever. Retail had 8 months between WoW release and BWL coming out for the US, for EU they had 7. Nost had 6.5 months. On retail Ragnaros took longer to kill after his availability than any other boss ever made in WoW. He wasn’t killed until 5.5 months after the release of the game. That means for the world first retail guild they had 2.5 months of Rag gear before BWL came out. On Nost it took 2 weeks for the no lifers, and by 2 months in a fair amount of guilds were killing Rag. So the average Nost raider had 4.5 months of Rag gear. On retail the time between BWL release and the start of the war effort was a bit less than 6 months. On Nost/Anathema we had 9 months. You then couple that with the fact that a ton of guilds killed nef in the first 3 weeks on Nost. The WORLD FIRST kill on Nef for retail took 2.5 months. So if you just compare the average raider on nost to the world first raiders on retail from a gear perspective, the average nost raiders had 8.25 months of nef gear, the world first guild had 3.5 months of nef gear. So why is this even relevant to this thread? Because I'd like to suggest that there's a BLIZZLIKE solution to catching up Elysium to Anathema for a merge before Naxx. You just take the time between the world firsts of retail and the next patch on the retail timeline and apply that time to Elysium. People complain up and down how easy raiding is on Elysium vanilla compared to retail, and this is one of the main reasons its so damn easy. Because you have time to farm full BiS before the next content comes out, which in retail FOR THE WORLD FIRST GUILDS they didn't have half the time generally. So applying this to Elysium, you would want to release BWL ASAP since it should have been out in early April to be Blizzlike. For BWL-AQ there should be 3.5 months between the first Elysium Nef kill and the start of the war effort. This solution gives a far more blizzlike experience to raiders on Elysium, and catches up Elysium to Anathema within ~6months. We then wait for a couple of weeks for Elysium to get some Cthun kills, and merge the servers for the eventual release of Naxx.
  8. Haestingas

    AV Backdoor

    You have to be beyond stupid to even THINK that horde have any sort of advantage in AV. You obviously have no clue at all and have never played horde on that cancer BS alliance favored map. Does a horde premade or organized pub beat alliance if they are unorganized? Sure they do. Anything remotely close to equal organization the alliance absolutely CRUSH horde.
  9. Haestingas

    <Reign> NA Horde 9/9 AQ

    Bump, looking for people to join in our shenanigans.
  10. force logging doesn't work on this server last I checked.
  11. Haestingas

    Haven't played in awhile since Zeth'Kur

    What Oshy said, if you took 10minutes to research before posting your paragraphs of idiotic rambling you would know that there's guilds on both factions that have not even killed Nef yet.
  12. Haestingas

    Savage Glad buffed when?

    I'm having trouble finding out exactly when Savage glad chain gets buffed to the 2% crit 13agi 13str that makes it very strong for fury. Anyone have any info on this?
  13. Haestingas

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    Ouro was the last boss killed for a lot of guilds in AQ40 because he is hard as fuck if you don't cheese your composition. His armor is literally DOUBLE what it was in retail, and you say he is too easy? The reason guilds have an ok time killing em is because they stacked a shit ton of ranged magic dps.
  14. Except it was the EXACT SAME THING ON NOST AND WE WARNED YOU! I made 2 posts myself outlining exactly what was going to happen. You should have had a friend of the appropriate race buy the mount for you if rep was the only thing stopping you. Seriously people.....
  15. Haestingas

    <Reign> NA Horde 9/9 AQ

  16. Lets see Org is better than alliance just due to the fact that EVERYTHING is there. You have pvp vendors, ony head buff there, rend head buff there. Far more centralized than alliance, where most of them hang out in IF, but you have to go to SW to get ony buffs and pvp potions. Ogri >>>>>>>>>> SW/IF
  17. At least you don't have to reclear the Cthun trash every hour like retail. That was one of the main drivers behind C'thun being such a guild killer.
  18. Haestingas

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    Oh no, full bis aq40 guilds will kill bosses that have been dissected for 10+ years on how to do the encounter? World first Cthun killers Nihilum had only 9 Cthun kills before Naxx released. My guild will have that many C'thun kills in 2 weeks and we weren't even in the first 5 guilds to clear AQ40. Conservatively we will have DOUBLE the C'thun loot that Nihilum had before naxx gets fully released. Blows my mind how people get upset that you can progress through 10year old content quickly.
  19. Haestingas

    As DPS you allways pray they don't pic you to Tank

    Wall is down due to just killing Cthun and we have warriors reck to insure a 2 weaken phase kill. Lately ive been running away and waiting for the popcorn to start going after casters, then going in to execute.
  20. Haestingas

    As DPS you allways pray they don't pic you to Tank

    Ouro : Threat gated to hell, enrage will kill your ass 90% of the time if you actually want to continue DPSing
  21. Haestingas

    unhappy with the zeth kur transfers

    Then you go somewhere else. There's a ton of area's to level at all stages of the game, blows my mind people get ganked and do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. People were leveling to 60 with minimal ganking on Nost when it has 12k online through smart decisions. Just because your guide says a certain order doesn't mean you should follow it if the ganking is hot there.
  22. Haestingas

    [H] [USA/NA] <ToW> 9/9 AQ40

    Their previous GM was pretty bad and refused to give up leadership. The vast majority of Titans decided to reform under ToW with a new GM. Heard they lost their gbank but overall was probably a good choice.
  23. Haestingas

    Spinal Reaper to Holy Paladin

    Reaper is a pvp item, BRE is the pve item that has impact. Especially if that holy paladin likes to pvp that would be fine with most guilds. You are in Virtue, maybe just hit up an officer in the LC and ask them to explain in more depth than putting them on blast on forums. It's especially silly to put them on blast when you don't even know what you are talking about.
  24. Haestingas

    Ironfoe vs. Quel'Serrar

    Alcors was toted as the best threat weapon on many servers because the threat generation from dmg taken was incorrect. Instead of receiving rage for dmg taken after mitigation, on Nost and the older servers you received rage based upon what the dmg would have been with no armor. This led to an incredible amount of rage generation which enabled HS on every swing, which made Alcors superior. Now that rage generation has been fixed on Elysium Project and Kronos Alcors is only amazing on vael. IMO Alcors is a waste of money because like Vilius said Finkles is very close. Fang of Venoxis from snake boss in ZG also fulfills that same niche very well. With that in mind, Ironfoe is amazing when world buffed, but depending on faction and race generally you want Crul from nef, TF, Viskag, or Deathbringer from a threat perspective.