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    ony/nef buff

    The only buff that you can't get at all times is Warchiefs Blessing, which I think is on a 6h timer.
  2. Haestingas

    ZG, AQ20-40, Black Wing Lair, Naxxramas

    I mean you did say Naxx is releasing in a month or so, which is definitely wrong. Maybe you meant the test server for it?
  3. Haestingas

    ZG, AQ20-40, Black Wing Lair, Naxxramas

    ... look at youtube, there's speedclears of all those instances on Anathema posted.
  4. Sweet, I think this is as close to a win win we can get in this situation.
  5. You are a lost cause, not as bad as QQ and Caber but come the hell on. You literally just said that AV = 40man so the gear should be comparable to 40man pve loot, and I just gave 4 examples of how that logic is actually true. Also the quiver is very strong for pve. Go back to doing what you do best, dunking on ungeared pugs and dodging premades. The Elysium itemization was made crystal clear from day 1 with the timeline, tough luck kiddies.
  6. You realize a couple AV items are actually insanely strong and only upgraded from Nef or later? Dun Julio is very strong and upgraded at Nef, Healing offhand is VERY STRONG with a SIDEGRADE from AQ40, fire/frost offhand upgraded from twin emps. So YES av already follows that logic you idiot. These guys will just cherry pick every post you guys make, and make idiotic posts the entire time. For gods sakes these complete idiots thought rag hammer is bis for pve. Don't argue with them, they have no clue about how this game works besides BGs and they don't care to learn.
  7. Haestingas

    Ironfoe: How many runs did it take you?

    108 runs for me.
  8. Haestingas

    37.00% crit cap?

    It depends on how much +hit you have. For every %1 hit you have that raises the crit cap by 1%.
  9. I'll bet you 1000g that they are seriously considering accelerating Elysium's timeline so that they can merge in ~6months. That's what Kronos ended up doing and it worked. Part of the reason I'm so confident is I know a lot of Elysium staff raid on Anathema and are personally invested in that server not dying. There's even a blizzlike way to accelerate Elysiums timeline which I outlined in another thread that works with that ~6month merge date.
  10. Due to there finally being some viable TBC servers + summer + Elysium taking most of the new blood Anathema is in big trouble. We have lost 8 NA guilds now in the last month, with Momentum being the latest casualty. Some of those players are joining other guilds, but many of them are quitting completely. Until the Elysium Project team announces some sort of merge or impactful form of action this trend will continue until theres ~3 NA guilds on each side. I saw this exact same thing happening EXACTLY A YEAR AGO on Kronos 1. Kronos ignored a 15+ page thread pleading for action until 5 months later and by then they had lost 70% of their raiding NA guilds. I'm fairly certain that the Elysium team is just hoping that this ZK merge will bolster Anathema and stem the bleeding. While we may receive MAYBE 200 players (and that's being extremely generous), that will not be a long term solution. if the Elysium team hasn't enacted some form of major changes in the next 4-5 months Anathema will get absolutely decimated when the Gummy TBC server releases, which by all accounts will happen in the next ~5months at best. LEARN FROM HISTORY, TAKE ACTION VERY SOON!
  11. In retail the patch's either came out faster or the world first clear took forever. Retail had 8 months between WoW release and BWL coming out for the US, for EU they had 7. Nost had 6.5 months. On retail Ragnaros took longer to kill after his availability than any other boss ever made in WoW. He wasn’t killed until 5.5 months after the release of the game. That means for the world first retail guild they had 2.5 months of Rag gear before BWL came out. On Nost it took 2 weeks for the no lifers, and by 2 months in a fair amount of guilds were killing Rag. So the average Nost raider had 4.5 months of Rag gear. On retail the time between BWL release and the start of the war effort was a bit less than 6 months. On Nost/Anathema we had 9 months. You then couple that with the fact that a ton of guilds killed nef in the first 3 weeks on Nost. The WORLD FIRST kill on Nef for retail took 2.5 months. So if you just compare the average raider on nost to the world first raiders on retail from a gear perspective, the average nost raiders had 8.25 months of nef gear, the world first guild had 3.5 months of nef gear. So why is this even relevant to this thread? Because I'd like to suggest that there's a BLIZZLIKE solution to catching up Elysium to Anathema for a merge before Naxx. You just take the time between the world firsts of retail and the next patch on the retail timeline and apply that time to Elysium. People complain up and down how easy raiding is on Elysium vanilla compared to retail, and this is one of the main reasons its so damn easy. Because you have time to farm full BiS before the next content comes out, which in retail FOR THE WORLD FIRST GUILDS they didn't have half the time generally. So applying this to Elysium, you would want to release BWL ASAP since it should have been out in early April to be Blizzlike. For BWL-AQ there should be 3.5 months between the first Elysium Nef kill and the start of the war effort. This solution gives a far more blizzlike experience to raiders on Elysium, and catches up Elysium to Anathema within ~6months. We then wait for a couple of weeks for Elysium to get some Cthun kills, and merge the servers for the eventual release of Naxx.
  12. Oh I do. Side question but did you play a shadowpriest on old nost?
  13. Haestingas

    Naxx must be made blizzlike.

    You realize there's an item already available that negates taunt resists and the cd makes it workable on 4H. Broken Reel 4 lyfe
  14. Haestingas

    Naxx must be made blizzlike.

    I would be surprised if Saph didn't create issues for top guilds.
  15. Nostalrius would not be suffering since it would be at 20k+ population now. A big part of the reason Nost was so successful was because the insane pop was getting a ton of attention across the interwebs. Considering Elysium has been completely downhill from a population perspective due to splitting the community of course it's not doing so well.
  16. So spending time = hard? I find that cute.Lemme know when you guys guys actually fight the other top premades full stop and don't just farm honor and I"ll care. And the best clear of all time of MC on ZK is 82mins...... what a joke server.
  17. Oh nice pvp update today, I see they completely ignored your oh so fantastic suggestion. Sorry guys better luck next time. Anywho it's been fun but there's only so much enjoyment to be had with endlessly shooting down your poor arguments. I've said my piece and made you look like complete fools enough times to prove my point.
  18. Haestingas

    Upcoming PvP Update

    Great change, I'll be respeccing my warrior for the first time in ~4months to MS for some affordable pvp this week. I can also hear the mages rejoicing through the computer since they can now afford to be frost for mc/bwl, then fire for AQ.
  19. Man you guys are so dumb. You realize hand of rag is fairly garbage at pve right? The very fact you think it's great in PvE exposes how little you know. You play a priest so I can sorta excuse you not knowing much. Except the fact you keep on posting like you know diddly squat. Cheif uses Crul + Dooms, Rag hammer is just for pvp and org. @Caber I'm not bragging about beating the 12 year old dragon, I'm bragging about beating 1000's of other players in dps on that dragon. It's pretty telling how little you mention of your own accomplishments, because you obviously have none to speak of. Anywho I've had a good laugh, you guys go back to crying for the updated ranking gear and thinking you are edgy abusing the vanilla system to never challenge yourselves beyond /played.
  20. HAHAHAHAHAH QQsya, FOOT IN MOUTH CONFIRMED. I'm #15 on that list you idiot. Caber lemme know when you post better #'s using your gear changes. Too bad I'm sure you are an irrelevant trash bag. Last I checked both #4 and #15 use R8 gear, you were really thorough in that examination QQsya. Not a single r8 chest to be found? Man I'm loving this, how about you guys go back to steamrolling pugs that undergear and aren't on comms and thinking you are worth a damn. Where the competition is just who puts in more time, not who actually plays at a higher level.
  21. Git good son. R8 updated legs + chest beats everything but the higher rank versions from a pve perspective. I want to see a pvper that coordinates with 39 other humans for 8h a week and actually gets along with them. Considering you egotistical jackasses can barely manage brackets without pissing in each others cereal I doubt it. I can say this stuff because I am top 50 on 10+ bosses for dps, I hold an all server record using those "trash" R8 items. So now that we have established that you are a complete idiot I consider this conversation done.
  22. 10h days of rolling over pugs and dodging strong premades. Oh the struggle. PS it doesn't take diddly squat to get pvp items that are bis, just R8 is enough to beat bwl items for pve for warriors. I'm just glad you are getting rekt by staff on here, keep on bumping your dead issue that was made clear from day 1 would never happen.
  23. If you say nothing is wrong with Anathema then you are not paying attention. We have lost 7 NA guilds in the last month. To the OP no way in gods green earth are we going to wait 15 months for naxx. Anathema will die within weeks if they announced such a dumb decision. The far more likely solutions are DOUBLING the speed of patches for Elysium, which has them caught up in 6 months. Or closing new account creation on Elysium, or opening up xfers to Anathema from Darrow + Ely. Or of course doing nothing, which would bleed out the server over the next 4-5 months and lose a thousand players.
  24. Haestingas

    <Reign> NA Horde 9/9 AQ

    Bump for great justice
  25. Except we gave birth to you son, ZK was just the overflow server.I love how you want to ruin Anathema PvP just to keep your server alive.