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    10 days without a reply

    I'm at 16 days bud, you still have around a week to go
  2. On our 2 kills we had zg heart buff, zanza, both greater shadow and greater nature pre popped, stam drink, elixir of fort, full dps consumes, stam or str food, and titans raid wide. This allowed for our entire raid to survive a small claw knockback into a double link, where the 3rd person on the link would barely survive. The change they did to phase one makes a small claw spawn every 5 seconds, and since they knockback on the spawn there's a fairly high chance you will eat a knockback into a link in phase 1. We run very light on druids so we really cant afford more then ~3 deaths If we want to kill Cthun in 2 weakened phases.
  3. We are not alliance with +10% hp across the board from kings, the flask really does help on C'thun for horde and is one of the reasons we are one of the few guilds to kill cthun hordeside. We struggle on that fight + ouro due to being very melee heavy so every buff counts.
  4. Band of Cenarius is still definitely in game, so when you guys implement this are we getting back our scepters like we were told around a month ago?
  5. No hes talking about Swifty, who found a way to drop combat (I forget the trick tbh) in retail vanilla and made a video about that + skull of impending doom + glowy hands
  6. Haestingas

    Elysium PvP - Fury PvE BiS Lists / Consums / Enchants

    Viskag is a stupid strong weapon for warriors, due to the proc generating rage. For humans its really not replaced until AQR from AQ40.
  7. Any cartoon featuring a sewer race that involves the super bowl halftime flush has my support.
  8. Haestingas

    quick question

    Generally speaking you will be rejected from some groups for playing the hybrid specs, because you bring less to the table than the "pure" dps classes and DPS is the easiest roll to fill generally speaking. If you are persistent you will generally be able to eventually find groups, but you are the last choice for anyone running a group. The sole exception is if theres a group with a druid healer, where a ret paladin would bring resurrect to the table which is fairly valuable in that specific circumstance.
  9. Lol, do you not know what patch progression means? Lemme guess, you are on Elysium or Zethkur? DB vanillagaming is the FINAL STATS as in around naxx, tons and tons of items were changed between 1.4 and 1.12.
  10. Haestingas

    Hardware, servers, and funds

    Why no transparency? Why using the valk paypal that is connected to shenna? http://i.imgur.com/ygRBEtZ.png http://i.imgur.com/Eq7afgt.png https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/5pg24a/buying_characters_on_old_valkyrie_elysium/?st=j2o60768&sh=1179bfcb
  11. There's 3 guilds horde side that still havnt cleared BWL yet, let alone aq40 on Anathema. I'm going to bet theres a similar amount of ally guilds in the same boat. This means you can progress through BWL-AQ still on anathema and not get carried if you wish. Considering how boring MC is I'd consider that a bonus over Elysium. I also enjoy the community quite a lot on Anathema, with super fun world pvp against Scuba Cops, and a lot of friendly horde guilds. The main downside for new people is pvp, where BWL gear is abundant and a good chunk stronger than what you can get as a new 60 generally. I'd recommend Elysium if you were a primary pvp player, or if you want to experience patch progression and race for server/region firsts.
  12. Haestingas

    MC Math

    Convulsion has had 1 binding despite doing double MC for 6+ months, Dreamstate same thing. When you have such a low drop rate there's bound to be unlucky people. For fucks sakes Convulsion had no t2 belt drop for 23 vael kills in a row, and the droprate on that is 12x higher than a binding. Fact is when there's no pity timer and % based drop rates, there's bound to be outliers of bad luck and good luck.
  13. Edgemasters is a no brainer, its BiS until Cthun gaunts.
  14. Haestingas

    What's up with Zeth transfers?

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. How about you research the kronos merge before you open your mouth.
  15. Haestingas

    What's up with Zeth transfers?

    Jelly you obviously are inexperienced with this. It's called duplicate names, duplicate guild names, and how exactly to deal with them. Before you call BS on a GM make sure you don't make yourself look like a tool and fool combo.
  16. Haestingas


    While I still believe alliance have a slight advantage due to more raid hp, in the end Cthun is perfectly killable by both factions. I know in my guild our problems with Cthun aren't due to no kings and such, its due to the weakest links in our raids failing their assignments. Cthun is one of the first fights where you need essentially the entire raid on top of their shit, and I know it's been an eye opener for my guild that we need to improve.
  17. I would consider duki a fairly strong source on paladin info, but on everything else he is unproven.
  18. Haestingas


    Took the #1 horde guild Dreamstate ~4h to kill Cthun, took Gnarly around the same amount of time. My guild spent ~5h and still hasn't killed em. I can't speak towards alliance as much, seems like they are having an easier time with em judging by the amount of ally kills vs horde kills.
  19. Haestingas

    How do I know when to sacrifice crit for AP (or vice versa)?

    In full BiS BWL gear + full consumes 1% crit gives roughly 8 dps non world buffed. That's not counting blessings/totems, which at least for totems pushes it to 10dps. Crit is valuable as hell due to flurry uptime, so generally id agree with alrik.
  20. Haestingas

    why are hunter pets so garbage

    I rate this troll 2/10
  21. Haestingas

    Elysium vs. Anathema?

    While Anathema still has a year and a half before its done, if pvp and 5 mans are your focus then honestly I'd recommend Elysium and that's coming from an Anathema player. Anathema has a ton of gear built up over the past 2 years and you will be hard pressed to compete as a casual new player. While Elysium will also have some geared players, the disparity wont be nearly as great.
  22. When you DOUBLE the previous server record on a boss, and dont see a single other mage even in the top 50, maybe that means something was screwy? Maybe when you are doing 8700 dps at one point MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE something is up? Then a few weeks later you guys did the exact same thing, get rekt you guys knew it was abuse and still did it, http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/FightOverallOverview.aspx?FightName=Golemagg the Incinerator&realm=Ana http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/FightOverview.aspx?Raid=67364&Fight=7 Cheater
  23. No one is terrified, we used 6 fire mages last night. The only way you would be afraid is if you abused 10K+ ignites recently. I recognize Magnusyo as the MIRACLE mage that did 3600dps on golemagg not too long ago, which wouldnt be possible even if you crit every single frostbolt. So theres at least 1 ignite abuser in this thread, I wonder about the other ppl?
  24. Care to explain how the HELL a Conspiracy mage did 3561 DPS on GOLEMAGG!!! Care to explain how that mage spiked up to 8708 DPS during that fight? Looks like to me you guys abusing Ignite 3 weeks ago. http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/FightOverview.aspx?Raid=67364&Fight=7
  25. Have any of the guilds that abused the PI Ignite exploit been banned? So far I've heard SORRY and Conspiracy were caught abusing. The chat log between Pottu and the Conspiracy GM was the most heated I've personally seen Pottu some I'm guessing that didn't go well for Conspiracy.