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    Orc vs. Troll warrior

    If you were able to reliably get the full haste from troll racial it would beat blood fury, but it's extremely unreliable. Add in the fact that Deathbringer on an orc is very good, and crul on an orc is BiS until Naxx, and that's why orcs are generally considered to be better than troll. The stun resist is pretty nice as well for the few PvE encounters that stun you.
  2. The first boss in aq40 is harder than anything in MC/BWL....
  3. Haestingas

    Elysium MC since patch (4/19)

    Luci is still fairly simple even in prebis if you decurse and use restorative potions. You realize a big reason why top guilds kill luci so fast is due to the majority of the raid using a restorative potion so the raid doesn't have to decurse or dispel for the first 30 seconds right? There's no way in hell you cant kill luci if you just resto pot. *edit so I did some math, and even if your dps only do 300dps on average it will still only take ~60 seconds to kill luci with 25 dps. So a resto pot covers 50% of that fight duration, and then you finish up the last ~30 seconds with dispelling and decurse.
  4. Rets contribute the most using nightfall this is true. The issue is that they have poor uptime compared to hunters and warriors.
  5. Haestingas

    Ahn'Qiraj Hype Thread

    I can confirm a couple of bug mounts. I know Enigma of Dreamstate, Kwazorn of Gnarly, Slicy of Coalition, Illuminati of Reign, Jsblackmiu of Blood and Honor have received mounts. I heard that Death Angels missed the BWL 1.5h clear window by ~4minutes due to their MT dcing for 10 minutes. The unconfirmed mounts are Pact of Shadow, Salad Bakers, and WDsomethingsomething (Chinese guild that is just a bunch of letters) who I know farmed a lot of fragments.
  6. Congratulations on being the 1st NA guild to clear AQ40.
  7. Haestingas

    Ahn'Qiraj Hype Thread

    The Kronos trailer can't be beaten. The guy who created that trailer shortly after received a job offer from blizzard.
  8. Except they didnt get server first hahahahaha.
  9. there will be 10 at absolute max. On saturday there was only 9 people going for it
  10. First of all I'm just a raider in Reign, not even an officer. As to my compatriots in discord, the reason they were against any change is all the changes being proposed gave us a ZERO CHANCE to get a mount after putting in 6h+ a day each. Of course we would be firmly against any change like that, we would be fucking crazy to not complain about that.
  11. The guilds that gave up on it due to the 6 people limit didn't deserve a chance if they weren't willing to go deep in the paint for it due to being too casual. But tell me more about kids flip flopping when your 1st and only post on this forum is you complaining.
  12. Quite frankly personally I'd be fine with letting the ~10ish people all get their mounts since they put in ungodly amounts of time the last week. I'd also be fine with leaving it as is where the BWL raid ID resets at 10 server (1am pacific, 4am eastern) and the first 6 ppl to ring the gong get a mount. What I'd be upset about is if you pushed back the raid reset time, because if you delay the raid by those 5 hours, then NA is completely screwed. This means the entire east coast will be at work or in class and west coast will be about to leave for work/class and we will have zero chance. With the raid reseting at 1ampst/4amest we are going to be able to field ~30 of our own members and get help from ~10 other people to where we can realistically compete. TLDR 10 hour window for all guilds to complete is fine, leaving it where the first 6 that clear at NORMAL reset time is fine, pushing back the reset time is NOT FINE AT ALL P.S. I really really wish you had started this dialogue earlier, we have people taking days off of work for this thing and changing this around last minute is nervewracking after we have put in 20h+ each guild wide. The entire server has been planning around the normal reset scenario for weeks, please either do the normal reset or the ~10ish people all get their mounts within 10h.
  13. Haestingas

    Nerf Will of the Forsaken

    Understand that the vast majority of people that came to this vanilla server, CAME TO PLAY VANILLA WITH ALL THE STUPID OP SHIT THATS PRESENT. We didn't come to play a vanilla server where crybabies such as yourself had the game changed to suit their needs.
  14. You have to consider the fact that due to your customization of the mount quest, that only 6 people get to receive the mount. Since there are ~10 people in contention for the mount, if you delay the ringing of the gong then it just comes down to who can click the gong quicker whenever you delay the event to. I propose you keep the mount part of the equation to the current circumstance, which is essentially the 6 guilds that can clear BWL the fastest after the reset get a mount. Many of us are ok with this, because at least there's a form of reward for being a better guild and having a better clear time. If we end up losing out on the bug mount at least that means the other guilds were better than us at BWL that day. If you change the gong ring time then ALL it rewards is ping and luck, which would absolutely enrage the 100s of people that have spent 20h+ on this mount quest only for it to come down to luck.
  15. Haestingas

    Nerf Will of the Forsaken

    This is vanilla wow and wotf is meant to be in it's current state. How about we remove blessing of freedom while we are at it since it makes alliance OP as hell in pvp? How about we remove rogue stun locking?
  16. Haestingas

    Black lotus changes

    Again it shows how beyond stupid you are. You realize throughout all of vanilla you could split pull Van with all marshals up and kill him? I'm in this video btw, and blizzard didn't give a flying fuck about the backdoor or this strategy. In vanilla they supported being clever to outwit your enemies and didn't cater to crybaby GIVE ME EVERYTHING people like yourself. We used this strategy throughout ALL of vanilla and blizz never ever stopped us.
  17. Haestingas

    <Reign> vs <HANDLE IT>

    i find it cute that HANDLE IT didnt mention the other 40 much better players that helped them wipe Reign. And yeah I think the scuba score is like 12 Scuba and 3 Reign lol
  18. Haestingas

    Booty Bay guard aggro

    I'm going to bet you had the finishing blow. Generally the way it works is you need to wait a couple minutes or log out and in to unflag yourself.
  19. Haestingas

    Black lotus changes

    Except if you knew anything at all about this game you would know that no herbs = no minefields. They are currently using the OG AV which in retail was only around for a couple of months. If they don't use the OG then both mines + herbs go bye bye. Considering you are such a fool that you think av isn't alliance favored, then think about if the backdoor had no mines. My source is that I have gotten 5 alliance to av exalted, and 3 horde to av exalted. I played retail from day 14- AQ, nost from week 1 throughout, Kronos during the shutdown. So when I say that alliance is unbelievably favored that's because I've played both for a ton of time, and it's crystal clear that alliance have a dramatically easier time. You are obviously an inexperienced vanilla wow player which is why so many people are "namecalling" you. You demand changes to things you don't even understand. Next time you post something maybe you should research what you are talking about before making yourself look like an idiot.
  20. Haestingas

    Development Update 19.04.2017

    Ohhhhhh baby what an update!
  21. Haestingas

    Looking for old guildies (Delirium)

    Can confirm Kronos isn't better at all, especially in the raids. Don't get me wrong it was amusing to be in preraid and clear MC in 62mins in our first clear with 34 people due to all the ridiculous better than BWL stuff available in preraid, but lets be real here. Firemaw being completely broken for 2 months, vael BA not killing tanks, razorgore dragonkin hitting like wet napkins, and a couple other issues make me laugh at people lauding the scripting over there. Is Kronos comparable to anathema? yes id give them that, but definitely not better.
  22. Haestingas

    [Horde - NA] Reign recruiting for AQ40 8/9

    Still looking for a holy priest and shadow priest, we are still looking to round out our raiding roster.
  23. Haestingas

    This needs to stop

    You are a naïve idiot. They are killing you so they can compete with other horde rankers, not purely for the fun of it (although it is rather fun). They would prefer to be in a BG instead, but due to the population differences they have 45mins between each queue pop, and they need to farm honor during those 45 mins to remain competitive for top stands.
  24. Son of a fucking bitch, I farmed 10 stacks of lean wolf steak for no fucking reason?! Man what the fuck is going on with this shit that they have fucked up 4 deadlines in a row? I even motivated my guild to help out and now all of our time was wasted? I'm fucking done, I've tried to help out but this is too much of a train wreck for me to give a shit anymore. AQ release better be fucking amazing with all the time they've stalled/lied to get.
  25. Haestingas

    Elysium Q & A Weekly Answers! / 14.04.2017

    I'm still a bit upset that all of the servers efforts to turnin WE mats to accelerate the WE ending before the 19th were for nothing, but if the WE does conclude on the 19th I'll survive.