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  1. 2h fury works with BRE, and a couple of Naxx weapons. The caveat is that world buffs are essentially required to make 2h work, otherwise you won't have the rage for the proper rotation. A TON of MC dps records were set with BRE. 

  2. 4 hours ago, Paditz said:

    Mong with a mong reply, retail BRE prof chance is 15% and I'm assuming it's the same here. It's extremely easy to maintain stacks as I used it for 3 years on feenix. Look at the maths, even 1 proc is very slightly below deoi in damage




  3. On 9/10/2017 at 6:36 PM, Paditz said:


    maths > small braiN REDACTED 

    You are a moron if you think you can maintain stacks in pvp. I also love how you ignore the proc on dark edge which is incredible, and the 100-300 more hp you get from those weapons. And that's coming from a guy that's had BRE for over a year and used it a lot, great weapon but relying on stacks is idiotic in pvp.

  4. 1 hour ago, Omakaroni said:

    Thanks, the BiS is made around 60 sec fight, Slayers Crest is better than DFT/Kiss of the spider even in longer fights, Badge is however beaten by kiss of the spider at longer fights.

    Really? Interesting, my guild is having a huge dust up over Kiss of the spider because everyone is convinced it's bis over slayers crest for warriors. Did you calculate the value of the Kiss activate outside of execute phase or something? Because with napkin math Kiss looks bonkers during execute phase.

    I'm kind of shocked that you have crest>dft on long fights. its essentially what, 107ap on average versus 56ap and 2% hit? So 51ap > 2% hit? My buddy would be very interested to know this, because he still doesn't have DFT (he does have Kiss though the bastard).

  5. 57 minutes ago, Morest said:

    Sweet i got whirlwind axe I'm going to respect to fury today and see the difference. Thanks for all the advice. If you got any more input let me know any hints will be appreciated for my noob ass.

    Make sure you use /sit to proc enrage and bloodcraze. It's absolutely huge.

  6. On ‎9‎/‎28‎/‎2017 at 1:35 PM, Ragingducks said:

    According to the pre-bis list that started this topic, the hammer isn't even listed, so I'd like to know this as well.

    I already have the Stormstrike Hammer as OH and was thinking of buying the Lobotomizer as I have the rep.

    Do you think it's a waste of gold to buy the Lobotomizer when I have the Stormstrike Hammer? I'm human.

    Lobo is a straight up NO, using that in raids is awful because it takes up a valuable debuff slot.

  7. 7 hours ago, Omakaroni said:

    WOW! Your actually completely right about that, i totally overlooked it because using Ghoul Skin over Plated Abom will put you at 7 hit, which is effectively 1,6 miss on BT and Execute, which is not affected by wep skill. But it seems like its a upgrade of 2dps in no buffs set. If it actually is worth it would be up to you, cus 1,6 miss on BT and Execute makes you more vulnerable to RNG misses to just benefit 2dps increase at "balanced" RNG.

    So in that circumstance wouldn't Kiss be a clear upgrade over slayers crest since the hit is so impactful? I'm also curious to what duration of fight you have this calculated for. I'm a huge fan of badge of the swarmguard on short fights, but especially in naxx isn't it weak compared to DFT due to long fights?

    Thank you for putting in this work, you finding out that crazy Deaths sting/pugio/aged core gloves combo was amazing.

  8. Oh they are totally invested in increasing pvp activity. But it's increasing PvP by the masses, not the premade community. The premade culture on private servers has completely annihilated casual pvp, leading to overall decreased participation in BGs. They are monitoring pvp participation on Anathema to see if their 3 person max thing works because lets be real, Anathema is the PTR for Elysium. If participation increases, then I expect Elysium to get the same change.

    Jerome you are such a cancer player, NO REASON TO PVP BECAUSE MAH ITEMS? I guess pvp isn't fun for you, get the hell out of pvp then.

  9. At least on Anathema the annihilator proc % is super low, and crystal yield doesn't stack sadly. You do have a good point about badge though, since Badge + 3 stack BRE is so much pen that some of it is wasted.

    Using BRE is pretty fun actually due to managing the 3 stacks. I find myself doing a lot more hamstring when the stack is about to expire and stuff like that. You also become much better at cleaving and WW since they are so effective at keeping up stacks + DPS that you treat it far more seriously than 1hers.

    You really want wbuffs though when using BRE, makes sure you have enough rage to keep use everything on CD in order to keep up stacks.