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  1. How would you rate Shalehusk Boots compared to Cannon Master or Valor?
  2. 4:3 for that real vanilla experience
  3. flamebreak

    All want to play Nost PVP.

    There can be vote manipulation on both sides. Besides, I don't think anyone's gonna go through the trouble to cheat on a poll like this. It's the best information we got so far.
  4. flamebreak

    All want to play Nost PVP.

    But nobody wants to play catchup unless they absolutely must, it's much more fun progressing through the content with other people. New players will definitely have a better experience on the fresh realm. Old nost players can keep playing on the old one, plus from what I've been told guilds are coming back in their entirety, so they're fine even with no new players at all.
  5. flamebreak

    All want to play Nost PVP.

    What is the origin of the poll? Why is everyone calling it unscientific?
  6. flamebreak

    Vintage screenshots

    Nice screenshots guys! I should hook up my old HDD to look at screenshots of my priest with staff auto attack on action bar button 1
  7. flamebreak

    How far behind will I be?

    Well, if you really want to avoid playing catch up, then obviously the fresh realm is your best bet. The PvE one might not be a bad middle point though, not to mention it releases earlier. You do have to be very active in your search for a guild, however, depending on your class as well. There's still plenty of 60s who want to raid now, and perhaps aren't that willing to wait for level 1 players to level to 60. Not to mention all the new players you will be competing with for said raid spots. That said, if you prefer pve realms in general, there's not a whole lot of choice. I don't think it will be a bad choice regardless.
  8. What I meant was I find little enjoyment in being carried through the dungeons, even if you do get free loot since nobody else needs it. I like progressing through the content with other players, who need to do the same content as I do, whether it'd be levelling, 5-mans or raids. I enjoy vanilla as a whole, not just the latest raid. And I don't think levelling will be as bad as you think. I played on K2 when it had upwards of 8k players, all level 1-40, and wpvp didn't slow me down needlessly much. Instead I had many fun moments in various places, fighting both quest mobs and players in a party. You'd also be surprised how many players of opposing factions just completely ignore each other.
  9. flamebreak

    Professions Worth it in Vanilla?

    It depends how much you are expecting to get out of them. Stuff like herbalism can be really lucrative, since everyone needs consumables. Some of the crafted gear is really gear is really good, like bloodvine come ZG patch and Hide of the wild from DM. Plus, if you get a rare recipe early (not really applicable for the old servers, since there's a ton of people with every recipe) you can make a lot of money. You'll literally get strangers whispering to you since they heard you can make a rare item.
  10. flamebreak

    All want to play on fresh

    This is exactly the attitude I'm talking about. It's like sticking your head in sand when you hear an argument you can't counter. Don't come to the forums if you can't handle differing opinions, mate.
  11. But world pvp is fun? Getting killed by players of your own level is no big deal, since you can fight back. Also, running through content with other players who also need to do the exact same content is fun. I find little enjoyment being the green-geared guy, begging a guild to run you through strat live or MC. It's not all about the loot.
  12. flamebreak

    All want to play Nost PVP.

    I thought the whole Nost project was all about progression. That's what the game lacks nowadays. If you got a 60 you're attached to, keep playing that character sure, but there's definitely a lot of people who don't. There's more to vanilla than just AQ40/Naxx to me, and I feel like I'm not alone in that sentiment. People want to experience vanilla as a whole, including levelling/5-mans/raids. Not just rushing to 60 with a ton of BiS-geared players around you, hoping you can join a guild that can carry your green-geared попа through said content.
  13. flamebreak

    All want to play on fresh

    It's equally entertaining to me. As soon as someone presented a compelling argument, you started belittling and ignoring them, instead of trying to counter said arguments. That's not really how discussions work.
  14. I don't understand the war between fresh and old servers. If you got a lvl 60 you're attached to on the old servers, keep playing there. Otherwise, roll on fresh. There's no issue here.
  15. flamebreak

    HD Textures and BAN

    I saw a video where a player changed his druid cat form into a werewolf in retail vanilla, yet he didn't get banned. Not sure if Nost's anti-cheat is stricter tho.
  16. flamebreak

    All want to play Restored Nost.

    It's not black and white. There's a big difference in just hitting level 60 when everyone else is BiS-geared, and being level 1 when everyone else is BiS-geared. There's a big difference in getting that healing enchant when there's 5 other people on the server who have it, and getting it when 100 people on the server have it. You might always be behind the top-tier players, but the question is how much you're behind, and how many players actually are ahead of you. Still, I don't get what the problem is. If you have a character you're attached to on the old servers, keep playing that character. If not, then roll on the fresh server. Problem solved? I don't even understand why you're interested in this. You're clearly in an established guild (and the best player in that guild, surely), why do you even care what some plebeian rerollers do?