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    The War Effort Continues!

    Any news about reducing War Effort numbers?
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    Он работает абсолютно правильно. На классике он так и работал. Качать его есть смысл 1-й ранг только, т.к. юзаеться он если ты с двуручкой до 40-го лвла(до МСа). Уже в БК его сделали более юзабельным.
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    Да все у них готово, включая накс. В открытом доступе уже 2 года лежат сборки с полностью рабочими рейдами. Просто есть желание чтобы люди не абузали(ну вар эффорт по близлайку это реально 1 день для нас) и желание оттянуть чтобы подольше сервер был живым. Но ребят, есть золотая середина. Апнуть Вар Еффорт - да, но не более чем в 3-4 раза.
  4. Я понимаю все что вы хотите этим сказать, но хочу достучаться до администрации. Ребят, подобными полу-мерами вы теряете людей. Думаю, произошло достаточно много событий говорящих об этом. Я бы не хотел бы чтобы проект загнулся, т.к. хочу убить Кель Тузеда. Пожалуйста, тим лидер(если ты конечно есть), сделай так чтобы всем было хорошо, без полумер, дипломатических трюков и пиара - это же не геополитика.
  5. DPS

    UBRS 10 man

    15 men was long long time ago. Like in ~1.2 patch
  6. How much War Effort mats they got?
  7. Это вообще не полное ядро! Нет ключевых файлов. Тот же Unit.cpp и кучи других. Хорошо что люди успели скачать полную версию когда слили ядра Елизиума и Носта, там и БД были и все остальное. Вы правда хотите чтобы мы помогли проэкту? Или это типо отмазка?
  8. Many players are crying about shitloads of rare materials in War Effort. But we can change em! Eg replace firebloom with "something else" in War Effort quests. And yeah, if you'll announce it few days before replacing it - I think many ppl will contribute their fireblooms before changes.
  9. Aren't theres missing files at Git? I noticed that Unit.cpp and other files are missing.
  10. Cause most people were inactive because they overfarmed everything and just wants AQ and Naxx. Same will be with fresh realms when they'll fail to release BWL/AQ
  11. You told me thats bad idea, but now I see, you got its actually MUST BE IMPLEMENTED idea. ;-)
  12. Well, most of us noticed that Elysium realm looks pretty strange and even confussive at Elysium project. Where are you playing? - Elysium - realm or servers? etc...
  13. Greetings! I got an idea of some kind of matchmaking at Battlegrounds. Read full before makes any decision please: So we need many "brackets" When player signs for any BG, system should check player's current PvP rank (for groups PvP rank should be same as highest rank in group). During waiting system should search opponents only with same PvP rank. BUT if in some time(eg 2min) no opponents found, rank area should raise up with 1more rank etc Example: Rank 13 guy signed for BG, in 2mins there is no enough R13-R14 players to start BG, so search continues but now players with R12 joined to pull, if no players found in 2mins, R11 players joined to search pull etc. THATS NOT ALGORITHM, thats an idea how to make PvP normalized.
  14. "If ranks worked like rating" If high ranks are playing only vs high ranks it makes a bit more "rating-like" still poor ofc, but still. Because high rank will be more than only time investment.
  15. Informant's costs database isnt updated after 1.6 patch. Mean all items after ZG isnt on its database. Just need updated BD
  16. As many of us noticed, population is dropping down. If we want to stop it we need to do something! I think, that we should merge Zethkur with Elysium and Darrowshire with Anathema. Also, we need to faster-up releases dates to make em blizzlike. Because many ppl thinks that blizzlike timeline is broken and Elysium is "another one bla bla bla". P.S. Merging Darrowshire with Anathema will also makes War Effort and AQ40 progress more interesting and competive!
  17. DPS

    The War Effort Continues!

    You cant farm rep until War Effort will finish.
  18. My suggestion is makes more competitive rank grinding, allowing skill req, since playing vs higher ranked players(even pugs) is still harder than farming green paladins with TuF. Also, thats will make low rank PvP is more competive too, since players will fight MOSTLY same geared players, they will forced to stop afking (since afking is started when player few times in row face premades)
  19. Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker 44 - 115 Damage +16 - 30 Nature Damage. Speed 1.90. (53.9 damage per second) BUT! In situation we have now, with no elemental dmg, TF is 44 - 115 Damage Speed 1.90. (41,8 damage per second) Mean, Legendary weapon got white DPS same as UBRS blue items... +proc ofc but still. My suggestion is to remove +ele dmg on it and to raise its white dmg to 67-138. (44-115 + avg dmg from ele weap(23)) untill implimentation of elemental dmg.
  20. Well if you're sure ele dmg is working thats this topic is useless. Thanks for fast answer