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  1. 20 минут назад, Whitewolf сказал:

    Then it should be doing roughly 189 damage without one handed spec and 208 with it. The only thing I can think of is that the base damage is off or the spell damage coefficient is off by a whole 1% for one handers. It's supposed to be 9.6% but an 8.6% gives me your numbers.

    The problem with your claim is that it is from a non raid perspective while also comparing to a weapon that swings .3 seconds slower. I'm not saying anyone is right, just that there was obvious miscommunication.

    Its 191-192 with 5/5 1H spec, 5/5 imp SoR, 1000 spelldamage and 1.6 weapon(Widow's remorse). W/o any additional buffs(No sanc aura, no Nightfall etc)

    And 358-359 with same stats but with 2.9 speed (R14 1H sword), and 518x with 4.0 2H Weapon.

  2. 12 часа назад, Hummi сказал:

    Same old topic, mate ...

    Elysium is running a weapskill formula, where u are nearly glance capped at 310. So getting 315 is better, but not worth it.

    310: 90% glance dmg

    315: 95% glance dmg

    So on this server for humans: don't take maladath, get brutality or wait for ZG

    To be fair its 95% with 310, and 100% with 315. You also forgot that Maladath is 56.4 dps item, so extra dps on it compensate lack of stats. (while BB is 5dps lower and Warblade is 8dps lower). I'm not talking that Mala rocks, but still Mala not worse than BB/Warblade (at least if you're not using R14 2.9 speed swords for Extra attack).

  3. 27 минут назад, Whitewolf сказал:

    400 spell damage + 161 JotC

    Thunderfury 1.9 speed

    (102.3264 spell damage +35.8 base) * 1.1 one hand spec * 1.1 Sanctity * 1.15 nightfall = 192.2

    Using the same math at 1000 spell damage you would get ~303 damage (~344 w/ JotC 161).

    190x with 1000spell damage is w/o sactity and nightfall. Also one hand spec included in numbers. That's numbers comes not from math, but from live test on Elysium core GM account, using .modify spelldamage 1000 

  4. 9 часов назад, killerduki сказал:


    You said i need 1000 Spell damage to make 190 Holy damage for 1.6 Speed , while in reality i been doing with 400 SP = 190 Holy damage with 1.9 Speed.

    (This is why your calculations are wrong).

    Proofs? I tested it. You need 1000spell damage to make paladin with Widow's remorce to hit for 190.

  5. 1 час назад, killerduki сказал:

    Where are those calculations and results ? can't see them.

    /Kind regards Killerduki

    Your memory is bad:



    - Its buff(orly? jk) while its active, each time you block, attacker gets 130+Your spelldamage*0.05 Holy damage (with 1k spell damage it will hit for 180 only!!!!) , and in additional it will provide you ~40 extra threat. So with 1000 spell damage, sanc aura and Rfury buff we will generate 416 threat at each charge. We have 4x charges = Holy shield with that buffs will provides us 1665 threat with 10sec CD = 167 TPS.



    - Its buff(orly? jk) while its active, each time you attack with your auto-attack, attacket gets 30(with 1.6 speed) or 60 (with 2.8 speed) damage + Your spell damage*0.16(for 1.6 speed), and *0.3 for 2.8 speed. Mean, with 1000 spell damage and 1.6 weapon(avg dmg vs boss 220)/2.8 weapon(avg dmg vs boss 480) the results will be: 190 holy and 220 white for 1.6 speed, and 360 holy and 480 white for 2.8 speed. 

    TPS result with sanc aura and rfury: 385 TPS for 1.6 and 440 TPS for 2.8. Yeah pretty huge numbers for auto-attack only, but thats req 1000(!) SPELL DAMAGE.

    And still, coefs are bugged, since they should be 10% at any weap speed for SoR. ;-)

    Ofc, you can get full Spelldamage gear+buffs, but you're wasting your money for nothing, and the most important thing, you're wasting FLASK OF THE TITANS! You're wasting tanking stats that you need to survive. Ofc, you can get more healers to your raid, but thats mean that WHOLE RAID should work for 1 pala tank! 


  6. 1 час назад, Hummi сказал:

    For Humans Maladath is not better, since it has basically no good stats.

    For NE, Gnome or Dwarf Mala is good

    For Humans Brutality or ZG are better

    For humans Maladath isn't so good as for other races for sure, but still thats rock! Cause of weapskill cap for glancing blows is 315, not 310.

  7. 5 минут назад, Whitewolf сказал:

    I was actually going off of your numbers in the other post. You mentioned 125 spell damage with enchants and weapon. Add 214 for a fully buffed JotC and you get 339. My holy light pulls threat when healing on a full health target. Why is JoL different? That's troubling.

    Oh, so paladin will get so much debuffs =) Also holy light shouldn't provide threat on full HP targets. Overheal isn't generates aggro for any healing.

  8. best OH prio stats:

    1. Sword(if you're combat sword speced)

    2. Huge DPS

    3. Awesome stats

    4. Speed

    So, ideally your OH should be fast sword with huge DPS and lots of stats (eg Iblis), but in pre-naxx content there is lack of goodand fast OH swords(only ZG one), but still, CTS or Maladath is better (its 2.6 and 2.2 speed).

  9. Paladin is #1 PvP healer!

    In PvE #2 after priests, but healing in raid as paladin is easiest thing! You never goes OOM! You never dies, you can save players with BoP, LoH, you can save yourself with buble, pala is best dispeller and Blessing of Freedom pretty rocks both in PvP/PvE. Skilled paladin is think any raid is looking for!

  10. 1 час назад, Silverlan сказал:

    Further to all of this, as mentioned before you are in an incredibly good place to prove us all wrong. You have a character with a thunderfury on a server which is approaching a raid full of undead. 

    I know your reason for quiting and will not argue how valid that is but surely you want to go out there and test this stuff and prove it to people? Yes there are still bugs but truly how many are left which drop your ability to tank? Bearing in mind warriors still can not proc chance on hit as they should.

    He simply can't get that the only thing that makes him to tank hard bosses is good healers he got in raid. And bug abuse(as for Maexxna). He thinks that his own achievement and any pala in any raid group can do same things.

    Also hardly lold about situation:

    overaggro by WL>BoP>another one overaggro by 2-nd WL>2-nd BoP by healpala. Thats req so huge skill for both palas. BoP rotation in 1-2seconds is pretty hard for most players.

  11. 24 минуты назад, wurzlsepp сказал:

    And btw you have insulted me already 3 times personally in this thread,

    He insulted my like 20-30 times already XD

    Take it easy, I bet he's child, cause mature person wouldn't communicate in such way with "titanic logic"

  12. @killerduki

    Warrior T3 provides +92block value and 30 more from ZG enchants. Your BiS pala gear have +0block value from armor and +0 from enchants. 

    So warrior gets 122more def than pally(w/o +block talent). You cant outnumber this numbers with your +30% block value talents. 

    If I remember correct, in BiS gear your pally have 175 block value(WITH TALENT!) and warrior got 250 block value. So you'r theory is wrong as always.



    He hits that tank for ~1k(looks like they nerfed it, since in db his agv dmg is 5.5k(1.375 after armor)). MS hits x5 times (=up to 5k), knockback is weapon dmg(=~1k), blast wave is up to 3k. 1+5+1+3=10k! If you're highly inlucky. Also, there's a chance tank wouldn't be at full HP during MS hit.

    Do you remember the times before ZG buffs goes life? Tanks were dying all the time at Broodlord! 


    You're skilled paladin, but looks like you're completely don't knows anything about other classes! You can't compare other classes values to pally values in raid. 

    I bet you're also thinking that paladins are best healers, and "average damagedealers" that "just need gear and skill". You should try to play other classes to get what they are about. Didn't you been part of <Paladin only PvE guild> with tanks/healers and dps paladins?

  13. And again, I wasn't talked you about "DAMAGE REDUCTION" I was talked about "SURVIVABILITY". Thats 2 did things!



    tank 1-  50% damage reduction and 10k HP

    tank 2 - 30% damage reduction and 40k HP

    What tank is better? -Tank 2 is better! Yeah, he tooks more damage, but its most likely will stay alive cause boss need much more time to kill him, and your healers are still can heal this dmg, cause their overheal is much lower now! 

    So, tank 2 will take LESS raw heal, More effective healing and less overhealing! And tank 2 is alive!

    so, if warrior's "DAMAGE REDUCTION" is 2.9% more, "SURVIVABILITY" surelly will be much more than +2.9% cause of highest HP values.

  14. @killerduki

    Paladin block value is LOWER than warrior's block value(cause of items with block value)

    Shadow flame and other spells need really high resist gear to resist all the time(and even with 315 resist it still can hit with 100% power)

    Broodlord combo still can kill even warriors with Titans, power word shield, greater stoneshield. Cause MS(20k)+Blast wave(3k)+Knockback(4k)+white hit(4k) - is more than 30k damage(before mitigation). That mean, you will get ~12-13k dmg combo with armor cap if you highly unlucky with boss combos. Few times I seen T3 tanks with Titans and greater stoneshield dies here because of ccccombo.


    Open your eyes! Everyone here talking you that warriors are abble to have have infinite rage if needed for boss fight(high TPS req fights) - tanks just replacing pure tank items with DPS items that is semi-tanking(lionheart, chromatic boots, dps rings, DFT(rarely, but sometimes tanks from overgeared guilds have this), onslaught girdle, majordomo bracers, R12-13 gear, T2.5 etc depends on patch you're playing. for FULL tanking rotation tank needs only ~10rage per second regeneration. You need to take 30dmg to generate 1 rage, mean to get 10rage per second, you need to take 300dmg/sec! With most boss attack speed 2.0, boss need to cause 600 dmg to you per hit to provide you enough rage! Most bosses are 3-4-5 times more, so you got enough rage even with 2 dodges/misses in a row! So rage isn't issue!




    P.S. Please, start reading "P.S." post after you read the text before it.

    Well, I'm playing from 2006. Before starting the game is read tons of guides about classes etc(I wanted to play this game before I bought computer, so I was reading from my phone and 2G internet connection, using Opera Mini.jar application), so I choose my first character class even before I seen game (I choose rogue). Like in ~9-10 months I decided to try warrior, but it was my alt, my fav character still was rogue. I was mostly casual PvP player back to that days. During TBC I was intersting in theorycrafting, I was reading elitistjerks dayly, made my own calculations.

    After WotLK release I stopped playing after 2months playing on that shit. I claimed for self that WoW is already dead. In like ~1 year I noticed that there started few Wotlk/TBC based "vanilla" servers. So I started to play on em, PvE was poor, but PvP was pretty decent, so I was PvP player that days. So I was jumping between that servers(they were with low livetime, and was open for ~1-2-3 months) untill there was Feenix release. I noticed that PvE at Feenix was really much more close to blizzlike values that any pirate server I seen before, so I decided to start PvE guild. Cause of Feenix content had very high buffed HP/dmg/armor values, most bosses tactics should be updated, since you can't kill that bosses with blizzlike tactics. So I recruted few prot paladins/feral druids for AoE tanking(aoe mobs had too much HP to kill it with ChallShout+AoE, and was hitting to hard to warlock-hellfire tank it, Force reactive disc proc wasn't working back to that days =(  ), also Gluth pala tanking was first used in my guild, other guilds uses mages for this(but you want to focus more top DPSers on Gluth, cause of his INSANE health on Feenix to abble to kill him before Enrage), same goes for BWL Supression room, AQ40 bug tunnel, Ouro scarabs(they had aggro at Feenix, so we used prot paladins to tank em), also we used feral druind to soak PW Hateful strike after it was buffed(any warrior could survive it that times, sometimes it was hitting for 11-12k), that "update" was rollbacked in 2 weeks cause any guild except mine killed him during this 2 weeks.

    In general, I was highly hardcore PvE player back to that time (2010-2013), I created few complete DPS spreadsheets (Fury, Rogue, WL and Mage), and countless "light spreadsheets" eg compared rest dru to priest HPS, Hellfire to AoE pally compare, prot warrior TPS calculator, HP needed to survive calculator etc.

    So, yeah, I know almost everything about theorycrafting and gamemechanics in Vanilla WoW.



    There is no any hated class/spec by me, I love unusual things (fury tank, Shadow Priest tank, ret DPS, hunter DPS, rogue avoidance tanking, shokadin PvP, fury PvP, druid PvP etc) I really loves this thinks cause its can "refresh" your game feelings, its something you seeing rarely. But sadly, all of this things req pretty rare loot and most of em isn't so much palanced as "normal" specs. I highly wants some kind of update for gear and talents with 1.12.1 client, to allow save using of new builds in raids.

    But currently, all possible things are already tested, and according to evolution theory, the most balanced specs, item sets, playstyle are already known and used by most players.

  15. @killerduki

    M8, are you retarded or just blind?




    You definitely playing on another one server for sure, you're playing on server where warriors are out of rage all the time, they are loosing agrro, diying on trash? While paladins are AoE tanking post-Vael dragon packs in WoTLK style! And all raid members are simply AoEing it in 15-20secs? Correct?

    Sad, that everyone here, except you dont have access to such realm, maybe we're just not enough skilled for you? Since one mistake or 1 lag will wipe whole raid, when you're tanking huge packs.


    And currently I'm think that your Maexxna screenshots are fake or used with bug abuse(did you get non-hot healing during Web Spray?) Since, anyone can't survive Maexxna enrage stun w/o direct healing or Shield Wall up.



    Paladin's block value is still lower than warrior!!!! 30% extra for paladin still not enough to compensate warrior's gear. And yeah, again, stamina>block value! Cause nobody gives  a fuck about how much you're blocking on boss - but even 1 stamina can save your(and whole raidgroup) ass at many bosses.


    Did you ever played healer? Do you know how hard to heal low HP tanks? And how easy is to heal high HP tank, even if they are not-crit immune, and lack avoidance? The more time tank can live w/o healing - the better tank is! And you're surelly after each death claims that your healers are slackers? XD



    If my logic is titanic, you dont have logic at all... Are you talking while sleeping? "zzzzz... paladin is best tank!! ....zzzzzzz.... warriors overrated!....zzzzzz rage starving.... JoW...zzzzzz"

  16. 15 минут назад, wurzlsepp сказал:

    What rage starvation? It only affects warriors who don't know how to gear properly for a boss fight. Every half decent prot warrior will have proper tps, resi and tier/def gear.

    That being said, a prot pally literally brings nothing to the table that a heal pally can't bring. I see only drawbacks: immobile, no fear protection, no useful cds, mana drain, no guaranteed cb immunity, no taunts, sub par gear progression, no interrupts, dps relevant debuffs have to applied by other tanks/warriors, simulated tps is lower than proper warrior tps builds, silence affinity, lower healthpools, no disarms... I know that some weird spellpower/proc specs can work wonders, so far all of them have been fixed though :D

    All I am saying is, a prot pally will be able to tank certain encounters, but never be a maintank. MIght as well give that prot pally a "night fall" to do something useful the rest of the time.



    melee hunters are better for Nightfall spam (Wing Clip). So paladins are useless even for Nightfall.

  17. @killerduki

    Well to be fair, anyone except warrior can tank maexxna because of shield wall (if you're not using any kind of abuse). So your paladin will die w/o shield wall on Maexxna enrage even with crush/crit immunity. Its impossible to survive w/o shield wall or like 18+k HP! 


    You should check Elysium speedkills ;-) And yeah, rage mechanics isn't changed at all, cause it was blizzlike for ages!


    I never said, there is 2% dif in surv between pala and warrior. I told you that warrior is 2.9% higher on damage red, and ~30% higher on surv(cause of more HP and 2.9% more damage red).


    Also I noticed that you never played warrior, cause you dont know timers and mechanics taunt-mockingblow-challshout! mocking blow/challshout allows you to wait taunt CD and re-try to use it w/o loosing control on mob! In ~99% times you got resist its enough to mocking blow+taunt to get mob back. For last 1% times(mocking blow dodge/2x taunt resists) you have chall shout). 2min CD for mocking blow allows you to use it almost each time you got taunt resist.


    I never stated that ZG gear is "weak", but its worse than higher lvl items. 



    Do you know why sword Rogues owns fury in pre-BWL content, but Fury owns sword rogues from BWL up to KT? 

    Before in pre-BWL content sword-Rogues got T1, 2x T2 parts, they got Viskag and Brutality blade, and most dmg items are agi based(ony neck, baron cloak, satyr bow etc), so rogues got more profit from it.

    What happens in BWL? Warriors got chromatic boots, DFT(better scaled for fury), CTS, Maladath, Krul, Shoulders, Legs, Chest etcc(In general, all that gear is not used or poorly scaled for rogues). AQ40 slighly buffs rogues(to be fair, mostly in PvP cause of deathdealer setbonus), but still not enough.

    In Naxx rogues gets very powerful stats and bonuses at T3, but they lack swords... Rogues are forced to use ~R14/CTS/AQR (all of em are worse than Nefarian's lvl items). While warriors are started to use Naxx weapons! 

    Give rogues 65.4 DPS (2.6 or 2.8 speed) 1H Sword and they will rock!!!

  18. Официального ру-клиента на 1.12.1 не существует =)

    Есть русификаторы, но они руинят множество аддонов, т.к. аддоны, которые берут инфу,например из комбат лога, перестают ее видеть. Так что дамагметры, агрометры, таймеры боссов и еще сотни аддонов не будут работать! 

    Мой вам совет: учите английский! Хоть какой-то толк от игры будет!