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    Patch 1.6 Best Mage Gear

    just get full t2 and profit until naxx release.
  2. Ram

    Best professions while leveling a mage

    For leveling enchanting and herbing. Disenchant every item that does not have relevant stats for selling on the AH and only herb if it fits in your Schedule. Get +5 herbing enchant on gloves. Later when 60 keep herbalism and level it to 300 for black lotus. Unlearn enchanting for engineering (good for raids and pvp).
  3. You forgot veil of eclipse, bracers from ossirian, ring of swarming thoughts, Rune of perfection, gem of nerubis. Also not every boss needs spells pen.
  4. Ram

    Raiding Hemo Rogue

    Gift of arthas > hemo
  5. Ram

    DME Farming

    Dem only read DM farm and thought about complaints about the patrols.
  6. Ram

    DME Farming

    with a bit of gear you can easily solo even the fast patrols. just gather them all and arcane explosion rank 1 for clearcasting, cone of cold (max rank if clearcasting or much mana, otherwise rank 1) and arcane explosion max rank when clearcasting. use frost nova + blizzard as an emergency tool (be sure to wait 4 seconds (2 arcane explosions + coc) until blizz debuff wears off before you reapply coc or just use 2 instead of 3 talent points in improved blizzard).
  7. Ram

    Arcane Spirit Power (exploiting the 5 Second Rule)

    Interesting read. Especially interesting g for leveling and maybe useful in BWL in some scenarios.
  8. Ram

    Felstrike Combination

    The proc rate is shit, even two of them are garbage. Just get a proper weapon.
  9. Ram

    Why is balance druid so worse?

    I mean clearing raids fast with chain pulling and no big mana breaks kills the moonkin's mana bar easier as the one of locks/mages. Then you do no dps because you drink, while the mages with armor+talent and the locks with life tap can already dps.
  10. Ram

    Why is balance druid so worse?

    Basic misconceptions in this thread: - combat ress is something that you plan to use in your raids (you should aim for not needing to use it) - only owls are good for combat ress (healing druids can do it, too) - crit aura is better than taking a proper dps class instead of a druids - the whole raid should wait for our special snowflake moonkin to regenerate mana after each mob and waste buffs like pi and innervate on the snowflake, which would have a greater effect on other classes. - the raid is formed to make the moonkin work instead of forming the player to make the raid. Again, moonkin is fun and in short fights it can do substential amounts of dps, but its general performance is lowered by mana inefficiency.
  11. Ram

    Why is balance druid so worse?

    frost mages have a +10% crit talent fire mages have a +6% crit talent warlocks have a +5% crit talent all comparable with or better as the moonkin aura. For the dps the moonkin aura adds you better bring a proper dps class. 3% crit from the aura for 4 other people does not make up for the damage you lose by bringing a moonkin instead of a proper dps. Plus in short fights the effect of arcane power does have an immense effect, especially when used with trinkets (suddenly your frostbolts crits do 1300 damage more than without arcane power). For fire the fact that ignite seems to be broken (like you say) on elysium, it is not the fault of fire mages per se. If ignite works properly, all fire mages add like 2-3k dps to the raid. The warlock shadowbolt debuff talent makes warlocks the strongest single target caster dps class and latest when you start mixing aq gear with bloodvine you will notice that. If threat is an issue, your tanks suck. You can keep on running blindly through this world. Sure thing moonkin is fun to play and challenging to keep up with others in terms of dps, but your limited by the game design and that will never change unless you go to a custom server that has better stat usage for moonkins. It is not only boss peak dps that counts, but overall damage is much more important than just boss damage. You have mages with 30(!)% mana regen from mage armor and 10-15% (depending on build, so 40-45% total) from talents, evocation and mana gems and a lock with life tap compared to a moonkin with what again? Demonic runes and mana potions. and innervate, which also costs mana to use because you have to shapeshift twice in order to be able to dps again.
  12. Ram

    Why is balance druid so worse?

    Frost mages have Arcane Power, Fire has Ignite, Locks have improve shadowbolt talent, owls have nature's grasp.
  13. Ram

    Why is balance druid so worse?

    Yes, I attacked a target dummy. I used naxx gear and prioritized hit > crit (I used e.g. full bloodvine set with tailoring bonus over the naxx spell dmg robe, polarized leggings or whatever they are called and some random epic boots -> using hit where it makes sense) among with Flask, Brilliant Wizard Oil, Greater Arcane elixir, mageblood potion, spirit of zanza, nightfin soup, demonic runes and Major mana potions. I used one innervate and did just cast starfire and moonfire (mainly for the dot dps) and casted until I got major mana pot, demonic rune and innervate on cd and was completely oom. In the beginning my dps was of course higher than 480 (it was around 650), but with shapeshifting for innervate and the flattening dps increase of the initial trinket use, the whole dps flattened down to 480 dps. In a short fight I would have performed better ofc, still 680 dps in full BIS gear is utter garbage.
  14. Ram

    Why is balance druid so worse?

    Just for the sake of saving mana I would go full hit on every slot where the crit / spell damage item available is not SIGNIFICANTLY better. I just did some tests on Kronos PTR in full Naxx BIS gear and 480 dps was the best I could do before going oom.
  15. Ram

    Why is balance druid so worse?

    If you do not hit, you waste the full many of the spells, not only dps. Only Hits can crit. So basically stacking hit is most important for many efficiency and to make use of the crit talent (which is totally overrated). The crit talent proc is only worth 0,167 times a starfire (0,5/3) so each starfire crit will give you only 16,7% of a starfire as bonus damage. This means you would need to make 6 crits with starfire and and hit 6 times with the fast cast starfire in order to make up for one spell you did miss due to missing hit on gear.
  16. Ram

    Sword or Dagger for leveling?

    My question regarding mace spec was more about leveling. Anyways thanks for the fast reply!
  17. Ram

    Sword or Dagger for leveling?

    Whenever I check legacy logs for rogue damage, I see that sword specialization is only like 2-3% of total dps in a whole raid. So wouldn't it be better to take the random stun in order to avoid incoming damage and having fewer downtimes, instead of a very rare extra hit that can even glance? Like regenerating your HP even with bandages is already more damage lost than can be won with sword specialization. You also talk about using rogue stun abilities while in sword spec, which need energy and therefore also decrease your DMG output. Tbh, personally I would prefer stuns on mobs from both main and offhand for the mentioned reasons instead of a little bit increased DMG from swords.
  18. Ram

    feral dps trinket dilemma

    You are comparing super hardcore speed kill dps with ferals in average guilds who have much slower kill times. It only takes very little intellectual capacities to not compare those, because the resulting differences in dps depend mostly on kill speed, but you seem to lack those capacities. Put that feral in the same raiding environment in which those uber speed kill guys are and he will do acceptable dps. P.S. this comes from somebody who does not play here, never played a feral druid and is just sick of stupid people like you.
  19. Ram

    How much int to 1 crit?

    On Mangos servers it's around 60 for paladins.
  20. Ram

    Fire Mage AQ40 BiS list

    I see your argument that giving up 5% crit for 8/8 was not worth it, however you ignore the chance of more than one proc in a given fight. Statistically speaking my argument is not weak because you would notice the flat 10% proc chance only if you count the fireballs cast and procs for several raids (>1000 fireballs). In reality what happens is either you have proc luck, you have the average proc rate or you have no procs at all. And this can happen any time on any mob. Did you ever ask yourself why e.g. melees use proc based weapons/Hand of justice?
  21. Ram

    Fire Mage AQ40 BiS list

    My comment about ignite uptime was mainly about the concept of "having more casts > having more crit" for ignite uptime. In your example the t2 bonus OFC does not offer as much uptime as full aq bis (I never said t2 was better, I only said it was almost as good). In your example the crit per 4s chance in full bis would be 25%, with t2 only 20,7%. Having only one mage in the raid to do the ignite is, of course, ridiculous. In a more realistic environment with some world buffs (let's say only Ony/nef buff 10% crit) and 6 mages in the raid it would look like this: t2 guys have 30% crit, full bis 35%. Two of the mages in each squad scorch (2,67 casts per 4s for both teams) and the other 4 fireball (1 cast per 4s for aq bis and 4/(1+2,85)=1,04 casts for t2). For the aq bis guys you get 98% Chance for a crit and for the t2 guys you get 97% chance to crit in 4s (equation: 1-(1-critchance)^(4*fireball casts per 4s + 2*2,6). Combustion is not taken into account here and the 4% extra crit from talented scorch are bring ignored. Let's go back to the example you picked up. Full aq bis mages will do 20*(1+0.5*0.25) = 22.5 times normal fireball damage (ignoring ignite here) in the given time ans full t2 mages will do 21*(1+0.5*0.20) = 23.1 times normal fireball damage. 0,6 times normal fireball difference. In my very first post you can see that the t2 fireball should hit for around 1193 non crit and the full bis one should be 1334 non crit average. That is a 22.5*1 334-23.1*1 193 = 2456.7 damage difference, which equals 41 dps over those 60s (but do not forget that you will insta pyro as soon as you get the t2 proc). Ignoring insta pyro after t2 proc and multiple procs you see why I wrote t2 was only almost as good as full aq bis, but again it is not like full t2 was super bad compared to full aq bis.
  22. Ram

    Fire Mage AQ40 BiS list

    With full t2 you lose crit compared to full bis, that is true. However you increase your crit chance compared to full bis gear because statistically you can cast 5% more fireballs in the same time (10% proc rate and 1,5s cast time from global CD saved = half fireball = 0,5*10%). Further the assumption that crit is the most important factor to keep ignite running is also not true. More casts done per 4 seconds of the ignite buff has a much bigger impact. The formula for ignite uptime is: 1-(1-chance to hit and crit)^(number of casts done). One example: mage A does scorch with 20% crit. Scorch can hit 2,67 times per 4 seconds. With lags let's say 2,6 times. Now put that info the formula: 1-(1-0,2)^2,6=0,44 aka 44% Chance to crit in 4s. I am not using 2 casts per 4s here because all mages have a little offset during their casts so it can happen that you cast 3 scorches per 4s and even if you solo scorch this is that will happen. Now the same with a fireball and 20% crit (3s cast time at least 1s fly time, so only one per 4s): 1-(1-0,2)^1=0,2 aka 20% chance. You can play around with crit and you will find out you would need 24% additional crit chance to have the same chance to crit within 4s as if you cast 2,6x scorch.
  23. Ram

    Fire Mage AQ40 BiS list

    Try full t2, cthun cloak, aq40 2h staff, bwl hit ring, cthun ring, tear, mind quickening gem. Do almost the same damage and be geared much faster. 515 spell dmg with enchants, 4% crit, 7% hit on gear which will leave you with 98% hit in the end. Plus for fire the proc equals at least a static 5% damage buff (50% cast time of a fireball saved at 10% proc rate = 5% dmg buff), increases ignite uptime chance and with the set bonus you always have more range on aoe spells and therefore hit more targets -> more dmg done. For frost the t2 proc is a 3,33% dmg buff. Overall your mana reg in full t2 is better. Fireball 12 does 596 to 761 dmg, average 678 dmg. With 515 spell dmg you get an average non crit fb of 678+515=1193. The static 5% dmg buff does not only count for spell dmg, it also counts for the base dmg of fireball, so we get (678+515)*1,05=1252 dmg on average non crit. Now compare that to the full AQ bis fireball dmg: 678+656=1334 -> 82 non crit dmg difference between full t2 and aq bis but lots of more time until you get full aq bis. On bosses with spell pen needed (heard it does not exist on elysium) use the trinket from warsong gulch, ring of swarming thought and/or ring from alterac valley.
  24. Ram

    Zaasu's Mage Guide (Elysium - Patch 1.7)

    Hey, I agree with you that the difference is a really minor one. Well if I am raid buffed with my mage (1.9 patch), I am around 350 or so spirit. Arcanite drag is only good for beating records.