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    Zaasu's Mage Guide (Elysium - Patch 1.7)

    10 arcane resist for shazzrah xD! Lold! Well yeah you are right that 5% more int is additional crit and int but it a) depends on if it applies to your total int or base int and b) if it applies to total int and you have like 400 int raid buffed, you still gain only 20 int, which is not even half a crit and 300 mana (one more FB cast). Dps-wise it is better than human but the difference is so minor that it does not have a big impact. If it applies only to base int the difference is even less. For spirit: here is also the question if it applies to base spirit or total spirit. If it applies to total spirit and you have like 400 spirit with evo staff, you gain 20 spirit, which makes a noticeable difference for evocation (extreme spirit scaling), innervate and since you run with mage armor and arcane meditation all the time (try running without, you will definately notice the difference), extra spirit is even better. Increased spirit is also more important if you run through a raid chainpulling because your mana will reg a little faster. With 5% more int for instance, you will have to reg longer and therefore do less dps. It is quite debatable which racial is better, but we can both agree that having no mana to cast is worse than not having <0,5% crit. For the escape artist skill you have not very much use in pve because blink does the same. For pvp both racials are nice. The only dps class I would really recommend going gnome is warlocks if they want to have level 63 pets from 315 engi instead of level 60 Pets from engi 300. this can be used if locks want to use arcanite dragonlings in order to apply the flame buffet buff on bosses faster to buff fire mages. For the rep gain I would also only partially agree with you. Sure, most rep can be farmed outside of raids but 10% more rep is just a nice time saver and in some cases also a gold saver (e.g. when you need to push cenarion rep and buy twilight texts). Also on ZG/aq release you get your enchants/gear faster and if you farm aq event Mount only once, you will be super glad if you have to kill 2000 bugs less. But yes, this is more a quality of life improvement than a raid benefit.
  2. Ram

    Fire mage pve

    You scorch 1.5s if ALL mages are perfectly syncronized. But they aren't. So it will be rather 3-5s to have 5 stacks up. Then you wait for the ignite that will in 99% of cases be caused by scorch to drop off, because 40% of a 1400 scorch crit is less than 40% of a 4k fireball crit and you do not want your scorch ignite to waste your fireball ignite. So in the end it is better to have a 3.5k fireball instead of a 4k fireball (these numbers are just quantitative) instead of scorch crits for ignite and apply scorch when you have a nice 5stack fireball ignite. This is OFC for short fights. You want to apply scorch before the fireballing when the fight is long enough to make the ignite dmg (remember, 40% of a 15% higher fireball crit) with scorch debuff worth the fireballs you could not cast in the scorching time.
  3. Ram

    Fire mage pve

    The problem is always "does the boss live long enough so the scorch ia worth it?" That is because: - scorching 5x can cause a low dmg ignite. - it requires every mage to think (yes, this is often a problem) - applying scorch and dropping the scorch ignite from that costs at least 6s. In that time you can also fireball to build the ignite and scorch when the ignite is up. If that is worth it depends on the number of mages, how buffed they are and the lenght of the boss fight to justify losing two fireballs per mage vs a slight ignite dmg upgrade during x seconds.
  4. Ram

    Horde Mage AoE Leveling

    And somebody who ganks you.
  5. Ram

    Fire mage pve

    On trash only usw scorch if mobs die too fast for fireballs to hit or if you wanna be the ignite lucker (scorch scorch fireblast = 3 chances on a crit before the first fireball Hits).
  6. Ram

    Zaasu's Mage Guide (Elysium - Patch 1.7)

    I think human is the best race for the following reasons: - 5% more spirit becomes more important (if you have 400 spirit raid buffed, 5% make a difference) for evocation and mage armor unless you are in the top high end guild that kills bosses too fast to even consider mana reg. - 10% more rep. Makes farming rep faster -> faster access to gear, less time spent, more time to do other stuff. - 5% more int as a gnome is also like around 20 int if raid buffed, but being unable to cast only for 1s due to missing mana will most likely make a bigger difference as 1/3% crit. - gnome engineering bonus is only important if you want to have arcanite dragonling for the flame buffet debuff on the boss, because the gnomish +15 skill make the arc. drag. be level 63 instead of 60 and thus stack the debuff more reliable. Anyways other classes should use arcanite dragonling to buff you and it has a 1h cooldown.
  7. Have you considered the kazzak mace and aq trash mace combo?
  8. Check the recent thread in the mage forums about bloodvine, your answers will be answered there.
  9. Ram

    Recommended 3rd party add-ons?

  10. Yeah thanks! I meant sanctuary!
  11. Ram

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    Is the 6 wep skill from distracting dagger better than pugio from aq and why (not)?
  12. U forgot the shield argent defender for aoe tanking. Brilliant if combined with blessing of protection and shield Spike.
  13. Ram

    Gnome Engineering Racial

    This bonus is superb if you buff your ignite mages with arcanite dragonling e.g. as a warlock or so. The pet will be lvl 63 and stack the debuff on the boss much faster. Than a lvl 60 pet (300 skill).
  14. Ram

    Ironfoe vs. Quel'Serrar

    And as a non human is the distracting dagger in oh better than pugio if you wear deaths sting? Just curious about how much DMG those 6 wep skill equal.
  15. Ram

    Ironfoe vs. Quel'Serrar

    I mean how it is in general for tanking and ofc for vael.
  16. Ram

    Ironfoe vs. Quel'Serrar

    Okay and in General, how is the +6 daggers dagger from DM West? It also has 1.3 speed.
  17. Ram

    Ironfoe vs. Quel'Serrar

    And the green quest reward mace from BRD with 1 hit, like 1.6 or 1.8 speed and 36 DPS?
  18. Ram

    mage tailoring and bloodvine set bonus

    I often run raids in full t2 and if you are focused you should be able to outdps or be even with others who have better gear. For fire, the t2 proc is 50% of a fireball cast time saved, but you will pyroblast when the proc is active, so you get roughly an extra >600 damage per proc. Additionally the t2 proc also increases the ignite uptime chance. For Frost it is only 40% of a frostbolt, which should also be around >600 damage bonus.
  19. Ram

    mage tailoring and bloodvine set bonus

    If you have access to tear, go full t2, get cloak of consumption, get the ZG ring set (replace by ring of the godslayer and Band of forced concentration), get 1h+jindo offhand (replace by aq 40 acolyte staff > aq20 hit sword). You will notice that through the 10% chance on an instant cast, you will almost as much DPS as a full bis geared mage while having a bigger aoe range, better stats on your gear and less competition for rare bis items, which means you will be geared faster. Another plus is that you have less items in your bags. To be fair, the latter point is only real benefit if you have a bad bagspace management or if you intend to farm tons of blessed wizard oils (they are bop) in the pre naxx event.
  20. Ram

    Sword or Dagger for leveling?

    Why are so few people talking about maces? The stun is amazing and you take much less damage from mobs, allowing you to grind longer without downtimes.
  21. Ram

    Ironfoe Testing

    same as with paladin judgement stacking.
  22. Ram

    Shadow Priest gear priority

    Just be a nice guy. Tell the locks who want the legs to fuck off and learn to play. However, pass on the staff for them. Also pass on the legs for mages because for them the legs are BIS.
  23. Ram

    Level 40 gold help!

    Just Google "vanilla database elemental earth" and look where it drops.