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    [VIDEO] Want to be the best mage you can be?

    @quasexort: Thanks god RNG does not work that way with so few casts. Imagine you have 20% crit and do 30 casts. One time you do your 30 casts, you crit 4 times, the other time 6 times and next time 12 times. What you guys are talking about is a test size of at least 1000, better 100k or 1M casts to get almost the same results as in theory. No more need to explain this mechanism any further. There are still some people, who believe the world was flat and can not be helped.
  2. Hey guys, Since there are so many people thinking that Black Lotus and the flasks from it are ABSOLUTELY mandatory and a universal remedy to all problems, I feel obligated to create this thread. Yes, many raid leaders will want you to use Flasks, but unless you are trying a server first or speed run with a very good core of strong players, where everyone is minmaxing his character, these flasks are nice to have but not unnecessary. Let me give you some examples for it: You are playing in the 4th best guild of your server and your faction and are trying a MC speed run. The top guild clears it 20+ minutes faster than your raid. Now, before forcing every raid member to use Flasks, you should better do a proper raid analysis and find strategies to skip more trash mobs, have less downtimes (e.g. handing out loot, long assignments before boss pulls, waiting with next trash pulls after a boss has been slain, waiting for slacking players, ...). All these downtimes, which are not connected to the benefits a flasks can give you, will most likely have a bigger impact on your speed run time than the Flask. So unless you have managed to get rid of all these "human errors", using flasks is not the best way to increase your performance. Which automatically leads to the next example (already mentioned): Human errors. If you have flasked people in your raid who daydream and cast 3 frost bolts less than other mages without flask or take 2 seconds more to adobt to new situations, the gain from the flask is nullified by missing experience or skill of how to play your class. Take your time to help other, weaker players in your guild to improve, if they take your advice. Talk to them and offer them guidance. This way you will achieve a permanent performance increase, which is not based on the stress/time consumption and cost of lotus aquiration. Using flasks for your personal performance increase and to top the meters in your guild is also a double-edged sword. Let's stick to the 4th best guild example. You got all world buffs and performance increasing stuff for your class, including a flask and are a skilled player. Most likely, you will top the meters in your own guild and will be an outstanding player. But still, you are like 100 or more dps/healing away from the server best guild, and you wonder why you can't reach those other guys in dps/healing. It's simply because your raid as a whole does not deliver enough performance. It's not your personal skill, but it's the average performance of your raid that drags your dps down. If your raid kills ragnaros within 2 minutes and the top raiding guild kills it in 1min 20s, they will OF COURSE have a higher damage per SECOND, because they spend less seconds killing the boss. TLDR: Unless you are in one of the top 3 raiding guilds, you should not consider using flasks (and therefore black lotus) as universal remedy. Keep your flaming for you, bring rational and logical arguments instead (yeah I know, it's the Internet and what I am asking from you is like telling a 3 year old child not to take the chocolate from the table and keeping the child alone with the chocolate on the table for two hours). Kind Regards, Ram
  3. 4hrs mc? Not even on retail back in 2005 pre BWL when Locks played in t0, which had agi on it, it took u that long. You just have a great guild!
  4. Ram

    rank frostbolt?

    He is leveling.
  5. ^ Exactly. With this thread I am only trying to point out that the state of the raid being flasked or not does not decide if it's a clear run or not. Thus the flask is overrated and many people should consider this instead of using them brainlessly.
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    [VIDEO] Want to be the best mage you can be?

    As already stated before: If you can choose between a 10 spirit and a 0.33% crit enchant, which one would you take? P.S. in a typical nef fight, you should geht several hundred damaging spells hit a target.
  7. You do not seem to be able either communicate in a proper tone nor you seem to have ebough brain capacities to get the point of this thread. So that even you understand it: gtfo fagget! ______________ @masochisme: 100% agree with you.
  8. Ram

    rank frostbolt?

    Get the addon theorycraft, type /TC and activate display damage per mana if that what you are aiming for :)
  9. Very "valid" and "rich" opinions amongst the replies so far. Just what was to be expected. P.s. if you rely on flasking in order to bring a boss from 3% to 0%, you should propably play lego and not wow.
  10. Ram

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    How to spec when leveling on pve realm? I get why imp CoA isn't good, but I don't get why not to take imp drain life. And is the shadoweave set worth it or just go for spirit gear and ignore stamina when possible, since void tanks all?
  11. Ram

    [VIDEO] Want to be the best mage you can be?

    RNG will even the difference between Gnomes and Human mages, but still 0.33% crit are 0.33% crit.
  12. Ram

    Don't open 4th server

    I don't play on Nost PVP, but I agree with the OP. You should wait like 1-2 months and monitor the population and queue numbers before you release a 4th realm. What makes this project attractive, are the realms with 10k players. Right now the project gets a huge boost from the hype, that will flatten. If you want to play on multiple realms with 2-3k players, you can also go to other projects. The "players" online stats on the elysium homepage say there are like 6k players online on Nost Pve most of the time. Lately I've seen a census of Nost Pve here on the forums, which had shown there were like 2k of the 6k players level 6k. What I am trying to say: Don't get fooled by big numbers, take a closer look. *Edit* Of course the queue times on Elysium PVP are immense now, because EVERYONE wants to play on it right now. But this trend will flatten and the queue times will go down.
  13. Ram

    [VIDEO] Want to be the best mage you can be?

    You should go take a maths lecture. 0.33% crit is not much, but in typical boss fight with ~20-50 frost bolts one crit CAN come from the 0.33%. That's called RNG. Of course the chance for it is ridiculously low, but it is there for gnomes and it isn't for humans. So for frost 1% crit is roughly 1% damage increase if you are hit capped and 0.33% crit therefore is roughly 0.33% more damage, which humans do N O T have. I give you credit for pointing out that these 0.33% crit do not make a big difference, but it's not true that it has no effect. I would personally also give a shit on it and play human because I'm too lazy to farm all rep for the 20th time on private servers.
  14. Ram

    [VIDEO] Want to be the best mage you can be?

    You explained it yourself in your video. In your example it was like 0.33% crit, which humans do not have. Just read my posts again before spreading more false information.
  15. Ram

    [VIDEO] Want to be the best mage you can be?

    No, my post is not about t2, it was just an additional info. The main point is that for raiding the 5% gnome int bring more DPS increase than no int increase at all and spirit is useless unless you chain pull without ans breaks. I should have pointed it out better. Best regards!
  16. Ram

    [VIDEO] Want to be the best mage you can be?

    Your assumptions about the gnome talent being crap is wrong. Like >90% of all boss fights are very short and there the long term advantage of the extra spirit does not come in. If you are really minmaxing and playing in the super uber raiding guild, even the few long boss encounters will be trivialized so much that you either get breaks where you can reg while not casting OR bosses die before you get mana problems. The only reason to pick a human mage is being lazy with rep farms. As you have shown correctly, the gain from 5% more int is in fact very small, but it is more then humans have. The extra mana is also handy, because it takes you a fucking long time to regenerate that amount from 5% extra spirit. Only for evocation the 5% spirit COULD be taken as a valid argument, but it is getting canceled out by the fact that you should not run OOM at any time. About the t2 you have mentioned in the first video: t2 looks like it was really bad. Your frost bolts do less damage, you have less hit and crit. The proc does not bring 10% more damage, it brings 10%*(2/5) for frost bolts and 10%*(3/6) for fire. But: on many private servers bosses' spell resistance gets nullified (except for some amount you can not nullify) by COE and at the latest in AQ when you play fire and get access to more hit items, t2 is nearly equally strong as the much harder to gain off set items. Further more t2 has the aoe range extend bonus, which is superior in most aoe situations, since you hit more targets. Overall t2 is NOT BIS, but it is very close to it and super easy to obtain.
  17. I got server first longest d*ck.
  18. Ni-gurr-gurr-o! Shady, pls!
  19. Thanks, now the chinese will come to Germany instead of mocking innocents in a private Server!
  20. Ram

    Sword or Dagger for leveling?

    Try mace spec for less damage received and less downtimes, plus stamina in gear becomes less important than agi/str/ap.
  21. Ram

    Tips for fresh realm mage leveling?

    Wait a week or two so you can actually do quests.
  22. Dear community, dear devs, we are all very happy to see how the project is developing and how many players there are. The population on the pve and pvp server is just awesome and I have no doubt that it will be even more on the fresh realm! Throughout the way to the mid 50's, I could experience the whole vanilla experience together with all the other players and it was just awesome! Finally, when I reached level 52, I decided to try lasher farming in DM East as a way to gain experience and having a good XP rate at the same time. As I had to notice in-game and read on the forums, many other gold farming methods, such as soloing bosses and aoeing ZG crocs were also nerfed to the ground. As a Mage these changes will not affect me drastically, since there are other nice tricks to get my gold for consumables farmed. After talking with other mages in-game and from my forums readings it now seems pretty obvious that these changes were made to counter gold sellers. I think these changes have no real effect and should be reverted in order to keep it blizzlike. While leveling (after these changes were made), I have received countless whispers of gold sellers, sometimes even three times per minute (I know spamthrotle exists). If you do not want gold farmers on your servers, why don't you open a china exclusive server and ban VPN users from all the other servers instead? I remember, when I was playing on Kr0nos long before the Nost/Elysium announcement was made, the Kronos staff managed to get rid of nearly all gold spam WITHOUT nerfing parts of the game to the ground. Now what you have maybe achieved with your changes against gold farming is not to decrease the amount of gold sellers, but you have created the possibility for them to get more real life money for less gold sold. Overall the "real life money gained per time farmed" ratio will not change for them, only the "gold per time farmed". So in the end, if this changes were made to counter gold sellers, you did not achieve your goal to get rid of the sellers. To give you an example: If everyone could farm 100g/hr, a Black Lotus would cost over 100g. It's price will always scale with what "everyone" can farm per hour (like 50g/h = lotus prices will stabilize around e.g. 50g). The same goes for gold farmers and gold sold. If they can only farm 20g/hr, gold will have a much higher value and price, if they can farm 100g/hr, the value of gold and price for it will fall. In the end, it is always roughly worth the same. Another reason why this nerf was not only useless, but also bad, is that now 10k/6k players are forced to grind in the open world instead of dungeons. You do not need to be a genious to understand that this will lead to too much competition (aka perma over farmed spots) and at the pve server to massive camping of some farming spots by double the amount of players, since can not pvp the other faction. So in the end, the one who is lucky of has enough time/no life will be rewarded by having access to farming spots all day, while the majority of players will log on at the typical 7-11pm after work time. The typical 7-11 player will have trouble farming with all the competition and will have to buy the over priced stuff of the no life guys. And when you can not afford this, you will be attracted even more to buy gold. With blizzlike dungeon farming, you could avoid this problem. Furthermore, soloing dungeons and their bosses has always been a funny and challenging part of the game. With bosses charging you, as soon as you LOS, you took a way one of the greatest pleasures this game has to offer. With this change, a lot of possible creativity and the opportunity to get rewarded if you have a smart strategy for farming get killed straight. Dear devs and admins, please reconsider your position on the recent changes. It does not help the community if you make the game harder, take a way pleasures and make it even more grindy as it already is. If you want to counter gold sellers, consider other methods, like the example given above, and do not let the while server suffer even more from it. Best regards, Ram
  23. I see your points and respect them, but still it is a major impact to the game if you can not solo bosses and longer due to the LOS charge. This takes away a great part of the pleasure in the game.
  24. P.S. if you already make such changes now, what will be coming Nest?
  25. Ram

    DM E not farmable any more?

    I don't get why this was nerfed. Now all mages will be farming other spots (the ones responsible for this nerf should know where) to get to their 50+ gold or more per hour. It doesn't make a difference, whether they farm their gold in DM:E or somewhere else. Furthermore even now after the nerf I get plenty of gold spam whispers. Spending your time on a whisper spam detection system or doing that VPN ban thing which kronos did, would have been a better solution.