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  1. I got the same issue yesterday, it was very frustrating and I couldn't speak to my friends anymore. Only /guild and /party or raid would work. But the most annoying part is that I don't know how I got muted, I don't think I typed too many whispers quickly (or atleast it didn't feel like it). Only reason I see could be my Resurrection macro that does a /say, but I doubt it.
  2. Wait for around level 16-18 when you will start grouping for things such as WC (or even earlier if you decide to go to RFC), and you will start to have a solid opinion if this is what you're looking for. But take care though, there are a lot of chinese people that can't speak english, doesn't mean the community is unsociable for this much, though. The higher level you'll get, the more friendly people will be, because most of the time at lower level people only care about questing solo.
  3. Lawinn

    Alchemy bugged - capped at 75?

    uh, weird ! Good luck anyways :p
  4. Lawinn

    Alchemy bugged - capped at 75?

    What happens when you craft an "Orange skill point" potion ?
  5. Lawinn

    Gets "Disconected from server" when i load a char

    Mhhh, maybe you can only edit posts rather than threads then :/
  6. Lawinn

    Gets "Disconected from server" when i load a char

    Do what Undertanker said, delete your Username for security matter. #BroAdvice Edit: On the right side of Quote you can edit your message.
  7. Lawinn

    Items you cant use dosent show up as "red"

    Alright good to hear ! I'll try if it works with me too, then I'll delete the issue from bug-tracker if it's the case ! Peace
  8. Lawinn


    The lower level your target is, the lower the acquired honor should be. As a 19 Twink player it is something usual for me to get this little honor. Please also note that if you have killed this player today, honor gained decreases each time and after 10 times it doesn't give you any honor. The grade of your target also affects the amount of honor gained. Being in a party divides the Honor gained by the respective amount of people in your party. If, after all these verification your statement of the Honor rewards being broken is still effective, please report this on the Bug tracker with some proofs like Pottu stated. Regards
  9. Lawinn

    Items you cant use dosent show up as "red"

    Same issue here, and it is like this since I removed the WDB folder a month ago. It works with the items in bags, though, but not with the linked items from chat or Add-Ons. So I guess it's an error related to the item pop-up tooltip, rather than general items tooltips. I've reported it in the bug-tracker using your screenshot (I hope you don't mind): https://elysium-project.org/bugtracker/issue/1106
  10. Lawinn

    Psychic Scream

    I can't find any evidence it should not be dispelable. Have a look here, there's nothing concerning that http://wow.gamepedia.com/Psychic_Scream#Patches_and_hotfixes I think at a certain point of the game, the debuff icon was framed with red but it didn't mean it wasn't magic and couldn't be dispelled. I'll check tonight if you can indeed not dispel it, in this case that would be a bug.
  11. Lawinn

    T2 Helmets / Hunter leaf

    After searching them on Realmplayers, they are on PvE Server Alliance side : http://realmplayers.com/GuildViewer.aspx?realm=NBE&guild=Lothars Reign
  12. Lawinn

    Third Faction [Goblin]

    Jesus these Legion players are so painful to read
  13. Lawinn

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    Do you have any specific Add-On on this mage that you're not using on other chars, that could make a conflict ? I guess you tried deleting the Cache folder, right ? WDB that is.
  14. Are you level 25 ? Anyway it says it was added on Patch 1.11 on Wowhead, have a look: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=4542/message-to-freewind-post Added in patch
  15. Lawinn


    No, it's forbidden. You can have 2 Characters from 2 Different accounts but on 2 Different servers. Otherwise it's not allowed.
  16. Lawinn

    Sound channels

    Sounds great, do you know a way to have it in config files so you don't have to type it (or press a macro) every time to log-in ?
  17. No you won't get banned for using a different IP Address, there is no reason you could be. Even VPNs are allowed on this server.
  18. Druids are indeed really needed on Horde side. But so are Hunters ! As for mages, it's one of the most popular class.
  19. Lawinn

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    That's called a fringe.
  20. Actually sorry you are right, it shouldn't flag you as PvP. I've never been playing on PvE servers so I had no clue, which made me do some research and there is the answer from a 2005 post from a retail player: http://wow.allakhazam.com/forum.html?forum=21&mid=110723315618613034
  21. Nevermind this book was added on patch 2.3.0
  22. Lawinn

    Instanced starting zones?

    Should be possible by making duplicated linked nodes of the same zone, but even if it's possible they'll never do it for a simple reason. It's a Blizzlike server.