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    About Onyxia

    I can't speak to that, although it shouldn't have. In real vanilla, two tanks was a good way to deal with the threat reduction. Both stand in front to eat breaths/buffets for rage (both are cone attacks), but only the current tank got threat reduced because knock away is single target, so then the other tank would hopefully be top threat. Same is true in current scripts of Ony on Elysium servers. If Ony's wing buffet on Nost reduced threat in a conical attack, it would have made the 2 tank strat pretty pointless. I don't see the relevance regardless, since the OP was asking about how she functions now, not how she functioned on a dead server.
  2. Vilius

    About Onyxia

    Source code lists wing buffet (18500) and knock away (19633) as two separate abilities. Ony's wing buffet does not impact threat at all. I think the confusion about wing buffet is because the BWL drakes have a different version of wing buffet that does reduce threat by 50%.
  3. Vilius

    About Onyxia

    Source code says -25% threat on knockback.
  4. Vilius

    Onyxia 20 man

    Ok I'm confused about several things you said. 1. On Onyxia, wing buffet doesn't reduce threat, knock away does. -25% according to source code. 2. Pretty sure knock back is instant (not interruptible) 3. Pretty sure exponential decay isn't what you meant. Worst case knock back cd is 15 sec, so in worst case a single tank has a max threat of x where x = 0.75 * (TPS * 15 + x). Therefore x = 3 * TPS * 15 or 45 * TPS. After 1 minute the tank will have about 68% of this value, after 2 minutes 90%, after 3 minutes 97%. Your point about healing threat is valid.
  5. Vilius

    Stuck at "connected"

    Same problem here. I'm able to connect to the other realms but not Darrowshire.
  6. Several questions related to this pop up in forums and especially in /world. Most people that are non-orc and non-axe spec can figure this out pretty easily. Racial has a smaller effect (while leveling at least) than axe spec, so let's focus on that piece. Here's a nice easy rule of thumb. It's based on math, happy to explain if anyone's interested. If new weapon is axe and dps > 37.7 -> replace If new weapon is not axe, speed >= 3.6, and dps > 39.5 -> replace If new weapon is not axe, speed < 3.6, and dps > 39.7 -> replace Those are valid for most cases with auto attacks. For yellow hits, all other things being equal, slower speed gives you harder hitting yellow attacks, so if you get something borderline (based on above rules) but faster, keep the axe. In general, 2H-ers from Uldaman will be the first things you find to replace your beloved ww axe. It's not a perfect answer (for that you'd have to model case by case) but I suspect good enough for most players while leveling.
  7. Vilius

    Can't see World chat

    Same happening to me. /leave and /join don't work, restarting client doesn't work. Very frustrating.
  8. Vilius

    How to know when to upgrade from your WW axe

    I'm horde so I didn't look at that one :) But yes it should be better than WW axe just barely.
  9. Vilius

    How to know when to upgrade from your WW axe

    I said in the first post, if axe spec isn't a factor (i.e. you are 2H fury) then it's easy to decide. I'm talking about the harder case. Personally, I did 2H fury until 40 then MS. Lots of people do this, but I'm not claiming one or the other is better.
  10. Vilius

    How to know when to upgrade from your WW axe

    Yes, which is from Maraudon. The point is there are weapons before Maraudon that are better than WW axe.
  11. Probably because the answers aren't as obvious as many people think.
  12. For autos, axe wins at low crit. Math: normal white hit (average) = (low + high) / 2 crit white hit (average) = 2 * normal avg white hit = normal * (1 - crit%) + normal * 2 * crit% old post: For autos, normal hit scepter is 158 and axe is 146.5. At 0% base crit (i.e. 0% mace crit and 5% axe crit), avg white hits (crits taken into account) are 158 for scepter and 154 for axe, so scepter is ~3% better. The gap grows slowly as base crit increases. For yellow hits the gap is bigger due to the slower speed of scepter. edit: forgot one thing sorry, to divide by speed! In this case the axe wins (for auto attack) at low crit and the scepter wins at (obscenely) high crit. Sorry for half-assing it. bottom line: However, the yellow hit is (always) better with scepter, and to see which one really wins (they are really fucking close) you'd need to model white hits and yellow hits (talent/rotation dependent). In other words need more information to really answer your question.
  13. Vilius

    Calculating Overlaps and BRE/Crusader Uptime

    Yes that's essentially what monte carlo does. And the proc part of that sim is almost trivial. Of course lots of other things can be extracted, if they are part of the model, and I'm working on that. I'm all for spreadsheet models for some things, but this is one case where they aren't really in the ballpark at all.
  14. Vilius

    Calculating Overlaps and BRE/Crusader Uptime

    IMO, the best way to calculate this sort of thing is with what's called a Monte Carlo simulation. There are other techniques but not as accurate and tough to estimate how far off they are without doing the Monte Carlo, so might as well do the Monte Carlo. Unfortunately excel isn't really the best tool for this, but I have some code that will do it. If you can estimate your # of attacks per minute (yellow and white) I can tell you your approximate crusader uptime. Even this is an approximation of sorts, because in reality your attacks are not at equal intervals. You might have a burst of attacks and then fewer for a time, and this pattern can affect the results. But Monte Carlo with the regular intervals is better than anything except Monte Carlo with the irregular intervals (more complex to model). I'm actually working on a more complete warrior simulator, but not ready yet.
  15. Vilius

    Leveling a Warrior...

    14 ap = 1 dps is correct and easily checked in game. Open your warrior character sheet, hover mouse over number next to "Power" under heading "Melee Attack", and divide that number by the dps rating listed in that tooltip. It will always come out to 14 (or just under due to rounding). The amount of misinformation around here is just shocking to me.
  16. Vilius

    Leveling a Warrior...

    Figuring out whether an item is an upgrade in vanilla can be tough, but there are some tricks you can learn. Here's a simplified way to compare these two: Whirlwind Axe: 35.6 dps, +15 str Scepter: 46.5 dps For warriors, 1 str = 2 ap, and 14 ap = 1 dps. So ww axe str bonus gives an extra ~2.1 dps. Scepter is a clear upgrade even without counting the proc. Of course there's a lot more to the math, like weapon speed, but it's kinda moot when the items are that far apart.
  17. Vilius

    Tanking and Time Commitment

    I'm assuming with casual raiding you mean no more than 8 hrs per week in raids. If so 25 hrs per week total should be plenty to do the extra things you need to do.
  18. I wasn't on original Nostalrius, because I didn't know about it, but have been reading up on the history. I just heard about Elysium recently, created a character on PVE server and having a great time. Nost asking to stop using "their data" is ridiculous. IMO character data belongs to the players who put hundreds or thousands of hours in to building those characters. And if they are asking to stop using their source code, that would just вау everyone over. In short, thanks to Elysium for providing this great service, never had as much fun as I had in vanilla/TBC. And I plan to donate to help with upkeep. Please tell Nost to go вау themselves and anyone else who tries to take away from this community.