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  1. Maez

    Last boss in Scholo bugged

    Oh, I see in the bugtracker it estimates 3-5. Maybe the code is spawning 3 for each player per room? Which would be 3*5*2 = 30?
  2. Maez

    Last boss in Scholo bugged

    http://db.vanillagaming.org/?npc=1853#wh-comments According to WH comments during 1.12.1, Darkmaster Gandling spawns 3 skeletons after banishing you to a side room.
  3. Maez

    Ghost wolf form is dispellable. Bug or not?

    Working as intended, it was changed in later expansions to be a physical effect so that it couldn't be dispelled.
  4. Maez

    Leveling: Eviscerate and Rupture

    Okay, I just thought it was weird that other rogues are consistently using that skill.
  5. Maez

    Is Slice and Dice any useful for Leveling ?

    I typically keep SnD up, but will just evis on mobs that are lower lvl than me if my weapons are up to date. Unless I'm chaining quickly, then I'll just kill with SS and keep SnD up in between. SnD is good on it's own, though poisons, Sword Spec, and DW spec make it even more worthwhile. Not to mention pulling multiple things and popping Blade Flurry on top of SnD.
  6. Maez

    Impossible to pickpocket again?

    Auto loot didn't come until TBC... Then you had macros to pickpocket+ambush/cheap shot/sap. It was nice. But no, there is no setting to make autoloot a default, that was introduced in 2.0.1.
  7. Maez

    Anonymous likes

    I see it sort of like the "X people found this helpful" feature on steam or upvotes/downvotes in reddit. Take it with a grain of salt; either way, what somebody tells you in a forum could be completely wrong (or right) anyway. I will generally quote posts to give examples if I want to help someone make an argument. I will like the post if the person hit a point head on or answered my question and it doesn't need extra evidence or another point of view.
  8. I use this and the one provided by the 2-FA page, Google Authenticator for Android. Just apply the same code to both and you're solid.
  9. Maez

    the jump to Anathema

    One of the points of the argument is that the respawn rate of quest items/monsters/limited vendor items is not fit to handle 8-10k population. Another point is the amount of lag caused by loads of people in one area and people post on here reporting 1500ms+ latency issues on those high population servers. Retail fixed their population/lag issues with zone instancing and cross-server play with TBC/WotLK.
  10. Maez

    2 Account / One User

    I think @ArtemArkantos meant faction.
  11. Maez

    2 Account / One User

    I think the point of the rule is to avoid unfair advantage in killing efficiency and PVP griefing via multiboxing.
  12. Maez

    2 Account / One User

    What if you have 2 people playing in the same household on the same server, this is allowed right? (may look as if same IP Address)
  13. Maez

    Weapon Swap and other useful macros

    From another forum source, for the 1.12.1 client. Hope this helps.
  14. Maez

    Nostalrius Won

    The second part was calling out the OP, sorry. I just thought your comment was funny. :)
  15. Maez

    Nostalrius Won

    Kek. Also, you try taking someone else's full server/DB code for a game of this scale and making changes to it to release patches regularly. You're going to have bugs, get over it. I thought the doomsayers didn't come until the Cataclysm patch. o.O
  16. Maez

    Humar The Pridelord

    I thought the point of fast attacks (in addition to interrupts) was more PPM or up time on Frenzy for BM. Also the pet could get more attacks in during Bestial Wrath.
  17. Maez

    Night Elf Priests

    Not to mention DP heals you for 100% of the damage done and triggers Vampiric Embrace heals. It also benefits from certain shadow talents and is affected by ~80% of your spellpower according to other forum sources. Now I do not remember this from vanilla, but does it have an initial tick at 0sec (useful for tagging mobs/killing blows)?
  18. Maez

    Horde Can't Get Cure Poison Quest

    I saw a video that said to avoid that quest and just train abolish poison when you get it, because it's infinitely better than cure poison. They both use 16% of base mana. Abolish Poison Cure Poison
  19. Since we are in the land of "PVP rank" where you are competing on a server level of who achieves the highest rank, cross-realm battlegrounds shouldn't be possible, since then you'd be competing with people from other servers and everything would be a mess.
  20. Maez

    Charge and intercept are broken.

    I thought that charge was supposed to stun the target for a split second to deal with movement/mounts. I could see it not working if the target is immune or has DR to stun. If you are attacking an orc, it could simply have been resisted.
  21. Maez

    Best realm for a new player?

    Yes, Darrowshire and Zeth'Kur are both great for leveling. You don't have to fight for spawns here quite as much.
  22. Maez

    Rogue hit cap

    I found information on the vanilla wow wiki, it looks like dodge is the only factor when attacking from behind: http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Parry http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Block
  23. Maez

    Rogue hit cap

    Yes, if you weapon skill is below the mob's defense skill, the formula for dodge/block/parry is 5% + ((Defense Skill - Weapon Skill) * 0.1%). If your weapon skill matches the mob's defense skill, you have a 5% chance to be dodged, a 5% chance to be blocked, and a 5% chance to be parried. If your weapon skill exceeds the defense skill the formula for dodge/block/parry changes to 5% - ((Weapon Skill - Defense Skill) * 0.04%). Now, I'm not sure how or if positioning affects mob avoidance in vanilla, but I know that on future patches of WoW, the chance to dodge/block/parry was reduced to ~0% if you are directly behind the target. Or maybe it just removes chance to be parry/blocked since that makes the most sense. If anyone knows, I am curious.
  24. Maez

    Rogue hit cap

    Your weapon skill vs the mob's defense skill dictates the % of dodge, parry, and blocks. It also dictates the damage reduction of your glancing blows and some amount of hit chance depending on how large the difference. As a human, you have +5 sword/mace skill. Mob's defense skill is it's level times 5. Base chance to dodge/parry/block is 5% + ((Defense Skill - Weapon Skill) * 0.1%) for each effect. Check here: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Weapon_skill
  25. This is true, I remember there being a lot of fishing bots in those days.