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  1. On 3/7/2017 at 6:39 AM, Fizzlestix said:

    Priests and Warlocks can just be bursted down with Bestial Wrath because they lack gap closers/non-fear CC

    PVP oriented characters will have engineering in most cases, you cannot rely on this.  Have you heard of the shadow priest blackout talent? Warlock's succubus can cast seduction on you OR FEAR, they kill your pet, then no BW for you.


    On 3/7/2017 at 6:39 AM, Fizzlestix said:

    Most of the time it's safe to use Aspect of the Cheetah to kite Warriors because they rarely ever think of using their ranged weapon to daze you

    If by most of the time you mean some of the time.  A good warrior will not stay in one stance, and will keep you snared and hopefully kill you BEFORE you have a chance to get away.  I do agree that you should have an easier time with warriors than some other classes.


    On 3/7/2017 at 6:39 AM, Fizzlestix said:

    Once Paladins have used their ranged stun, they can be kited quite easily as well

    Blessing of Freedom.  Immunity Shield.  What if the paly has engineering, or repentance, or Pursuit of Justice... If you pop cheetah and the paladin happens to have 31pt holy for Holy Shock?


    On 3/7/2017 at 6:39 AM, Fizzlestix said:

    Useful abilities to control a fight are: Feign Death + Freeze Trap, Wing Clip, Gnomish Net Projector and to a lesser extent Intimidate and Engineering grenades

    Intimidate is nothing to snuff at...  Though you forgot Scatter Shot and Imp. Wingclip for the Marksman/Survival players.


    On 3/7/2017 at 6:39 AM, Fizzlestix said:

    Feign Death makes the opponent lose you as a target thus cancelling any ongoing spells

    Yes, this helps as an additional interrupt.


    On 3/7/2017 at 6:39 AM, Fizzlestix said:

    Feign Death also makes pets unable to attack you allowing you to wait out opposing Bestial Wraths and to send pets back to their owner buying you some time

    It cancels the pet's auto attack, but if the opposing player targets you again (via clicking or target last target) they can command their pet to attack you again.


    On 3/7/2017 at 6:39 AM, Fizzlestix said:

    Against Hunters, it's imo best to react to the given situation: if he pops Bestial Wrath, Feign Death to wait it out. If he Feigns Death, then either nuke him down if he's low enough, or Feign Death as well until he comes back to life or his Bestial Wrath runs out

    This is a good strategy for bots, yes.


    On 3/7/2017 at 6:39 AM, Fizzlestix said:

    Against Mages I think it's best to just try to burst them down. They can CC your pet if you don't Bestial Wrath and they can wait out Bestial Wrath with Ice Block if you do use it, so I think it's best to just try to burst them down and to hope that it's enough

    A good mage will cc you and kill your pet, especially if you're BM.


    On 3/7/2017 at 6:39 AM, Fizzlestix said:

    Macros that I found useful: Feign Death + Freeze Trap, switching between Aspect of the Hawk and the Cheetah with a single button

    Pet attack macros are also useful and a pet follow/passive attached to your mount button.


    Protip: Also, unbind your S key as a hunter, that will prevent you from being a bad. :P

  2. 20 hours ago, Orpheus148 said:

    This actually looks kinda cool. How well does it heal? good enough for dungeons?? Can you suggest an edit so that it could pick up improved BoW

    I'm currently working toward recreating my paly from vanilla on live, but healing dungeons should be plenty doable.  You just don't get the Healing Light bonus, nor the utility of protection, which you don't necessarily need in 5-man dungeon content.

    This build is mostly for bursty and "somewhat controllable" damage and strong healing during small PVP skirmishes.

    If you want Imp BoW, I would suggest dropping Unyielding Faith for it.  For PVP, the small boost that it gives is not worth taking Imp BoW, IMO.

  3. I used to run this spec as a shockadin back in vanilla with PVP gear and TUF.  I preferred it because it was more consistent than retribution burst dps, but still had a fair amount of burst.

    I would run BoW with either Retribution or Concentration Aura.  And go ham, it also makes for a better support healer in group fights than retribution.

  4. 21 hours ago, Fizzlestix said:

    Funny, I have the exact opposite opinion on Paladins. My PvP experiences are limited to open world PvP up to level 40, but Paladins have usually been pushovers. Outside of their stun they don't have any ranged damage/CC/gap closer to keep you from kiting them, so all they really do is heal themselves until they're oom and then they die.

    Pursuit of Justice, BLESSING OF FREEDOM, Eye for an Eye, Bubble, BoP.  Cleanse x infinity.

    Paladins have lots of options too, you've probably only faced bad ones.

    Honestly, I think that 31 pt ret builds aren't that great versus the Holy Shock/Eye for an Eye build, and most go for the LOLRET.  At least with holy you can take down kiters much more easily.

    Hunters do have so many options though in terms of control, but PVP still comes down to the skill of both players in a fight.

  5. 11 hours ago, Fladrif said:

    At level 9, it's normal for every class.

    At level 12, it's normal for every class except the hunter.

    Hunter ---》Vanilla God-Mode 

    If we're talking about taking on multiples, I would have to disagree with this, and say that warlock is better.  This because of the versatility of the class and the fact that you don't have to deal with the dead zone.  You might have more downtime on a lock, but i definitely think they're better at handling multiples early on.

    That being said, once you get into the swing of things and find your "rhythm" you'll be able to go far longer without dying if you're careful.  And always remember, you can group if you can't handle a particular area or quest, some things are easier with help.

  6. 32 minutes ago, gotmilk0112 said:

    Try aggroing the mob first, before casting Tame Pet.


    That's what I always do, and I never had any problems taming.

    I pulled by using concussive shot.

    Going to try the /script PetAbandon() command when I get home.

  7. I had this problem last night as soon as my hunter turned 10, I ran outside of Darnassus to tame an Elder Nightsaber lvl 9 and it just kept fading and I died a couple of times because of it.

    Maybe it has something to do with level 9 mobs OR the fact that if you don't relog since you learned the tame pet skill it won't work?

  8. 21 hours ago, Cruzix said:

    Well, you just gotta have to look better then.

    I was mistaken, I do have it set... the problem is that it doesn't show *some* spells... like for instance when I did WC last night it did not show cast bars for the Druids of the Fang when they cast Healing Touch, but it showed Druid Slumber and Lightning Bolt just fine.  Also I noticed this on the same character when I was fighting Scarlet Friars, it wasn't showing their heal spell.

    Thanks @shagu for making these addons, they both look sleek and I love that it takes such little setup.  I can even run them on my crappy laptop because they seem to use such low memory for what they do.

  9. Does pfUI have the same customization for nameplates that ShaguPlates does?  Or do I use both at once? I'm not sure which version of pfUI I'm running, I got it from github recently.  I noticed that the plates do not show a cast bar and I don't see an option to turn them on in pfUI.

  10. Okay, so I'm trying to decide on which healing class to roll, because I mainly play dps and I want to have the option of healing.  I mean interactive here in terms of rotation, so which class do you think has the most fun rotation in terms of healing?

    At the moment I'm sort of leaning toward priest or shaman, but I could do any as I've played them all at least post-vanilla.

  11. 23 hours ago, jayS said:

    Hey there,

    I know i should be busy leveling instead of asking me (or you) these questions..but i can't get no sleep :D

    so what i want to know is this:

    how does Attackpower count towards my dps?

    i got Vanquisher's Sword which got  26,6 dps and +16 AP, does that mean if i count in AP i got like 28dps or whatever.
    How is the math on that?

    Second one: How do I do the math on the sword spec?  For example lets say, my MH is a good Sword, for OH i got a sword with lets say 26dps and no stats, 

    but i could also use a dagger with 30dps..with 5/5 sword specialization skilled. Where is the point i'll switch to an other OH then Sword?


    love you all and thank you in advance :*

    This is how Attack Power affects your dps:


    Attack power (AP) increases your base DPS by 1 for every 14 attack power.


    As for the offhand question... as long as the dagger (or non-sword) is at least 2.5%-3.75% better (because offhand weapon is 50% or 75% normal damage).  It really comes down to poison dps based on the speed of the weapon, since instant poison is 20% chance proc.


    Assuming you're using the lvl 36 poisons:

    Poison DPS = 55 / Weapon Speed * 20%

    Weapon speed         Poison DPS

    2.8                            3.928571429
    2.6                            4.230769231
    2.5                            4.4
    2.4                            4.583333333
    2.3                            4.782608696
    2.2                            5
    2.1                            5.238095238
    2                               5.5
    1.9                            5.789473684
    1.8                            6.111111111
    1.7                            6.470588235
    1.6                            6.875
    1.5                            7.333333333
    1.4                            7.857142857
    1.3                            8.461538462


    Please correct me if I'm all wrong, I'm not a math major.

  12. On 2/3/2017 at 1:16 AM, Brenz said:

    Hi all

    Hoping to get some help here. 

    I'm levelling a nelf rogue, currently in darkshore and level 16.

    Im just dying all the time. Even 1 on 1 with a mob 1 Lvl higher than me I have a chance to die. My hits miss so often, I take tons of damage, and God forbid I get more than one mob by accident. 

    My damage feels very low. 

    I'm using a dagger in main hand and sword off hand, so I can still use backstab. 

    Any levelling advise would be appreciated. 



    1. I would get 2-3 points in Precision (combat) ASAP.
    2. Also prioritize Slice and Dice instead of Eviscerate at the beginning of fights, and try to keep it up most of the time. 
    3. Use a sword or mace in mainhand and whatever in your offhand with best dps, or after 20, whatever is fastest speed in offhand (and decent dps).  Keep your weapons up to date (within 2-3 levels for greens or within 5-8 levels for blues).
    4. Don't forget your cooldowns, don't save them for a rainy day (pop that evasion, sprint to run away from losing fights).  And don't forget you can gouge/bandage.

    Having certain consumables certainly doesn't hurt either.  You can get sharpening stones or weightstones until you get poisons to help with your overall dmg output.  You can buy or make agility elixirs and healing potions.

  13. 2 hours ago, (TheReal) Krom said:

    PVP is what moslty distinguish WoW from a solo-player game.

    Not like we already did PVE content 928906 times, imo.

    PVP was an afterthought just before the release of WoW.  It was thrown in to get the people from DAOC to come to WoW.  Otherwise, WoW would've just been another Everquest.


    That being said, I do love PVP servers, you might get ganked some, but it does add some fun to the leveling process, especially when you get to mid 40s and 50s and you can start to take on those higher level players.  And not everyone is out for blood, some people on the other faction will just continue questing and ignore you.

  14. 19 minutes ago, evaniwastaken said:

    Last boss in Scholo is bugged he would teleport people into the rooms where about 25+ adds would spawn and kill the person in the room each time, he should only spawn 5 or so at a time, there is a bug tracker for this issue that has been around since December lets get some likes on it and bring it to the devs attention.


    Oh, I see in the bugtracker it estimates 3-5.  Maybe the code is spawning 3 for each player per room?  Which would be 3*5*2 = 30?