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  1. Sup, y'all I am planning on rolling Darrowshire PVE Horde side, now as the title says, just how active is Orgrimmar chat and horde overall? Are there alot of raids/pugs, how fast are bg queues? I assume the bg queue is long for allies, can anyone confirm? Thanks!
  2. Helzing

    Alexensual banned yet?

    I knew he was a fucking idiot from the day he banned me from his twitch stream for having a different opinion on PlayTBC launch.
  3. Helzing

    Alexensual banned yet?

    I would like to know. What announcement?
  4. Helzing

    Alexsensual's new video about Elysium.

    Whatever you say edgelord.
  5. Helzing

    Alexsensual's new video about Elysium.

    This is GD boy, I think posts like these are allowed.
  6. Helzing

    Alexsensual's new video about Elysium.

    This guy is kind of like that awkward friend of yours that started lifting, and became an asshole.
  7. Helzing

    Oldschool WoW Rage Memory Lane

    Lmao, this is fucking gold keep them coming Trumpnado.
  8. Walking through the forest is overrated be like me, and walk on the road and past the zeppelin tower. #zerofucksgiven
  9. Helzing

    Zeth'Kur wants you!

    Is it really that good? Do you think Zeth will retain its population in the future?
  10. Helzing

    Chinese problem solved

    Implying only US players buy gold lmfao.
  11. Helzing

    No boss loot in Dungeons

    It's supposed to be like that, I believe.
  12. Helzing

    Chinese problem solved

    The joy of communism, right guys?
  13. Ofc, gz on 2180th post! That's a pretty entertaining video, Ming looks like a skilled player still I see red messages spam which I don't mind I just don't get the hate for Surprise's red messages.
  14. I love the fact that you mostly gank edgy UD kids, gj. Gz on 1000th post.
  15. @buttseks I feel your pain boi, shit happens to me so bad that I started to consider suicide, I just quit and I'm debating if I should move to a server with a lower population like darrowshire or zeth'kur as for the faction imbalance ya I agree we shall see the long term consequences in the future.
  16. I see your point, but the thing is that none of my friends play WoW and I haven't found a decent guild as of now and most allies in the world are retarded(don't know if this happens in horde side as well), what I mean by this is that when I went to STV as ally(I know not the greatest idea) to complete the quest for whirlwind axe I got ganked several times by groups of horde and by the time I managed to find a group of allies I literally had to beg for an invite Lol! They said that because I was 32 I was a burden and I was being lazy for needing a party for tusks I just replied: It's not that man it's that hordes run in packs around here. Anyways I got invited and managed to get payback in a couple hordes, but still the fact that i had to beg for a group pisses off and it aint the first time that happened to me. And that's one of the reasons I'm considering zethkur as the overpopulation is less and will surely provide a healthier gaming experience but still not sure though as it might be merged in the future due to low population let's just hope I am wrong here.
  17. It's kinda bullshit really, I mean yesterday I was leveling an alt in elwynn was killing some murlocs, and without noticing there was a rogue and a druid who were in stealth and waiting until I was about to kill a murloc and when I went to loot they came out of stealth on top of the corpse so I would get flagged and then they would proceed to gank me I managed to stealth back up log off for 5 minutes and come back and they were still there jumping and moving sideways on top of every murloc corpse to try and make me get flagged again at the same time preventing me from completing that quest... Don't get me wrong I enjoy some wpvp, but that was outright griefing lmao, but then again I'm considering rolling zethkur for a healthier PvP experience as it is not as populated as Elysium still not sure about it as the considerable lower population of zethkur might indicate it's demise in the future but I could be wrong(hopefully)
  18. Kek, implying not ganking will make you get ganked less.
  19. Helzing

    Tinfoil Hat Magazine Edition #1

    Lmao epic thread name though.
  20. Fuck you. Fuck you if you need to use an addon to feed your pet and manage aspect of the cheetah. Fuck you. What this chain achieved is making people aware of the autism in both of you. There is no need to make ban appeals public knowledge so fuck you. But, could you do any better? exactly the fact that you downloaded a 700 "addon" modpack tells me otherwise, can a kind GM close this circus already?
  21. Your welcome, hopefully you do it and stop stealing oxygen from us, you subhuman.
  22. I kindly recommend you and your friend to go get a metal pole around 10 or 15 inches, get it to a heat source until it turns red hot and once it does slowly introduce it in your anal cavity.
  23. Because you and the shithead of your friend keep shitposting and this thread keeps popping out notices.
  24. I don't give a fuck what a random considers a community attitude.